You make your money when you buy the property, assuming you bought it for the correct price. But rehab problems can ruin even the best deals.

The real estate investing landscape is littered with the memories and remains of former investors who lost money, friends, their businesses and even marriages because of issues in this stage. 

Rehabbing an investment property requires judicious choices in design, fit, and finish. It also takes a deft hand in the vetting and hiring of contractors. 

Master the techniques taught in this course and you will save thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars on your rehabs. It could be the difference between making a nice profit and losing money. 


Save thousands on your property rehabs by learning and applying the techniques here. This course builds and expands on the principles taught in FlipStarter and RentStarter and is not a mere repetition – it goes deeper into the nuts and bolts of property repair.