Eventually you are going to buy a property. That’s when you officially graduate from “investor hopeful” to “investor.” Share this in the Community so we can celebrate this Milestone with you. This doesn’t mean the learning stops. If anything, the learning intensifies because now it’s getting real.

What’s getting real? First and foremost, it’s the risk. You are now putting money on the line and taking that chance. The first offer, or perhaps the first few, are the hardest to make. You are bound to feel some uncertainty, nervousness, and outright fear. This is normal. Your Community and Coaches are standing by to reassure you. Remember, you created an offer with an “escape hatch” or two. If you receive negative feedback from the Community about your offer, you might want to re-consider while you can.

It’s likely your first offer won’t be accepted. In fact it may take more time and offers than you would wish in order for you to get one accepted. This too is normal and quite OK. You (and we) want your first deal to do well. This will help set the tone for your prosperous future. You will be making offers for as long as you remain in this business. Now it is time to go deeper in your understanding. And that’s the next stage.