You are moments away from the REI Knowledge Road Map.

Mind if I pile on the value?

The REI Knowledge Road Map is a .pdf download and a video. But in addition I’d like to also throw in:

  • a FREE subscription to the WIT (Whatever It Takes) Weekly Newsletter.
  • a discount code all our members use at Home Depot (3-30% off!)
  • Access to our COMMERCE Platform. Sellers don’t pay anything. Buyers pay a small technology fee when they go to contract. Otherwise, you can access this platform for free. 
  • A way to search our archives for anything we’ve discussed with our brilliant guests over the years. The search will look through the show notes, keywords, and transcripts of hundreds of shows and presentations. 

These are the features of the FREE FAN membership. The REI Knowledge Road Map is Free. So is all this other stuff. You have the option of not using it or unsubscribing any time. So please, let me send a TON of value your way.

If that’s cool with you, just one more click, fill out a quick form, and take delivery. 

We will talk soon!

Your friend, Roger