This is your AGENTS ONLY Resource Page

Thank you for signing up for the “Unlock Your Potential” workshop. Our goal is to give you thousands of dollars’ worth of value in exchange for your precious time on the day we meet.

You’ve already paid, so let’s go ahead and give you all the downloads we will reference on the day of the workshop. 

Super Important to Review BEFORE the workshop

Among the files you will see a spreadsheet called FlipCalcs™️. It will be really helpful if you will open this on your laptop and bring it with you to the workshop. This is a collection of 9 calculators we use in our business.

You will be asked to enable macros. Please enable. This allows the program to process the data correctly.

Each calculator comes with an instructional video with an image you can click on. It looks like this.

The video link on the main page works also and shows you how to use the spreadsheet. 

Please click on the “Linked Offer” Calculator on the left side of the menu. Then click on the video training for that calculator. Watch the videos, try out some sample data. Enjoy. And just in case you can’t find that link, here it is

Full List of Files

The Construction Agreement alone cost us over $10,000 in attorney’s fees over a few years while we were tweaking and learning (sometimes the hard way). But we include a bunch of other downloads for your use and enjoyment. We won’t mention all of these in the workshop, but you may find them useful (and self-explanatory).

Here’s the full list:

  • 30 Contractor Questions
  • 139 Point Home Inspection form
  • Basic Rehab Estimator spreadsheet
  • Change Order form
  • Contractor Ad copy (sample)
  • Contractor Lien Waiver
  • Contractor Payment Policy
  • FlipCalcs™
  • Home Offer Worksheet
  • Notice of Commencement of Work
  • Purchase Checklist
  • Rehab Checklist
  • Sale Closing and Post Closing Checklist
  • Scope of Work Sample
  • Skills and Capacity Questions for new hires
  • Values Questions for new hires
  • Whitestone Companies Contractor “application” form.
  • Whitestone Companies Construction Agreement

One On One Consulting Packages

You can schedule one-on-one time with Roger to help with anything you need – deal analysis, investing strategies, funding solutions, deal structures – whatever it is you need. Below are convenient blocks of time you can reserve at discounted prices ONLY available to licensed agents who take the “Unlock Your Potential” course. 

We will say a bit more about this during the event, but below are the secret unpublished links where you can reserve your one-on-one time. As demand for Roger’s time increases, prices will rise, but agents will always have the best discounts. 


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