How to Evaluate a New Opportunity

How do you evaluate a new opportunity? This applies to ANY opportunity not just real estate deals. Consider two areas: Alignment and Return. By alignment we mean alignment with your personal life vision, your values, and your current circumstances. There is more to life than just the money. Some opportunities are not worth the risk. some are not worth the effort. Some may be legal and even moral, but still not line up with your values. And some may require skills, experience, or interests that are just not you. 

By return, we mean return on investment, return on cash, and return on effort. The real estate investing world is replete with multiple types of return and risk analyses. Stay tuned into Real Estate Investing Quick Tips and you’ll hear about them. 

Once you decide to go forward, do an analysis of RISK and BANDWIDTH (more on these later also). Then dip a toe in. Try it a little. Perhaps bring in a partner with experience. 

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