Flipping America Network, aka "The Fan"

Don’t you wish there was a convenient way to buy and sell properties online within a community of like-minded real estate investors? So did I — that’s why I created the Flipping America Network (or The FAN). Simply put, The FAN is an online trading platform for investment properties. Buyers and sellers alike can utilize this network to quickly buy or sell the hottest properties on the market. The FAN makes real estate deals significantly easier on all parties involved.

Buyers no longer have to build their own network of sellers. Wholesalers can focus their energy on locating properties rather than managing their mailing lists. It’s as simple as “snap, click, sold.”

Wholesalers or property sellers post their properties for free. Buyers create a free profile and pay a small technology fee only when they go to contract.

Dedicated apps with built-in docusign mean you can now buy and sell investment properties from your phone. 

ZIP Code FAN Clubs give buyers the opportunity to pay for a 24 hour advance look at all posted properties in the ZIP. 

Click the button to get started now for free.