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Today we continue our series on Crypto-Currency and blockchain technology. We continue today with Stan Larimer who calls himself the Godfather of BitShares. Stan retired from a successful career as a rocket scientist and inventor and now has become one of the pioneers in the crypto currency craze. Is it a fad that will fade? Is it a trend, a sign of the times? How does the technology work? What are the implications for real estate investors? We’ll learn that and more coming up in just a few minutes. 


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  • Stan Larimer

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  • Diego, Dallas, TX, “Thank you for sharing the buying formulas for rental properties. Please explain more about cash on cash return and capitalization rate. What’s the difference?”
  • Chip, Perry, GA, “I heard someone say that you should figure the cost of an apartment building based on the market cap rate. I didn’t really follow but didn’t want to admit that in the conversation. Please explain it to me.”
  • Esther, Milwaukee, WI “I went to a seminar where they were going to sell me turn-key rental properties and finance them to me at 12% for 15 years. The loan to value would be 60%. They assured me these were great below-market deals and I would make money. Can you tell me whether this is true?”

100k, 40k down payment. 1000/mon rent 12k year. 8400 NOI. PI $720. Payments 8640. Taxes and Insurance already considered in NOI. It SEEMS you have $280/mon cash flow, but in reality you lose about $20 per month. Cap rate: 8.4%. ConC return, -.002%

  • Warren, Harrisburg, PA “Do you ever make exceptions to your ‘all in for 70%’ rule? If so, when? 

Sub to, other creative deal structure, high end, 100% OPM,

Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from!