Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship


Event Sponsorship will put your product or service in front of real estate investors at our upcoming event. You will be provided a space to set up a display and hand out collateral materials. You will also be given a few minutes during the event to pitch your product and yourself. For an additional charge you can arrange to appear on the Flipping America podcast for a featured interview and a 30 second commercial spot to run for one month.



Imagine being able to speak to a room full of warm leads – people who are ready to use your product. If you serve the needs of real estate investors, entrepreneurs, or small business owners, that’s where you will be – in front of buyers. Most of your marketing effort is spent developing leads, hoping to move them from cold contacts to hot prospects. We’ve done some of that work for you. Now you just need to close the deal. People have spent money to be at our event, demonstrating they have money and are willing to spend it. We provide information and advice, but their needs include what you do. Get in front of a ready and willing audience.

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