Weekly WIT, December 22, 2022

This week in Summary

Investing Tip of the week

Never “make it fit.” You can adjust and revise the numbers on just about any deal to justify what might turn out to be a purely emotional decision. Don’t give in. It fits or it doesn’t. This doesn’t mean there are no exceptions to the standard buying formulas. But those exceptions are relatively rare, can be well defined in terms of ROI or the bottom line, and do not rely on “perfection” in order for the deal to work. If you rely on perfection or unusual market conditions, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Joke of the Week

A lonely guy finds an old genie lamp, rubs it, and a tired genie pops out. 

“I’m about to retire,” says the genie, “and I only have one wish left – and no wishing for more wishes.”

“OK,” says the guy. “You know, I’m terrified of the ocean. I hate to fly and I can’t imagine getting on a ship. But I’ve always wanted to see Hawaii. I wish you would create a bridge from California to Hawaii.”

“Are you nuts?!” said the genie. “That would take more building materials and concrete than exists in the entire world. You gotta get more practical. Wish for something else.”

“OK,” said the guy. “I wish I could understand women.”


Genie: “You want that bridge two lanes or four?”

Blessing of the week

I really don’t know why or exactly how I got into these Irish blessings. But I like them. So you get them. 

Wishing you a pot o’ gold,


And all the joy your heart can hold.

Flipping America News

Happy-Merry-Hana-Festi-Kwanz-mas! While I am a Christian and truly wish a Merry Christmas to all, I also happily wish blessings of this season to everyone and hope you will be filled with goodness and love through the season. This is why I invented the phrase above – just to include everyone. And besides, I thought it was kind of funny. 


Something big is in the works for 2023… Live call-ins to the show? MORE… I’ll tell ya when I can.


The Flipping America REIA welcomes a new group this week in Raleigh-Durham, NC. This brings us to 40 groups nationwide with 20,331 members as of this writing.


Got a funny, clean joke? An interesting real estate story? Submit them to info@flippingamerica.net.

Real Estate News

Who knew that Buffalo, NY would be a better location than Miami, FL? That is a fact when it comes to multi-family investing. We send a big thanks to cred-iq.com by way of our friends at Globe Street (globest.com). Here’s a chart with a rundown of the top 20 multifamily markets.

20 Multifamily Markets

Coming Next Week

  • Benson Juarez from Privy Software practices what he preaches. 

  • Chris Larsen from Next Level Income talks about a car wash syndication.

  • David Pritchard is a “Fractional CFO”, showing you how to apply “Profits First” principles to your real estate business.


I know I said that last week, but there were unforeseen circumstances. Really. But these shows are definitely being released right now and will all be linked here next week. 

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