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  • Searchable Archives: Get access to the huge content library of Flipping America. Hundreds of podcasts, hundreds of videos, all searchable by topic. Roger and his team have conducted more than 400 interviews with leading experts across multiple real estate investing categories. If it’s real estate, we’ve probably talked about it. You can get a complete investing education here.
  • Home Depot Discount: As a member, you receive a code that gets a discount at Home Depot. It ranges from 5-30% depending on the product. Save thousands on your next remodeling job.
  • Weekly Newsletter the WIT (Whatever It Takes). Real estate news, investing tips, a joke and a blessing, all in a 5-7 minute read. Practical news you can use to guide your business.
  • Never miss an episode of the top-rated, award-winning Flipping America show. Get the summary, notes, resources and links to the stories discussed on the show. Connect with and follow show guests. You’ll be on the cutting edge of real estate investing.