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Let’s get right to it. You want to learn to flip houses. Cool. I might be the best qualified person in America to help you. Hi. I’m Roger Blankenship, host of Flipping America, heard around the world by more than 1.5 million listeners each month and author of the international #1 best-seller, “Flipping Houses in Ten Days.” Thanks for stopping by. In my career I’ve done over 2000 real estate deals, including more than 1500 full fix and flips.

I have made millions and have help my closest partners do very well.  I’m here because I’ve seen what passes as “education” in this industry and I think I can improve on it. Forget the seminars, the workshops and hotel room sales pitches for $30,000 or $50,000. This business isn’t rocket science, but mistakes can be costly. So I decided to share what I know at a reasonable price.

When you take this course I’ll give you the blueprint I use to flip more than 100 houses a year. (We did over 150 last year.) Add your energy and you’re on your way to your own seven figure income.

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Learning to flip houses will take more than a course.

When you enroll in the  FlipStarter online course, you will get six week-long classes filled with in-depth content. But you also get access to me. I charge thousands per year for my Group Coaching, but when you sign up for FlipStarter, you get a year of Group Coaching included

Group Coaching Calls are held often – some in the morning, some in the evening – to accommodate everyone as much as possible.

FlipStarter is organized into Six Individual Classes (see below) that each include 6-12 video lessons with forms, cheat sheets, documents, templates and more. You may be able to complete one class each week, but feel free to travel at your own pace.

Group Coaching Calls occur almost every week throughout the year. Community members are notified of the day and time (usually Thursdays at 11 am or Thursdays at 6 pm). 

Bonus Interviews with House Flippers from Maryland to Alaska to California to Alabama.

Bonus lessons on Project Management, Money Management, Quickbooks, and more

A Bonus COURSE on Raising Private Money, which could be a key to your long-term success.

Bonus Interviews with a top-rated Licensed Appraiser and one of the top Real Estate Agents in the state of Georgia. 

A surprise Bonus Gift awaits everyone who makes it to the last class!

You will be asked to create a free account in order to take the lesson. There is no further cost or obligation. We just want you to see what a lesson is like. 

Learn to flip houses like they did

Buy the entire course or pay for one class at a time

Class # 1 - What does a Good Deal look like?

Begin here. Buy the property right and the rest will fall into place.

  • Learn an easy formula that tells you what to offer.
  • Know the re-sale value.
  • Learn "return on investment" and how to calculate it. (And why you need to know it!)
  • Consider intangible factors in choosing a property.

Bonus Interviews: house-flipping pro, Bruce Glenn from Alabama, house-flipping pro Joe Bell from Alaska, Licensed Appraiser Scott Murphy, and one of Georgia's top-selling Realtors, John Durham

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Class # 2 - Find Them

Video lessons and a Road Map to Building Your Deal Flow

  • Multiple ways to find properties that don't cost anything.
  • Low-cost activities for generating leads.
  • Paid strategies for long-term deal flow. What works and what's best?
  • Your Deal Flow Road Map.

Bonus Interview: house-flipping pro, Michael Green, from Baltimore, MD

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Class # 3 - Fund Them

Video lessons and BONUS COURSE

  • Find the money for your deals.
  • How to deploy your own funds, and find money you didn't know you had.
  • Understand Hard Money, including a Bonus Video interview.
  • Put deals together using none of your own money.

Bonus Interview: Chip Cagle of Bay Mountain Capital

Bonus Course: Take the "Private Money Course" with Roger and Dave DuBeau at no additional cost.

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Class # 4 - Fix Them​

Video lessons and suggested activities

  • Find, vet, and interview contractors.
  • Plan and start the remodeling project.
  • Project Management basics.
  • Handling problems.
  • Managing and finishing the project.

Bonus Video: How to create a Project Management plan with a free spreadsheet.

Bonus Video: Nick Baldo shows how to manage your rehab project using Asana software.

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Class # 5 - Flip Them​

Most often you will sell the property on the retail market, but not always! We cover your options.

  • Help your real estate agent sell your property for the most money.
  • Property wholesaling basics.
  • Use the Lease-Option.
  • Understand and use the Installment Sales Contract.
  • Learn different ways to hold properties for cash-flow.

Bonus Interviews: Brandon Barnes, full-time Wholesaler, and John Medina, California house flipper.

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Class # 6 - Grow and Scale Your Business​

Move beyond the hobby phase and turn this into an enterprise. This class shows you how Roger did it. 

  • Set up your business structure.
  • Build your Team.
  • Grow your business.
  • Run a Pipeline Meeting.
  • Scale your business.
  • Set meaningful goals and make plans to meet them.

Bonus Interviews: Nick Baldo on Quickbooks Online, Surprise Bonus Gift!

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Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to FlipStarter. I am updating and improving it all the time. You won’t have to pay again – even if I start charging what this is really worth!

Moneyback Guarantee

Whether you buy the whole shootin’ match or just one class, you have 48 hours to look it over and if you decide for any reason that this isn’t for you, just let us know and we will cheerfully refund what you paid. 

Still have questions? Click below and schedule a call. Let me help you get going. 

Roger Blankenship