Flipping America 578, Wholesaling with Brent Daniels

578 Wholesaling with Brent Daniels

Imagine this: You make $20,000 on a real estate deal, but you are neither the buyer nor the seller. And you’re also not the real estate agent. How does this happen? We will tell all today on Flipping America.

Our guest today, Brent Daniels was living large as a real estate entrepreneur, well on my way to fulfilling my “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” dreams: Designer clothes. Flashy cars. Big house. A year later, the housing market crashed… HIs business went under. His cars get repossessed. He lost his home and five rental properties to foreclosure. And he get slapped with a $742,000 judgment for breaking a commercial office lease.

And then things got really bad. He got divorced, got a DUI and sat in jail for a month. Then something happened that turned his life around. While working as a realtor he sat at a closing and watched a wholesaler make $40,000 without ever taking ownership of the property. He learned how to wholesale properties and never looked back. Brent has an incredible story and a great track record as a real estate mentor. He’s joining us today to talk about wholesaling and what he can do to help you get started. 

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Listener Questions:

  • Sammy, Augusta ME, “It’s tough to rehab houses here in the winter time. I know you don’t have the same issue in Georgia, but do you have any suggestions for me here?”

Quote of the Day

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” – Will Rogers, actor

Expected Air Date: Wed 1/11/23        

Guest: Brent Daniels


[0:00] Imagine this, you make $20,000 on a real estate deal, but you are neither the buyer nor the seller, and you’re not the real estate agent either.

How does this happen?

[0:11] We will tell all today on Flipping America.

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[0:30] The show that teaches you how to make money in real estate. Wherever you are, whatever your situation, there is an opportunity for you.

And now, here’s that flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship. Thank you, Kathy Curtis, and hello America.

[0:45] So glad you could take a minute to join us today. We’re gonna be here for the next, oh, 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

And our guest today, Brent Daniels, was living large as a real estate entrepreneur well on his way to fulfilling the rich dad, poor dad dreams, you know, designer clothes, flashy cars, big house.

A year later, 2007, the housing market crashed. His business went under.

His cars got repossessed. He lost his home and five rental properties to foreclosure.

And then he got slapped with a $742,000 judgment for breaking a professional or commercial office lease. And then things got really bad.

He ended up getting divorced.

He got a DUI and sat in jail for a month.

[1:34] And then something happened that turned his life around. While working as a realtor, he set it a closing and watched a wholesaler make $40,000 without ever taking ownership of the property.

Didn’t know what was going on, but he found out. He soon learned how to wholesale properties for himself and he never looked back. Brent has an incredible story, a great track record as a real estate mentor.

He’s joining us today and he’s gonna talk about wholesaling and what he can do to help you get started. I am looking always, my friends, for people that I can trust, people that I like, and Brent is one of those guys.

He can help you if you wanna get rolling.

So stay tuned, we’ll be right there.

But first, we’ve got to do the news.

[2:14] Music.

[2:21] And we’re going to talk a little bit about the Flipping America Ria today, but just to let you know, as of today, we are 43 chapters from Maine to Honolulu and from Boston to Corpus Christi with over 22,000 members nationwide.

[2:35] If you are interested in the Flipping America Ria, it’s flippingamericareia.com. Right now that’s a separate website, but we are having some conversations about moving that over to the flippingamericane.net website.

Anyway, we’ll let you know we’ll keep you posted but flipping America Ria Reia.com if you have a question about real estate or real estate investing send it to questions at flipping America net and we will.

[3:01] Answer your question. We promise. Okay now There’s a couple of websites that we’re gonna be talking about today in the notes if you want to read more on Brent’s story.

[3:11] Go to talk to people calm just www.talktopeeple.com, Brent is known as the Talk to People guy.

Also, you can go to wholesalinginc.com and then click this, hit the slash button and then type mentorship, wholesalinginc.com slash mentorship.

