podcast 131 hard money

Flipping America 131, Hard Money is Not Hard to Get, with Mike Braswell

October 7, 2022

Expected Air Date: 03/17/18 Opening Hello everyone. I am Roger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in Real Estate. We bring you...

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podcast 113 Private Lending Revisited

Flipping America 113, Private Lending Revisited

September 27, 2022

Expected Air Date: 01/27/18 Emails: Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from! Constance, Milwaukee, WI “Can you recommend a good crowd-funding real estate site?” De’Andre, Atlanta,...

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Podcast 104, Private Lending Part 2

Flipping America 104, Private Lending Part 2

September 26, 2022

Expected Air Date: 01/06/17 Opening: Passive Investing Strategies. Announcements: NEW NEW! www.flippingamericanetwork.com is LIVE FlipStarter Tampa is January 20. FlipStarter Dallas is Feb 10. www.flipstarterevent.com...

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Podcast 103 Private Lending

Flipping America 103, Private Lending Part One

September 26, 2022

FAR 103 Expected Air Date: 01/04/17 Listen Here Opening: We are talking private lending today. I’m going to define and describe it, then show you...

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