Title Insurance and Title LOCK Insurance?

Title Insurance? Yes. Always. This protects you in the unlikely event a former owner still has valid claim to some or all of the property.

Title Lock Insurance? No. Never. This is not a lock, and it’s not insurance. The con takes place when someone creates false papers showing the property has been transferred to them and then uses that “ownership” to borrow money or even sell the property. The reality is, this is very rarely attempted. And it will never pass muster in court. The perpetrators will be caught and criminal penalties apply. This product checks occasionally to see whether the owner of record has changed. It cannot prevent someone from doing this, so it is not a “lock”. And all they do is inform you if this has happened. They do not make you whole in the complete unlikelihood that this scam ever works. So it is not “insurance” either. You can check your title yourself.

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