House Flipping Isn’t Like TV

They don’t happen fast. The 90-day flip rule almost guarantees you’ll hold the house at least 80-120 days. 

Some of it is tedious. Permitting, engineering, inspections, insurance, financing, even setting up utilities is time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail.

Deals don’t just fall into your lap (usually). You have to make and execute a plan – like a marketing plan – to keep your deal pipeline full. 

Cost of capital and overhead expenses are real. They almost never include either of those when calculating the deal “profit” on TV.

It’s still worth it. It may not be real “investing” but it’s one of the most lucrative and recession-proof businesses you can enter. As long as you provide a quality product, there will be demand for it. People like living indoors. 

The Decade’s Best-Performing Asset Is Not What You’d Expect

With Vinovest, you can invest in casks of rare whiskey early, before they are aged, marked up, and sold to brands. Strong partnerships with distilleries give Vinovest premium exit flexibility and pricing power. In fact, Vinovest’s latest exit, its third one, resulted in 23.3% return for clients over 1 year.

It’s Whiskey Time: Experts are calling for the global whiskey market to grow from under $60 billion to over $81 billion by 2025.

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