Hello everyone. I am Roger Blankenship and I teach people how to make money in Real Estate. Have you laid out your goals for 2018 yet? January is over and if you haven’t, it’s time to get cracking. We are going to talk about goals in just a few minutes. 




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  • Diego, Dallas, TX, “Thank you for sharing the buying formulas for rental properties. Please explain more about cash on cash return and capitalization rate. What’s the difference?”
  • Chip, Perry, GA, “I heard someone say that you should figure the cost of an apartment building based on the market cap rate. I didn’t really follow but didn’t want to admit that in the conversation. Please explain it to me.”
  • Esther, Milwaukee, WI “I went to a seminar where they were going to sell me turn-key rental properties and finance them to me at 12% for 15 years. The loan to value would be 60%. They assured me these were great below-market deals and I would make money. Can you tell me whether this is true?”

100k, 40k down payment. 1000/mon rent 12k year. 8400 NOI. PI $720. Payments 8640. Taxes and Insurance already considered in NOI. It SEEMS you have $280/mon cash flow, but in reality you lose about $20 per month. Cap rate: 8.4%. ConC return, -.002%

  • Warren, Harrisburg, PA “Do you ever make exceptions to your ‘all in for 70%’ rule? If so, when? 

Sub to, other creative deal structure, high end, 100% OPM,

  • Dan, Birmingham, AL “I looked into buying foreclosures here at the courthouse auction and learned that there is a one year right of redemption for the properties. I’m told this is why very few Alabama properties are sold at these auctions. Someone told me they heard you had an idea on this. Care to share?”


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