Flipping America Mastermind


For the seasoned real estate investor, a six-month intensive with flipping expert Roger Blankenship can catapult your career and help you achieve your lifelong financial dreams. Work side-by-side with Roger to hone your technique, gain access to valuable tools and insight that will help you pull every penny from your real estate


Flipping America Mastermind

Real-world examples based on thousands of deals round out the curriculum for the six month Flipping America Mastermind course. You’re confident in the basics of real estate investment, but you know there must be some insider tips that will help improve your profit levels and boost your ROI with each deal.

You’ll have invaluable, direct access to Roger Blankenship as you understand the greater complexity involved in large real estate investments. You’ll build your team, scale your business and prepare for a lifelong income boost through real estate investments. Far from the basics, Roger introduces intricate tools that will help you craft deals with favorable terms while still maintaining positive relationships with others throughout the industry.

Each of these video-based courses offers a unique peek into Roger’s mind. As one of the premier house flippers in America, he can help you work through startup challenges, expand your house flipping business, build a team and scale your model.