This page contains links to resources that have informed, influenced, and entertained us. We like the stuff we built or wrote of course, but there are a number of other truly helpful resources out there. 

Websites and apps

  1. Branded RE sites and apps
    6. Keller Williams
    7. Homes for Sale, Rent app
    8. Century 21 Local
    9. USHUD Foreclosure Home Search
    10. Homesnap
    11. Hotpads
    12. Realty One app
    13. StreetEasy NYC Rentals
    14. HAR Texas Real Estate
    15. Movoto Real Estate
    16. HomeSpotter Real Estate
    18. ERA Real Estate
    20. GoMLS
    21. Room8
    22. LoopNet 
    23. Idealista
    24. Estately Real Estate Search
    25. BHG Real Estate Homes
    26. CoStar Commercial
    27. Airbnb
    28. RadPad
    29. PropertiesBook Real Estate
    30. Millions Mapped Real Estate
    31. Compass Real Estate – Homes
    32. Xome
    34. ForSaleByOwner
  2. Software for Property Information and Valuation
    1. PropStream
    2. Privvy
    3. Remine app. Not for the small budget
    4. Neighborhood Scout
    5. HomeFair
    6. Texas Area
    10. Hoodmaps
    13. StreetAdvisor
    14. CrimeReports
    18. The Neighbors App (for owners of ring devices)
    19. Family Watchdog
  3. Software for Prospecting
    1. Driving for Dollars Apps.
      1. Land Glide
      2. Road Warriors
      3. Driving for Dollars
      4. MileLogger – Mileage Tracker
      5. RealEstate Profinder
      6. HomeScout
      7. HomeTrust Real Estate (off market properties)
      8. Deal Machine App
      10. REI Skip
    2. Deal Analyzers, including spreadsheets people sell
      1. DealCheck
      2. DealCrunch Property Analyzer
      3. Syndicated Deal Analyzer, Mike Blank,
      4. RehabValuator, Daniil Kleyman
      5. Dave Robertson
    3. Financial calculators
      1. Mortgage Calculator by QL
      2. Loan Calculator
    4. Pinpoint Profits, connected investors
    5. Website templates
  4. Foreclosure Websites
    5. Wells Fargo REO Sales (contact the listing agent).
    10. IRS Seizures
    11. – looks like a refi broker site
    12. – list your home if you live in Michigan
  5. Software for Management
    1. Construction Mgt.
      1. Contractor tools
      2. Fieldwire Construction Management
      3. Contractor Foreman
      4. Procore
      5. Buildertrend
      6. Smartsheet
      7. Raken Construction Management 
      8. Project Construction Estimator
      9. Magical Home Plans
    2. Estimation Software
      1. RECalc Mortgage Calculator (Android and Apple)
      2. DealCheck
      3. Rehab property Calculator
      4. Mogul Real Estate Calculator
      5. Scoper
      6. Rehab Calculator
      7. Mastery App
      8. NYC Closing Estimator
      9. HomeAdvisor
      10. Google “construction estimator” for a bunch more
    3. Rental Mgt.
      1. Landlord Tycoon
      2. Landlordy Property Management
      3. Stessa
      4. Rentredi 
    4. RE Investing Business Mgt
      1. RealeFlow
      2. FreedomSoft (or similar)
    5. RE Brokerage
      1. Real Estate Exam for Dummies App
      2. Real Estate Exam Practice
      3. Real Estate Dictionary
      4. Real Estate Exam Prep 
      5. Real Estate Pocket Prep
      6. Premiere Agen, RE CRM
      7. RPR Mobile (Realtors only)
      8. FlexMLS (Realtors only)
      9. Showing Time
      10. Supra eKey
      11. MoveTo
      12. RedX
      13. Arch Agent
      14. LandVoice
      15. Sales Genie
    6. Contracts
      1. Docusign
      2. Dotloop
      3. Sign In and Send PDF
  6. Data Sources
    1. Attom Data
    2. CoreLogic
    3. HousingWire
    4. SM2
    5. RP Data Pro
    6. TopConnector
    7. Property Passbook
    8. Realtytrac (now a part of Attom)
  7. Blogs
    1. Connected Investors, website and app
    2. Bigger Pockets
    3. Inman
    4. RIS Media
    5. Trulia’s Blog
    6. RedFin blog
    7. Zillow PorchLight
    8. Geek Estate
    9. Property Cluster
    12. The Bigger Pockets
    13. 1000 Watt 
    14. Lighter Side of Real Estate
    15. Epic Real Estate
    16. Home Warranties 
    17. Power Site Blog 
  8. Games
    1. FlippIt! – House Flipper
    2. Landlord Tycoon
    3. Real Estate Mogul
    4. Real Estate Tycoon Business
  9. Investing Sites
    1. Fundrise
    2. Landa 
    4. Patch of Land
    7. Cadre 
    8. Arbor Crowd
    9. RealCrowd
    10. CrowdStreet
    11. PeerStreet
    12. Small Change
    13. RealtyMogul
  10. Auctions
    1. and app
    2. and app
    3. HUD Home
    6. Ontario HiBid
  11. Miscellaneous Software and Apps
    1. RealEstate Templates for Pages