All right, now the news. Mortgage rates are on the way back up. They ended the year at 6.42% average rate for a 30 year loan.

Now, I have been watching what’s going on with the interbank lending rate And.

The prime rate that the feds are charging and you know I kind of pay attention to this stuff. I think it’s going to get up to about 5 percent next year which means,

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the mortgage rate get up to 8 percent next year. I don’t know how long it’ll stay there, it may come back down.

I have long said and suspected that the mortgage rates are going to wind up somewhere between 7 and 8 percent and you know it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out because that’s the historic average for mortgage rates.

And that’s kind of a little bit of a happy medium price where the economy is appropriately stimulated, but it’s not overstimulated.

You don’t get to run on houses and create upward pricing pressure and all the things we’ve talked about so many times.

[4:31] So look, interest rates are where they are. They are going to slip up a little bit more or slide up a little bit more in 2023.

But don’t panic.

It’s not the end of anything, except it may be the end of 3% mortgage rates, probably for our lifetime.

But that’s not such a bad thing unless you happen to be wanting to buy a house that you couldn’t really afford.

But those days are over. So it’s going to mean less buying power, yes. It’s going to mean you can’t afford as much house as you could before, yes. All of those things are true. But put on your big boy pants and act like a grownup and just buy what you can afford.

Amen? Okay, now next news item. I just saw this today. One third of the office space in San Francisco is vacant.

And I’m gonna have the research team look into the vacant commercial space across the country just to see if this is trending like I think it is.

[5:30] I don’t think that it’s that high everywhere, but one third is a stupendously large vacancy rate for office space.

Well, what does it mean? What it means is, first of all, this would be a great time to rent office space if you can stomach the idea of doing business in San Francisco or in the state of California.

[5:50] Where if you look up bureaucratic regulatory overreach in the dictionary, they show you a picture of Sacramento State House because that’s California.

And for those of you that don’t know, San Francisco is in California. And San Francisco City Council is especially egregious in the stupidity of the anti-business nature of some of the edicts that they press onto the business there in San Francisco.

Honestly, I don’t know how anybody makes it. I know that there are a lot of cool things.

San Francisco and the state of California generally has some really beautiful places and wonderful views, and you’ve got the Pacific Ocean, but I don’t understand how people really want to live there the way it is right now.

But that’s just me. You could be living in Minnesota. Sort of an inside joke here. Sorry about that.

Okay, listener questions. We’ve got a question from Sammy from Augusta, Maine. It’s tough to rehab houses here in the wintertime. I know you don’t have the same issue in Georgia, but do you have any suggestions for me here?

[7:04] Whoa, Sammy, you know what? I owned a house in North Dakota one time and I owned it over the winter. And I spoke with the realtor there about getting the outside painted. And she said, you know, you’re just going to have to wait till March.

And well, I sold it before we got to March, so I never had to paint that house.

[7:23] But you are right, and that is something to take into consideration. And I think maybe at some point, since a good portion of the American population still lives up there where it gets cold, at some point I think we need to put together a show. Staff? deaf.

Pay attention to this. Make a note. We need to put together a show, a panel of investors in the northern states to talk about some of the issues related to wintertime investing. I know, Sammy, you may find this hard to believe, but it does get cold every once in a while here in Georgia.

[7:54] Usually only for a day or two. I mean, for us to get below freezing, we consider that brutally cold.

But anything below 45 degrees, you can’t paint a house on the outside. So when we’re in the the wintertime here, knowing that it could be cold weather, I just kind of plan around it. I do the best we can to get all of the outdoor stuff done in,

when the weather is warmer so we can work on the inside when the weather is colder. And sometimes, you know, things happen and you just have to wait. Thank,

you for your question, Sammy. Augusta, Maine. And if any of you have questions about real estate or real estate investing, send them to questions at,

FlippingAmerica.net. We will always answer your questions. Now, Sammy’s been waiting for a week or so to hear this answer on the show, but we answered his

question right away in email. Tell us where you’re from because we’re going to ask you. We want to know. And lastly, let me just say if you have a moment and you’re not driving right now, take your phone and text the word WIT, W-I-T, to,

205-858-FLIP, that’s 205-858-3547.

