Flipping America Show Sponsorship

Flipping America Show Sponsorship


Show sponsorship includes one appearance on the show in a Featured Interview slot. We will also run 30 second ads for your product for one month or at least the next four episodes. You provide the professionally produced 30-second audio.



Do you have something you need to say? Something you want to sell? A brand you wish to create? The Flipping America show can be a useful part of your strategy to get your message out. Whether you are looking for sales, leads, or credibility, Roger is happy to help. He has known all along that there is room for and a need for a large number of credible voices with integrity practicing and teaching real estate investing. This is true even if you offer training and coaching products that are similar to Flipping America. Roger believes there is room for everyone. He also believes this attitude, which he calls “cooperative capitalism,” is one of the secrets of his success.

Flipping America Show Sponsorship will put you on one of America’s premier business podcasts – the Flipping America show with Roger Blankenship. Consistently ranked one of the top business podcasts in America, Roger teaches people how to make money in real estate investing. He explores a variety of topics, methods, strategy, and market reports with warmth and humor. The show has appeared in the Apple Podcast top 100 business podcasts, recently ranked #8 in the Goodpods Top 100 Investing Weekly chart. The show appears in the top 100 on four other charts as well. There are more than half a million business podcasts in existence.

If you sign a contract for one year, you can save $6000 from the monthly price, making in $1000/month. Annual contracts also entitle you to sponsor all events at no additional charge. Call us to request a contract.