Weekly WIT, September 5, 2022

This week in Summary

Investing Tip of the week

Here’s a bit more on analyzing deals. The numbers will tell you 70% of the feasibility of any particular deal. But notice there is a significant 30% left out, which could be the difference between passing and failing. You want to pay attention to intangible factors that are difficult to quantify. If it’s a fix and flip, what’s the market temperature in this neighborhood? What do the immediate neighbors’ homes and yards look like? How long will it take you to come by and visit frequently? If it’s a rental, think about how likely someone would want to move in and stay long term? This is more important in single family residences, but it’s important always. Do people feel safe in the area? If not, they might move there out of desperation, but they won’t stay. Stronger cash flow comes from long-term tenants. There are other factors, but the important thing to remember is to think BEYOND the numbers.

Joke of the Week

You know when sometimes you fall asleep on the couch then wake up and go to bed? Do you know what that’s called?


It’s a nappetizer

Blessing of the week

I’ve done some traveling in the past couple of weeks, so here I offer my own version of an Irish blessing:


“As you travel along life’s highways, may the police already have someone pulled over when you get to the speed traps.”

This Week's Video: Conversation with Matt Lents

Matt is a business owner, entrepreneur, private money lender, investor, CPA, surfer, and all-around interesting dude. I sit down with him for 12 minutes and we cover a lot of territory: diversification, specialization, e-commerce, focus, creativity, and more.

The Flipping America Show

Episode 548 Know You 'Why Nots'
August 29, 2022
A lot of talk, several books, and valuable minutes of nearly every self-help seminar conducted in the past 10 years have been devoted to the topic of “Knowing Your Why.” It’s a trend for a good reason. It’s important to know your Why and it’s important to get beyond trivial things like “money” and “the stuff you buy with money.” I value and salute the idea of “knowing your Why.” But today I’m going to balance that with not a competing, but complementary idea. “Know Your Why Not.”
Episode 549 And Now For Something Completely Different

It’s one of my most favorite times of the year – the beginning of the college football season. I can barely tolerate the political posturing and virtue signaling of all professional sports these days, and I find watching baseball or golf is just an inducement to take a nap. So as the years go by I’m increasingly stoked about the start of the college football season. How does this tie in to real estate? Ok, it doesn’t really. We just wanted to have a little fun.

Episode 550 Long Distance Flipping
September 2, 2022
Since 2015 it’s been increasingly difficult to find good deals on flips in our own backyard. So since the cheese got moved we moved along with it. We’ve done flips in every state that touches Georgia and we’ve wholesaled properties in a total of 28 states so far. Today I have a very special guest. Helen Ishii is one of my mentoring students who is now managing her first out-of-state flip. We are going to talk about the process, lessons learned, and some pitfalls.

Flipping America REIA News

We are BACK Wednesday. The topic is “Ask Roger Anything”. We are also going to do some deal analysis with Flipping America GO. If you have a deal you want us to review, send it to info@flippingamerica.net. Register for the free call: bit.ly/fareia083122

We are planning to do deal reviews each week. Deadline is noon Tuesday for consideration. Send in your potential deal – perhaps someone will buy it from you right there on the call!

Do you have a real estate story to share? It can be funny, poignant, heartwarming, or heroic, or some combination of that. Keep your submission short – maybe 2 paragraphs. If our editors see potential, we will get with you for more details. Same email: info@flippingamericanet.

Flipping America News

It’s coming Thursday!! Flipping Houses in Ten Days: How to Make Big Money in Real Estate is coming to Amazon on September 8. It’s Roger’s seminal book on house flipping. With this book and FlipStarter, you have everything you need to launch your investing career. You won’t flip your first house in Ten Days, but it’s ten short chapters. You can read one each day and in ten days you’ll know ten thousands times more than Roger did when he started. It includes helpful checklists, the “Active or Passive” infographic, and the “Tale of Two Flips”. 


Speaking of FlipStarter, for a limited time, you can take one of our flagship $1,000 courses for just $149. Act now. It’s a limited offer, but once you pay you have lifetime access. Click here. No coupon code needed. 


Submit your deals for review, your jokes, and your real estate stories to info@flippingamerica.net.

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