What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to be? How do you want to get there? Why? How should you set up your business? From my own experience I know I would have saved a lot of time and greatly appreciated someone stepping me through this information. In the end, my business entity structure was not optimal and later on I spent quite a bit of money getting it right.

In every stage, you will have access to the online Community and you have Coaching options.

The Community is included. Groups coaching calls are an upgrade

If you’re not already a Coaching Member, you can upgrade your membership at any time to get you access to the weekly group Coaching calls. The calls occur on different days and at different times to allow for differing schedules of our members. But all calls are recorded and the most recent recordings are available in an area for Coaching members.

Other Coaching options:

If you are in an emergency situation you can click here to schedule a Consultation call. These calls are worth the expense if you’re in a jam or are just stuck. You also have the option of getting access to your own real estate coach for monthly one-on-one calls. These won’t take the place of your coursework, but will add to them with personalized strategies, additional information, and accountability. Once you have joined this level, you receive the monthly calls for the next twelve months and you are a lifetime member on the FAN platform. Click here to learn more about this option.

It’s ok to skip around

It’s possible that you have already thought through the issues addressed in these courses and you are confident you could skip them. This is fine with us. We think every course in the program has value but there is no point in repeating things you already know. You are always free to skip around, focus on the courses or even individual lessons within the courses. This material is available anytime while you remain a member. 

Recommended Courses for this stage:

You’ve heard it said you should begin with your Mission, Vision and Values. In this course we take it a few steps further and talk about Goals, Milestones, and Steps. Put it all together and you have the tools to create the life of your dreams. We don’t just talk about it, we show you exactly how. 

I don’t encourage everyone to drop what they are doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV. That isn’t for everyone. To begin real estate investing in an optimal way, it’s best to consider all your options and choose one that seems to “fit” your life. That’s why I call this course, “Find Your Fit.” It’s really the best way to begin real estate investing.

This is the mindset course for the busy entrepreneur. In just a few lessons you will take massive steps in replacing negative or defeatist attitudes with a growth mindset. This isn’t woo-woo or magical thinking. I will show you a step-by-step strategy to replace negative self-talk with a realistic self-appraisal, humility, optimism, and perspective.