  1. Measuring devices
    1. Arrim
  2. Construction tools
    1. Key Hero
  3. Tech for the rehabbed house
    1. Smart Home stuff.

Recommended Books

The Richest Man in Babylon

Fantastic Deals and Where to Find Them

How to Put Skin in the Game When You Are Running Thin on Skin

The GMS Planner

Flipping Houses in Ten Days

Brian Murray

Michael Blank

Rich Dad Poor Dad


“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki

I read this book for the first time around 2001 and this is what originally got me really interested in real estate.

The premise of the book is so simple yet so profound, that it eludes most of our country’s population (because of poor financial education):  The wealthy in this country get wealthy by buying ASSETS (houses, bonds, stocks, etc) while all the poor worker bees and chumps chase around liabilities (cars, personal residences, credit card debts, etc).

4 Hour Work Week”- Tim Ferriss – inspired me to streamline my processes and delegate.

“Free – The Future of a Radical Price” – Chris Anderson  Chris is the editor of Wired Magazine and one smart dude when it comes to the future of E-commerce.  This book is why you can get so much free information from us

“Atlas Shrugged” – Ayn Rand  No commentary needed here.  If you haven’t read this book, GO NOW and read it!

“What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures” – Frank Gallinelli.   

If you call yourself a real estate investor, you should understand most of the concepts in Frank’s book.  Not an exciting read, but essential to anyone who wants to make money in real estate.

Great Real Estate and Negotiation Books:

“Landlording on Autopilot”Mike Butler.   Awesome book if you’re buying rentals and want to manage them correctly to maximize cashflow and minimize vacancies and headaches.

“Trump Style Negotiation”George H. Ross.  George Ross has been Trump’s right-hand man for decades and is one sharp deal-maker.

“Powerhouse Principles:  The Billionaire Bluprint for Real Estate Success”Jorge Perez.  A lot of great real estate insights on development and negotiation here.

“Never Make the First Offer (Except When You Should)”Donald Dell.

“Start with No”Jim Camp

“Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” – Chris Voss

“Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant”Robert Kiyosaki

“Negotiating With Giants:  Get What You Want Against the Odds” – Peter D. Johnston

Great Personal Development, Health and Wellness Books:

“The Miracle Morning” – Hal Elrod

If you read reviews of this book, it has literally changed thousands of lives in a very profound manner.  The most pivotal part of your day – the part that dictates how the rest of it will go – is your morning routine.

Change your morning routine = change your day = change your life

“The Power of Habit – Why WE Do What We do in Life and Business”Charles Duhigg

“Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”Greg McKeown

“War of Art” – Steven Pressfield. We all struggle with “resistance”, which blocks our creativity and ability to produce our best work effectively.  This book defines this invisible “resistance” and shows you how to overcome it.

Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday.  Ton of behavioral and mindset wisdom distilled from countless historical figures over multiple centuries.

“Tribe of Mentors” – Tim Ferriss. Tim interviewed a group of top achievers in their fields and asked them the same very specific questions.  Result is a pretty thick book of mindset and performance wisdom and tips from a very diverse group of people.

“10% Happier” – Dan Harris.  If you ever wondered about meditation, then you’ll like this book.  Dan was a huge skeptic that over course of time, research and practice became a die-hard convert.  Meditation is a “secret tool” that almost every top performer in every field uses to achieve more inner calm, peace and higher productivity.

“The Obstacle is the Way” – Ryan Holiday.  First and foremost, this is a book about resilience and about having the right attitude in the face of any problem, issue, setback or obstacle.  Ryan is basically the Robert Greene of our generation.  He distills hundreds of years of philosophy, historical figures and their wisdom, and various teachings into easy to digest and easy to internalize principles that everyone can apply to improve themselves. Great, easy read.

Great Business, Marketing, Sales and Ecommerce Books:

“Expert Secrets” – Russell Brunson. If you want to sell online, you MUST read this book.  If you want to sell from stage, you MUST read this book.  If you want to create a following of loyal, hungry clients, you MUST read this book!

