Numbers Don’t Lie, But They Don’t Tell the Whole Story Either

The numbers will tell you 70% of the feasibility of any particular deal. But notice there is a significant 30% left out, which could be the difference between succeeding and failing. You want to pay attention to intangible factors that are difficult to quantify. If it’s a fix and flip, what’s the market temperature in this neighborhood? What do the immediate neighbors’ homes and yards look like? How far away is it? How long will it take you to come by and visit frequently?

If it’s a rental, think about how likely someone would want to move in and stay long term? This is more important in single family residences, but it’s important always. Do people feel safe in the area? If not, they might move there out of desperation, but they won’t stay. Stronger cash flow comes from long-term tenants.

There are other factors, but the important thing to remember is to think BEYOND the numbers.

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