Today we are going back to the basics. People seem to be coming out of the woodwork asking questions about getting started as active real estate investors. Today we are going to cover the basic buying rules. I’ve got a formula I’ve used for years in buying flips. If you’ve had any training at all on the subject, the formula may be familiar to you, but I’m going to explain the reasoning behind it and why you should not violate this rule – meaning pay too much for the property. Then I’m going to give you a couple of formulas for buying rentals and connect them to capitalization rate. All that is just ahead.

We are getting a ton of questions about private lending as well so we are going to cover that topic Saturday. And sandwiched in-between…

If you’re in the Atlanta area, plan to come out tomorrow morning to hear Roger Herring in person as he covers tax reform and its implications for us. I’m looking forward to being there. Send an email to and Roger’s assistant will send you what you need to get in. 

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  • DeOnna, Columbia, SC “How much money will I need in order to buy a rental house?”
  • Shawn, “Milwaukee, WI “I have a full-time job but want to get into this. How much time to I need to plan in order to pick up a few houses a year?”
  • Angelina, Long Beach, CA “With my busy life, I don’t know how to make time to become an investor but i want to. Please help me figure this out?”
  • Errol, Little Rock Ak, “How do you find properties to keep your deal flow?” Tell us where you’re from!

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