Now it’s time to rinse and repeat. Let’s work hard to get five completed deals under your belt. Why five? We think by the time you’ve completed five deals, you know a thing or two about what you are doing.

While working on getting five deals done, this would be a good time to go back to some of those courses you didn’t complete and finish them up 😉. When and if you dive into the one-on-one Coaching, your Coach will presume you have completed the core courses and have a decent mastery of the subjects presented in them. The purpose of the Coaching is not to teach you one on one. It is to take you beyond the knowledge and experience to a transformation into a Business Owner. This comes through personalized attention, individualized tactics, and accountability.

When you have completed your fifth deal you become eligible for the next milestone: “Professional Real Estate Investor” Certification. Over time this will enhance your credibility with sellers, investors, and lenders. It could make your new career a lot easier. It also makes you eligible to become a Certified Flipping America Coach. 

Recommended Courses for this Stage

What does it take to achieve PREI Certification and what does it mean? 

Are you the best of the best? Experienced investor and fan of the Flipping America training process? If so, you might qualify to become a Flipping America Coach. Earn extra income and build your own tribe in your community, taking advantage of the Flipping America Methods and Content.