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I am looking forward to seeing you!

My sincere hope is your appearance on the show will help you and your business in a meaningful way. I want you to know what you’re getting into by agreeing to be on the show.


  1. Look for email from Look in your spam folder if you don’t see it. 
  2. Your interview link is Just copy and paste that into your browser about 5 minutes before we are scheduled to begin. 

Flipping America - The Brand

Here is a BRIEF introduction to our brand.

  • Flipping America – The Show. AM/FM Podcast – heard by 1.5 million monthly.
  • Flipping America Video: YouTube and 
  • Flipping America Academy: Online courses, coaching and mentoring.
  • Flipping America REIA: 40 chapters nationwide with 20,000+ members
  • Flipping America GO: Online deal analysis solution
  • Flipping America Network: (aka “The FAN”) Online trading platform for investment real estate.

how can I help you grow your business?

I mean this. Even if you think your product or service might compete with what I’m doing. I believe in cooperative capitalism. I will do what I can to help you, believing that it will come back to me. My experience teaches me that this really is the way. 

So what would you like to see as a result of your appearance on the show? Clients? Leads? Buyers? Exposure? If you’ve bothered to read this far, please let me know your answer. 

tips for the best tech experience

  1.  Get a microphone. Yes, your computer has one built in. Yes you can probably use your iPhone headphones. But this is your MOST important piece. Users will tolerate video glitches, but if they can’t hear or the voice is garbled, they will stop listening. Note well: if your audio is garbled, we know they won’t listen, so we will not end up airing the interview. Get a microphone. You can get decent quality for less than $100.
  2. Get hard-wired high speed internet access. If you have internet, you already have what you need except possibly the cable to connect your computer to the router. 
  3. Get a better camera. Your built-in camera is ok for zoom meetings, but is probably not great. And – it’s almost certainly not adjustable. You can get a hi-def webcam for around $100.
  4. If you have branding materials, try to place them at least somewhat in the frame behind you. 
  5. Don’t use a green screen unless you have all the lighting you need. A regular room is better than glitchy obvious green screen. If you don’t know what lighting you need, just don’t use the green screen please.

Interview tips

Relax. I’m here to help you grow your business, remember? My goal is to make you look like a genius.

I have another goal – make real estate and small business as entertaining as humanly possible.  People will stay tuned to something they enjoy. They will tune out to droning explanations. 

I’m going to ask questions that

a) address possible objections or challenges.

b) open up the human side of you.

A: Think about questions, concerns or even criticisms people have for your product or service – or even your industry. Prepare a gracious response that truly addresses the concerns. Non-answers make you look like you’re just trying to sell something. 

B: You might think I spend too much time on this, but here’s something I know: People will buy from someone they know, like, and trust. They are less likely to buy from a complete stranger. So I’m trying to help them get there.

Everyone likes free stuff

If you have a lead magnet or free giveaway – let’s talk about it on the show. Do you have a follow up automation in place for your lead magnet? If not, let me put you in touch with my guy – one of the best. Click here to email Justin. 

Mutual Back Scratching

If you have a referral or affiliate program, please send that information to me now so I can have it ready for the show.

Send me a copy or sample of what you are selling. I’m unable to buy every product from every guest, so to be fair to all, including myself, I don’t buy any of them. But if you send it to me, I’ll try it out, provide my honest opinion/review/evaluation, and we will take it from there. 

Watch this four minute video - or you can read the script below. Thanks.

Hi – have we met? I’m Roger Blankenship, founder and host of the Flipping America Media Company. The Flipping America Show is heard coast to coast three times a week on 18 am/fm stations across the country. After the show is broadcast the recording is turned into a podcast and released on 35 podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, IHeart, and TuneIn. It’s also posted in the free Flipping America app. 

The show is heard by more than a million and a half listeners each month including 120,000+ documented downloads or streams for every episode. We just started a YouTube Channel so now I take the video from the interviews and put them there as well. 

I don’t suggest that people quit their jobs and start flipping houses like you see on TV. I DO encourage everyone to include real estate in a balanced investment portfolio. This means the show is about the many ways one can make money in real estate. For most, it’s a side gig. For some it will mean starting their own small business. 

When we do the interview, you’ll see I’m an investor, not a journalist by trade, but I do ok with interviews. I will ask you questions, thinking both from my own perspective but also that of my listeners. I’m going to try to ask you what they would want to know. But I’m not setting you up for a “gotcha.” Listen to the show and you’ll know I’m not that kind of guy. I just want to know you better and introduce you to my audience. 

The entire process will take about 30 minutes. The interview segments are normally 8-12 minutes. I will ask about your background and training and what you’re doing now. If you have a book, product, course, or a website, I am happy to promote it for you. Please make a note now to send me an affiliate link so I can use it during the interview. 

Do me a favor? Have a strong, stable internet connection – preferably hard wired. If you’re going to do several shows it’s worth investing in a decent microphone that plugs directly into your computer. You can do that for around $100. Then when it’s time for the interview, put some thick blankets or curtains, sound deflecting panels or something right behind your camera. You want to be talking toward something that will reduce the sound bouncing around off the walls in your room. Listeners can really tell a difference. 

I’m known for asking the question, “what can I do to help you grow your business?” And this is what is in my heart as we talk. Think about what you would really like to accomplish on the call. Remember my goal is to inform AND entertain. I want our interview to be compelling enough that people will share with their friends saying, “you gotta see this.” 

As you think about your product or service we are going to promote, ask yourself this million dollar question: What’s so great about that? Think of all the features and benefits of your product and answer that question? WSGAT? What’s So Great About That? 

I want you to know exactly what to expect on our call. 

The interview link is Just paste that into your browser a couple of minutes before we are due to start and you’ll be technomagically transported into a digital green room. 

We will chat for a few minutes then we will go. I’ll record for 8-10 min and then pause for a commercial break, which for you and me will be about 5 seconds. Then we will resume the conversation for another 8-10 min. 

I’ll ask some of the questions you wanted me to, but I’m also going to ask a few of my own. Don’t worry – it’s all designed to make you look like a genius. 

Within a day of the release of the show, you’ll get an email with the artwork and a few links:

These will include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Iheart Radio, but also our blog page where people can read all the show notes and listen to the show. 

I will also include the episode artwork you can use when posting to social media. 

Relax, enjoy the conversation, and let’s see if we can send some clients your way.

Do you see that search column to the right?

You’ll soon be part of those search results!


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