Real Estate Resources

For more information about how to change your life through real estate investment, check out some of the impactful resources below. Recordings of my hit radio show and podcast, Flipping America, are readily available to you, as well as books I’ve authored that will help you achieve your goals and land incredible deals. Take the next step towards independent wealth by educating yourself and absorbing information from industry leaders!

Real Estate Books

Throughout my career in real estate, I’ve absorbed an incredible amount of information about the best ways to make deals, turn a profit and reach your goals. However, perhaps more importantly, I’ve also learned what not to do. Save yourself time and grief by following my advice in “Fantastic Deal and Where to Find Them: How I Get Thousands of Real Estate Deals in My Inbox.” If you follow the simple steps outlined in my book, you will soon have more deals that you know what to do with — and that’s a problem you want to have!

Real Estate Podcast

Airing coast to coast three hours a week, the Flipping America Podcast is a phenomenal resource for anyone who wants FREE access to real estate information, education and inspiration from industry leaders. Tune in for the most up-to-date market trends and strategies that will keep you in-the-know. The Flipping America Podcast is a great place to start if you want to become more familiar with real estate investment, learn the lingo and hear from the brightest in the biz.

Wednesday WIT

Wednesday WIT is a fun-sized segment that will quickly become a bright spot in your week. This 5-minute weekly recording is available to you at no cost and will leave you smiling — after all, what’s Wednesday WIT without a joke? Listeners will gain insider tips from my show guests, a couple of valuable thoughts and more. Join me for Wednesday WIT as we do Whatever It Takes to constantly improve our real estate investment knowledge and skills!

Leading Real Estate Market Indicators

Gain some insight into what makes the real estate industry tick — check out my extensive list of Leading Market Indicators. If you’re going to get involved in real estate investment, you should know which factors will impact your deals, expectations and profits. Not only am I pleased to provide this list of market indicators, I also took the liberty of including reputable resources that let you see the research and data for yourself. Don’t take my word for it — dive into the Leading Market Indicators to get a taste of what lies ahead.

GMS Planner

Goals, milestones and steps — these are the stepping stones to achieving your dreams. I created the GMS Planner as a useful tool that will entice you to take action, no matter which goal you’re working towards. With specific pages dedicated to your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, the GMS Planner is your accountability partner on the path to your dreams. Take meaningful steps towards the future you desire with the help of your trusty GMS Planner.