With your early decisions out of the way, it’s time to get down to the business of real estate. In this stage we will discuss the various asset classes in which you can invest and talk about ideal starter opportunities that may best fit your situation. It’s time for you to buckle down a bit and learn some real estate terminology. You want to know what you’re talking about and you want to sound like it. This is important for effective communication and for your credibility.

Get going quickly

We want you to have some early wins. So our next course is designed to get you making offers within the next couple of weeks. This Quick Start course is 15 lessons and is designed just for that – quick learning!

Going deeper

Then we want you to get a complete overview of every facet of the fixing and flipping business. You can be doing the business WHILE taking this course, but be sure to cover the lessons and the bonus videos. Later on we will come back to many of these topics and go deeper, but after the FlipStarter course, you’ll have an overview of much of the business.

Remember you have Coaching options. You can always upgrade to Group Coaching calls and/or One on One Coaching. 

Recommended Courses for this Stage

What is the difference between a deed and a title? What is meant by ARV, LTV, IRR, MAO, LTC, and bunch of other jargon acronyms? What are the different loan types for real estate and how do we decide which to use? How do real estate taxes and insurance work with investment properties? What are the basic property owner rights and do they apply if I don’t live there? This courses answers all these questions and more. We will help know what you’re talking about and sound like it. 

We have learned over the years that the faster you leave the “starting line” in this business, the better your chances are for success. This course will have you making offers in a couple of weeks. You won’t feel ready – you won’t BE ready, but you will know how to write a purchase agreement with escape clauses. Then our Community has time to come around you and confirm this is a good deal, or if not, give you time to cancel. This is the incredible value reflected in our Community and Coaching.

This is simply the best, most comprehensive fixing and flipping course anywhere. Forty lessons cover what a good deal looks like, how to find them fund them, fix them and flip them. You can flip a few with your part time to make the money for a down-payment on your next rental. Or you can make a career out of it. Or both!