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Have you ever considered how real estate investment could transform your life? You might be surprised at the incredible impact of just a few strategic investments. Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the real estate industry, making thousands of successful deals along the way — and you can too! I’ll teach you how to invest your way to financial freedom, and better yet, how to avoid numerous pitfalls on your journey. Join me as I break down the essentials of flipping houses, creative deal structuring and much more in my diverse range of courses, created just for you.

Find Your Fit in Real Estate

If you’re ready to break free from a restrictive work schedule or stressful financial situation, it’s time to consider the power of real estate investment. Not only can clever investments generate the extra income you need to follow your dreams, they can also help you develop outstanding professional skills like negotiating, deal structuring and marketing.

Taking the first step into this exciting field could change your life forever — the only question is, how can you get started? Hit the ground running in real estate investment with my Find Your Fit in Real Estate course. We’ll explore the various options in house flipping and investments and start defining your longer-term goals for your business.

FlipStarter Course

If you’ve ever watched a house-flipping TV show and thought to yourself, “I could do that”, then you’ve already taken the first step to building a successful real estate empire. Now, with the help of my 4-week FlipStarter course, you can make your vision for flipping houses a reality in no time.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re already familiar with flipping houses, I’ll show you insider strategies that will save you valuable time and money on your next project. If you want to try your hand at flipping houses without sacrificing your hard-earned savings, the FlipStarter course is the perfect place to start. Not only does this course break down the step-by-step process of your next flip, it also shows you how to earn more discretionary income and enjoy stress-free finances.

Flip Mastery

Refining your real estate investment knowledge requires time and dedication, and my 6-week Flip Mastery course provides the hands-on support that you need to be successful over time. We will dig deeper into the more complex topics touched upon in my FlipStarter course, ensuring you have the tools available at your fingertips throughout the course of your flip.

Taking your business beyond a hobby requires a great deal more structure. I’ll provide easy-to-follow guidance that will help you navigate the legal and startup business challenges that you are likely to encounter. From forming an LLC to hiring the right team, my Flip Mastery course is for dedicated individuals that have made the decision to invest in significant growth for their house flipping business.

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Machine

Real-world examples based on thousands of deals round out the curriculum for the six month Ultimate Real Estate Investing Machine course. You’re confident in the basics of real estate investment, but you know there must be some insider tips that will help improve your profit levels and boost your ROI with each deal.

You’ll have invaluable, direct access to Roger Blankenship as you understand the greater complexity involved in large real estate investments. You’ll build your team, scale your business and prepare for a lifelong income boost through real estate investments. Far from the basics, Roger introduces intricate tools that will help you craft deals with favorable terms while still maintaining positive relationships with others throughout the industry.

Each of these video-based courses offers a unique peek into my mind. As one of the premier house flippers in America, I am confident that I can help you work through startup challenges, expand your house flipping business, build a team and scale your model.

Contact me today at 404-369-1018 for a complimentary initial consultation. We’ll walk through your current strategies and determine together which course is right for your unique situation.

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