Review marries cutting-edge technology with a wealth of property listings. With its intuitive interface and advanced search tools, users can seamlessly navigate a diverse array of homes for sale. Redfin’s unique feature of offering a refund on agent commissions sets it apart, providing a cost-effective option for buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, the availability of listings may vary by region, and some users might find the website’s design slightly less refined. Despite these minor drawbacks, remains a compelling choice for those seeking an innovative and financially savvy approach to real estate transactions.

How We use it: Redfin has a unique ability to allow you to draw on the map to create an area where you wish to run comps. We like this feature because it allows for the user’s knowledge of the area – that to include or exclude. As mentioned above – it’s not as widespread as Zillow or, but we find the comp values here to be a bit more reliable.

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