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Flipping houses isn’t for everyone. Find Your Fit in REI. Match the right opportunity with your situation.

REI Quick Start – You will start making offers in 2 weeks, profits in 4. Take action!

This is a six week kick start to your investing career. It’s a comprehensive course covering everything you need to find, fund, fix and flip houses.

A year of intensive study, work, and mentoring. A lifetime of benefit. And it’s a lifetime in the inner circle as well. One-on-one calls, mastermind weekends, online group training – all included.

Passive investing

For high income earners or accredited investors. You can invest in cash flow or flips passively.

The Flipping America Show

Teaching you how to make money in real estate

The show is called “Flipping America” but we do not recommend that everyone drop what they are doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV. It’s not for everyone. 

We DO recommend that everyone consider real estate as a part of a balanced investment portfolio. To that end, we aim to bring you the news, information, statistics, demographics, methods, tools, and inspirational people to help you make the ideal connection between your life circumstances and real estate. 

The flipping America Brand

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Want to supplement your income with good cash flowing income properties? Interested in quitting your day job? Are you already investing but know you could be doing more? Whether you’re looking for something to do in your spare time or want to take what you are doing to the next level, we can take you there. If you’re brand new and unsure where to start, take the Find Your Fit and QuickStart Courses. If you are ready to create big income the Mastermind.

You, yes even you, can be a successful investor. With 20 years of experience and more than 2,000 properties flipped nationwide, Roger’s learned a thing or two. He’ll unlock the secrets to help you avoid costly mistakes and make wealth-building decisions as he guides you step-by-step through the world of Real Estate Investing. 

Roger’s academic training includes a Master’s Degree in Education. He has used this training to create training experiences that connect with the different ways people learn. The program includes hands-on work, one-on-one conversations, and group meetings, in addition to online coursework. 

Real Estate Investment Training - Keys to Success
Training is the KEY!

Real estate Investor training your way

Get what you need, in the way you prefer to learn

Real Estate Investor Training Online Courses

Online home study Courses

Study at home, at your own pace, with affordable courses that provide the information, processes, documentation, scripts, and everything else you need to make your way in real estate investing.

Courses include Find Your Fit for the totally new, Quick Start for beginners, FlipStarter, RentStarter, REI by the Numbers, Raising Private Money, Creative Deal Funding, REI terminology, and much more. 

More courses are being added constantly. 

Real Estate Investor Training Mastermind


It’s a full year of intensive study, training, interaction group and one-on-one coaching. This is your opportunity to join the inner circle of one of the most productive investors in the world. Participation includes personal coaching calls with Roger Blankenship himself, known worldwide as one of America’s leading investors. Roger takes the time to work with you at your point of need to get you where you want to be.


The Flipping America Story

It all started in January of 2017, although there is a prequel going back all the way to 2013. Roger had been approached by a television producer to let them film his various projects for a TV show. Roger was known for volume at this time, fixing and flipping more than 100 houses a year with a precision process that could turn a typical house around less than ten days. 

Turning down that opportunity seemed to make sense at the time. There was no direct income from what would end up being quite a time-consuming effort. Roger will tell you now he whiffed on that one. He just didn’t see the opportunity on the other side of that notoriety. To be fair, he was not seeking notoriety either. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Roger was given another opportunity – this time to create a radio show. He could do this himself, on his own time, and the entire show could be produced in a relatively inexpensive home studio. 

So he jumped. He launched the show officially in April, 2017. The show began growing quickly and within a few months had more than 20,000 regular listeners. That number has grown to now exceed 1.5 million unique listeners each month.

In January of 2019, Roger decided to convert each recording to a podcast and the entire back catalogue was immediately available to listeners. 

In January 2020, Roger and the team launched the Flipping America REIA, a national REIA with a local Focus. The current collection of courses we put together to launch the Flipping America Academy in 2021. The Buyers Club also formed in mid-2021. 

2022 saw the publication of his fourth book, “Flipping Houses in Ten Days” which was certified an international best seller within just days. Millions of lives have been touched out of a simple desire to help others achieve their dreams.