Flipping America Mastermind

You know exactly what you want out of your real estate investing — a stable income, money for retirement or simply have the competitive nature it takes to be the best. Success means honing your craft to the highest level, and that requires time, effort, and energy.

Or, it requires access to one of the best and brightest minds in house flipping in the country: Roger Blankenship, the host of the Flipping America show. Every week, hundreds of thousands of people tune in and listen to Roger sharing his knowledge — from how to determine which deals you should skip to finding the hidden money that can be uncovered if you know where it is.

Combine Real-World Knowledge of Deals with
the Theories Needed to Hone Your Craft

With exclusive coaching access to Roger Blankenship, you’ll quickly find that you can navigate even the most complex deals with ease. You’ll work to evaluate and strategize your real estate investment business, looking for ways to improve your ROI and reduce the need to actively manage your flipping empire.

You’ll gain access to Roger’s network through the Flipping America REIA, a coalition of highly-motivated individuals all focused around flipping houses and real estate investments. These are the people that will help you stay energized and motivated — while making connections that will accelerate the growth of your business. Plus, you’ll have access to Roger’s trading platform for real estate investments, the Flipping America Network.

Navigate Away from Risks and Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Returns

Personal coaching from Roger Blankenship at the critical moments of your deal — plus access to a wide range of online activities and contacts — will help you steer clear of any decisions that could prove to be risky investments.

Roger Blankenship’s Flipping America Mastermind course combines coaching, online resources, networking and tools such as his FlipCalcs app. With this process, you’re receiving a master’s level education in the art of the flip: everything that you will need to forge a long-term, successful real estate investment empire.

Home Flipping Training Program

What’s Included in
Flipping America Mastermind?

Part of the value that Roger Blankenship brings to your flipping career is his experience working with teams and understanding his own personality and goals. That’s why each participant is required to be active and fully engaged, starting with completing self-discovery and goal-setting tools early in the process.

Your journey begins with:

A Personality assessmentgoal-setting tools early in the process.

Completing the “Find Your Fit” course

Walking through the Real Estate Investing Quick Start course.

Defining an abbreviated version of your Goals, Milestones and Steps

Learning who should be on your team with the REI Teams Course.

Once you’ve perused the basics of management and team-related functions,
your focus will turn to the art of the deal with these topics:

Understanding REI (Real Estate Investing) terms.

Lead and Deal Sourcing.

Mindset, Part I.

Deal Analysis

Advanced Formulas to Run a House Flipping Business.

The Power of Leverage and Opportunity Costs.

Rental Analysis

Intro to FlipCalcs app, including multiple calculators including an property offer calculator

Raising Private Money


Creative Deal Structures.

Social Media for Real Estate Investors.

Your business goals are in place, and you’ve identified some creative opportunities to
run your business. What comes next?
Getting into the nuts and bolts of rehabbing, leasing or selling your properties.

Rehabbing Properties, including creating a scope of work and working with contractors.

Managing and Finishing the Rehab

REI Disposition Alternatives.

Creative Options for Selling Your Property

Using the Lease Option Effectively.

Renting and Installment Land Agreements.

Safely Using Seller Financing.

RentStarter Course (optional)

Intro to Passive Lending.

Throughout the six-month program, you’ll have unprecedented access to Roger Blankenship,
to better understand his thought processes behind the strategies and how they can best be related to your particular situation.

What’s better: the Flipping America Mastermind course can be customized to your unique needs, ensuring that you gain the ultimate value from your investment of time.

A quick introductory call with Roger Blankenship will help assess where you are in your real estate investment journey and help show the value you can expect to gain from any of these valuable courses.

Roger Blankenship