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Have you ever considered how real estate investment could transform your life? You might be surprised at the incredible impact of just a few strategic investments. Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the real estate industry, making thousands of successful deals along the way — and you can too! I’ll teach you how to invest your way to financial freedom, and better yet, how to avoid numerous pitfalls on your journey. Join me as I break down the essentials of flipping houses, creative deal structuring and much more in my diverse range of courses, created just for you.


Find Your Fit In Real EstateLet’s face it – Flipping Houses isn’t for everyone. Unless you are positive that’s what you want to do, start with this course. 

It’s quick, it’s thought-provoking, and it could help you find the ideal real estate opportunity to fit you, your interests, and your life circumstances.


Flip Starter ProgramIf you’ve ever watched a house-flipping TV show and thought to yourself, “I could do that”, then you’ve already taken the first step to building a successful real estate empire. Now, with the help of my 4-week FlipStarter course, you can make your vision for flipping houses a reality in no time.

This is our most popular course and is the beginning point for many successful investing careers.


Flip MasteryYou are busy. But are those activities getting you where you want to be? This course helps you develop your own personal Vision and Mission Statements, set meaningful Goals, and then it gets super practical. 

It’s one thing to have goals, but it’s quite another to break those goals down into attainable pieces and daily action steps. That’s exactly what this course will do. 

Using Roger’s GMS Planner, identify the action steps you need to take each week to get you to that next milestone. Make an appointment in your calendar to accomplish those steps. Keep those appointments and achieve your milestones. Complete enough milestones and your goal has been reached!

The life you really want is within reach. All you need is a plan. This short course will help you make one. 


Ultimate Real Estate Investing MachineYou’re confident in the basics of real estate investing, but you are ready to take it to the next level. That’s the Flipping America Mastermind

If you are flipping houses we will help you achieve what we call flipping mastery, where you grow and scale your house flipping business. Not into flipping? That’s fine. There may be 1000 ways to make money in real estate. We can help get you where you want to be.

Mastermind participants have access to Roger in the weekly group calls and monthly one-on-one calls with his coaches. 

Build your team, scale your operations, diversify into other strategies or asset classes, and add more acquisition skills. 

The program takes you through multiple small courses designed to give you advanced level knowledge of real estate, the industry, and the investing possibilities. 

This is a program for those who are committed to real estate investing as a career path. It’s more than courses and more than coaching. It’s a community of people helping people – doing deals together, learning, and growing. Working together we are each one creating the life of our dreams. 

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