You will never purchase a property unless you make the offer. We are finally at that point in our journey.

By now you know what you want to buy, and you have a good idea of what it should cost you in order for the investment to be profitable. So, let’s go!

For many, that is easier said than done. At this point, reality hits home and we are about to take that real risk. Your Coaches and Community are here to help you get through and over those nerves. And remember, we have taught you how to create offers with escape clauses, so you can make offers with confidence.

Most of your offers will not be accepted. If most of them ARE accepted, you’re not doing it right. We help you navigate the feelings of rejection that you may feel at first when being told no. But then we are going to help you with some negotiation skills that can get you to more “yeses.”

When you make that first offer, we will celebrate together in the Community and you will have achieved, Milestone Two!

Recommended Courses for this Stage:

How to analyze, buy and manage flips or rentals. You get all the buying formulas, exceptions, and where these came from. You’ll hear how to calculate your returns on properties. You get management formulas that will help you track your flips. You receive at no additional charge the FlipCalcs spreadsheet ($100 value).

Everything you really need to know about creating win-win scenarios can be distilled into just a few lessons. There is simply no need to clutter your brain with a dozen strategies and multiple closing techniques. Get going with the basics and enough guidance to get you through your first conversations. Your skills will grow with every interaction.

The complete mindset course. You can take it all at once or it’s designed so you can take just one section at a time. Choose from Limiting Beliefs, or Confidence or Talking with Others, or a variety of included topics.