Flipping America Network

Don’t you wish there was a convenient way to buy and sell properties online within a community of like-minded real estate investors? So did I — that’s why I created the revolutionary Flipping America Network (or The FAN). Simply put, The FAN is an online listing service for investment properties. Buyers and sellers alike can utilize this network to quickly buy or sell the hottest properties on the market. The FAN makes real estate deals significantly easier on all parties involved. Gone are the days of searching fruitlessly for your next investment property or hoping that the right buyer will come along — now, you can turn a profit with just a few clicks! Utilize The FAN to make fast, spectacular deals from your phone or computer.

Plug Into Local Groups

REIA local groups are the perfect introduction to the world of real estate. Sign up for our biweekly meetings to enhance your real estate knowledge and make long-lasting industry contacts. You’ll automatically gain access to exclusive trainings by national-level industry leaders, open Q&A’s, networking opportunities and more. You never know who you might meet at your local REIA group — get connected with our thriving community of real estate experts for a wide range of enriching experiences! No groups nearby? No problem! You can easily start a local chapter — all you need is Internet access, a gathering place and a few people. Your Flipping America REIA family is waiting for you with open arms.

How FAN Works

The Flipping America Network is an incredible tool that can help you buy or sell a house in no time — just follow our Snap, Click, Sold method! To begin, membership is free for anyone who is interested in listing or buying a property. We believe in making amazing deals accessible to everyone.

For sellers, all you have to do is post the details of your investment property on The FAN and you will receive a confirmation notification saying that the property is posted for other users to see. At this point, you just have to wait for the offers to start rolling in! On the other side of the coin, buyers can scroll through The FAN, discovering properties they like based on their set preferences and criteria. Join the FAN today to experience Snap, Click, Sold for yourself!

Who Can Use FAN

Absolutely anyone can use The FAN to buy or sell an investment property. After all, the membership is FREE. Rehab buyers, homeowners, wholesalers and landlords can all take advantage of the magical simplicity that The FAN provides. This network is also a particularly effective tool for those who want to try their hand at entrepreneurship. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of financial freedom, which can be generated through smart real estate investments. The FAN has turned the once-mysterious world of real estate investment into a straightforward, 3-step process! All you have to do is secure a property, and The FAN will do the rest.

What’s the Catch?

The FAN has the power to transform the way investors do real estate. To get in on a deal this good, there must be a catch, right? Wrong! I firmly believe that buying and selling stunning properties — and making a payday along the way — doesn’t have to be complicated. The beauty of The FAN is that it gathers motivated buyers and sellers in the same digital space, regardless of their real-life proximity, and makes real estate as easy as 1-2-3. Once an agreement is struck between buyer and seller, each party pays a small technology fee and swiftly moves on to the contract. It really is as simple as that! Join The FAN today to start turning a profit from the convenience of your own home.