Review stands as a reliable and comprehensive online real estate platform, offering a wealth of property listings and market insights. Its user-friendly interface and advanced search options facilitate effortless exploration of homes for sale and rent, accompanied by detailed property information. If the property is an active listing you will see all of the pictures and videos from the listing. If not active, you might just get a “street view” look. The website’s “Find a Realtor” feature further connects users with experienced professionals for their real estate needs. is a top choice for individuals seeking a trusted resource to guide their property search journey with efficiency and ease.

How we use it: It’s one of the big three (along with Zillow and Redfin) we review for nearly every property. It’s a reliable source of property information, but Zillow will almost always have more pictures. Values are a bit more reliable than the Zestimate (but don’t put your full trust in them). It can be a quick way to get basic information about a property and perhaps see some pictures. I will sometimes average the opinions of Zillow, Redfin, and to come up with a guess – which I also don’t fully trust. But the average of these three might get us in the ball park. I’ve also used when searching for properties either for sale or rent. Just keeping up with my curiosity really. The search function has a nice ability to add parameters and expand the area of the search.

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