Why Every Investor Should Use a Licensed Agent

Could you do the rehab work and sell the house all by yourself? Perhaps, but this is not the best way forward. It’s highly unlikely that one person would have the skillset to be a great buyer, a great rehabber, and a great home salesperson. And even if you did, this model is not scalable. There is only one of you. 

If you take this approach your business will only ever be as good as your weakest skill. Instead, hire professionals to do what they do and leave for yourself the one thing that ONLY you can do – buy the properties. 

Here are at least four things your licensed real estate agent does better than you.

Your Agent knows the market better than you do.

What will sell

What the price should be

Pricing strategy

Your Agent can put the property in the MLS

Seen by many thousands more

Shown by other agents

Your Agent is a professional home marketer — or SHOULD be

Your Agent will get it to the closing table.

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