How to find a TRUSTWORTHY

The key word in this topic is “trustworthy.” Contractors are relatively easy to find and difficult to trust. To be fair, many contractors have been victimized by unscrupulous homeowners. Trust issues go both ways. 

So how to find one?

Check for current license(s) and insurance(s). 

Ask for referrals from 3 recent jobs. Call them. 

Conduct an informal (or formal – your call) interview using the pool of Contractor Questions. Download here. Don’t use them all. 

Ask professionals – your real estate agent, the local building supply house, other investors, for information and feedback. 

If they look fine and check out in most categories, but you still have doubts, go to the local building department and ask for a record of all permits they have pulled recently. Note the addresses that were NOT part of the referrals they provided. Then go knock on doors. 

If you see that you are dealing with a willfully dishonest person, save yourself some grief and end the process before you start. The same is true for a licensed contractor who is broke, or who is disorganized. This is a good time to be very particular.

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