Get funding for your Deals

Flipping America connects you to funding for your real estate deals. Whether it is for training, gap funding, or investment properties, you can get it here.

Real Estate investing takes money. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be YOUR money. We offer funding for your deals, your training, and your business infrastructure through a variety of lending products. 

See Roger’s little book, “How to Put Skin in the Game When Are Running Thin on Skin” for insight into how real estate deals are funded and how you can use combinations of debt and equity investors to complete your projects with none of your own money.

Or, when you apply for a personal loan or a gap loan product we will send you a pdf file of this book at no charge. 

Watch this brief video for further clarification and explanation of the options.

Training and Gap Funding

Installment Loan
(For Training or Gap Funding)

Deal Funding

Connect to a Property Lender

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit
(For Training or Gap Funding)

Business Credit

Commercial Loans (Apartments, Office, Industrial, Retail, etc)

Deal Funding Need Not be difficult

There is an element of risk in every real estate deal. We do all we can to mitigate that risk before engaging When you borrow money you are essentially risking the other person or entity’s money so you have effectively shared that risk with them. 

Personal loans transfer that borrowing risk to you.

Business loans transfer the risk to your business.

Property loans, such as hard money loans, transfers the risk to the lender. These lenders mitigate their risk by verifying the details surrounding the property. They will check your assumptions about rents, final value (if selling), and renovation costs.

Using our resources, you can do your deals with none of your own money, but this does not remove the risk. It merely transfers it. Regardless of how you fund your deals, you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence, get the best data you can, and understand the remaining unknowns. 

Apply for a personal loan. Our provider will connect you to the credit card stack if and when it is appropriate for you and your situation. Then click the connection link to engage our network of property lenders.