“No Lie: Truth is the Ultimate Sales Tool” – Barry Maher The “Skeleton Protocol” will show you how to make your skeletons dance and sell for you.  Instead of trying to hide your perceived weaknesses, use them to your advantage, increase trust in your and your product, and increase your sales!

“The Tall Lady With Iceberg: The Power of Metaphors to sell, persuade, & explain anything to anyone” – Anne Miller.  Title explains itself.  Very useful book.

“Leaders Eat Last” – Simon Sinek. Very good book not just on leadership specifically, but on managing people and employees effectively. 

“Story Wars – Why those who tell and live the best stories will rule the future.”  Jonah Sachs.  Good book on marketing and brand building.

“YOUtility – why smart marketing is about HELP not HYPE”.  – Jay Baer

“Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”Chip Heath and Dan Heath

“The E-Myth Revisited”Michael Gerber.  ** If you only read one book on this list, other than Rich Dad Poor Dad or Atlas Shrugged, read this one.

“The Medici Effect – Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts & Cultures”Frans Johansson

“Business Model Generation”Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur.  Your head will explode from reading this.

“Never Eat Alone”  Keith Ferrazzi.  Keith is the man when it comes to relationship-building.

“Guerrilla Marketing” Jay Conrad Levinson.  This speaks for itself.

“Happiness at Work”Srikumar S. Rao.  Great book for getting a better handle on your emotions, time, etc.

“Hypnotic Writing”Joe Vitale.  Great copyrighting book.

“The Pumpkin Plan”Mike Michalowicz.  Excellent book on “going deeper” rather than “wider” in business-building. Aso by Mike, “Profits First”

“The Laws of Subtraction”Matthew E. May.

“Delivering Happiness – A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose”Tony Hsieh

“The Thank You Economy”Gary Vaynerchuk

“Getting Real”37 Signals

“ReWork”Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson (37 Signals)

“Get Rich Click – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet”Marc Ostrofsky

“Made in America” –  Sam Walton.

“No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy” –  Dan Kennedy

“Finish Big:  How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top” – Bo Burlingham.


“The Lessons of History” – Will and Ariel Durant  Highly recommend this book, especially if you’re a student of trends, cycles, and historical patterns repeating themselves (which they always do).

“What Would the Rockerfellers Do” – Garrett Gunderson.  

“Entrusted: Building a Legacy that Lasts” – David York and Andrew Howell. This book came as a result of reading the book I recommended above.  This is a completely different take on estate planning.  Honestly, my mind has been totally blown by the idea of creating a Rockerfeller style trust that stays strong and grows generation to generation, empowering my heirs to be productive and thriving members of society rather than a bunch of rich spoiled fucks, which many childred and grandchildren of the wealthy typically become. If you plan on leaving behind at least a decent chunk of wealth to your heirs, READ THIS


Real Estate Investing for Women

Wealth Without Wall Street

High Return Real Estate Show

Next Level Income

Money Ripples

market indicators and links

Real Estate Leading Indicators


  1. Pricing Trends. Impact: Informs our Offer strategy
    1. Where is the market heading in the past quarter?
    2. What is the year over year difference? Which direction is it heading?
    3. Housing Data Report from
    4. Data 
  2. Average Days on Market. Saturation rate. Impact: Informs our Offer price due to hold time.
    1. How long does it take to sell a house?
  3. How many months (or weeks) supply of inventory is out there? 3 months is balanced. At the rate properties are selling, how long would it take us to sell out the current inventory?
  4. Housing Starts
    1. Housing  Starts US Gov
    2. Housing Starts from Trading Economics
  5. Mortgage Default and foreclosure rates: Google: “Foreclosure Data” and “Default Rate”
    1. Realty Trac foreclosure data
    2. AttomData foreclosure data
    3. CoreLogic foreclosure data
    4. Statista
  6. Interest Rates: Impact – Rates determine relative affordability. Can impact sales.
    1. Bankrate
    2. NerdWallet
  7. Overall Economic Conditions: Strong Economy, low unemployment = buyers. Weak or uncertain economy will slow market down. 
    1. National Economic Conditions
    2. Unemployment rate
    3. Weekly Jobless Claim Data
    4. UC San Diego Data Center
  8. Construction Costs: Affect our rehab and holding costs, impact our initial offer.
    1. Turner Cost Index
    2. NAHB Economics



Housing Data Report from Data 

Redfin Data Center

National Association of Realtors Research Data

NAR Research and Statistics

Zillow Data

Market Data for Realtors (Subscription required)

Housing Starts