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  • Constance, Milwaukee, WI “Can you recommend a good crowd-funding real estate site?”
  • De’Andre, Atlanta, GA “What is co-wholesaling and is it even legal?”
  • Phillip, Long Beach, CA “I have a property that I want to buy and flip with my self-directed IRA. I’m about 10k short of what I need to get it fixed. Can I use my own money to fill the gap?”
  • Jeffrey, Anderson, IN “Someone told me I shouldn’t have all my properties held by my corporation. I’m wondering why. Right now I have 8 rentals and I’m flipping 3 or 4 houses per year. I thought the corporate protection is all I needed.”
  • Carly, Cleveland, TN “I met you when you were speaking in Chattanooga, although you may not remember me. My husband just finished his first rehab and went over budget. It turns out that your formula nailed his budget exactly. But now we don’t remember the formula.”


  • Private Lending Q&A

Questions@flippingamericaradio.com Tell us where you’re from!

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