[9:05] You’ll put in your email address, then you’ll be subscribed to the Weekly Wit, our newsletter. Wit stands for whatever it takes. It’s the week’s real estate news, an investing tip, a joke, and a blessing.

It’s usually a five to seven minute read and it’s got some optional links in there, including links to all of our shows. Speaking of which, here’s Brent Daniels.

Brent Daniels, welcome to the Flipping America Show.

It is an honor to be on here. Roger. Let’s go absolutely bananas. Let’s bring some enthusiasm to this business.

Let’s bring some instruction to this conversation and let’s have a lot of fun. I’m excited.

All right. Now, though, for those who, who may be watching this on YouTube or some other video channel, um, you’ve got the coolest background of any guests that’s ever been on the show and I thought it was a video playing on a green screen, but no, it really is. What?

[9:54] It’s a big LED wall. Yeah, it’s a 20 foot by nine foot LED wall. We get a, you know, we were always changing up backgrounds. So we figured why not just get a big TV screen behind us and put on whatever we want. So it’s really cool.

I have an unbelievable crew that that puts it all together. Matt Hill runs it. It’s great.

Yeah. And so if you’re listening right now on the radio, make it a point to get home and look for this on one of the video platforms and see because it’s just kind of cool to see. I like it. All right. Now, a lot of people come to me and I’m sure a lot of people come to you.

Now, when people come to you, Wholesaling, Inc., they know what it’s about. When they come to me at Flipping America, they want to get involved in investing in real estate and a lot of them have heard of wholesaling and they want to learn about wholesaling. And I’ve done a little bit of wholesaling. In fact, I did wholesaling before I knew it was called that. I started out buying,

houses at the auction, the foreclosure auction, I’d pay cash for them there. And then I would just,

instead of doing anything to the house, put a sign in the yard and see if I can make a quick 10,000.

And I called the method the quick 10.

[11:03] Yeah, but I didn’t I didn’t know anything about contract assignments So, you know what I didn’t know about real estate in general in those days is it could fill books,

Anyway, so now here we have the master of wholesaling one of the largest wholesaling companies in the United States And one of the biggest trainers in the United States So when people come to you and they say I want to fix and flip houses.

[11:27] What do you say?

Yeah, it’s really interesting. I thought that that was what you had to do. And that’s really what I cut my teeth at the auction. And what we did is we raised some funds, we did some flips and it was great. And then things shifted and we started losing money on those deals.

And I was like, there’s got to be a way to do this business where you can minimize the risk, but you can build up your bank account so that you can take that bank account and go and buy assets, right? That’s what it all comes down to, right?

We really pull on the thread of, of, you know, what rich dad, poor dad was telling us all right, was to go out and buy cash flowing assets. Well, I remember reading that book Roger and there’s a part in that book where he talks about in his special edition.

He talks about how he had a $1.2 million property and he had to find a hundred thousand dollars earnest money.

So he raised that a hundred thousand dollars earnest money, but he didn’t have, the guy didn’t want to partner with him on the deal. He just wanted to give Robert Kiyosaki $50,000 to take his position in the contract.

[12:33] And come to find out that’s, that’s all wholesaling is wholesaling is, um, the art of going out and finding discounted properties, putting them under contract and selling those contracts to an end buyer that is a few steps ahead of you in the real estate investing game.

And I really think that if you can build that foundation of finding the discounted properties and getting paid for that to the tune of an average of $15,000 per deal, that’s a nationwide

statistic and you start like, first you do your first deal and then you replace your current income so you can become a full-time real estate entrepreneur.

And then you could go crazy, you could go bananas and do this over and over and over and over until you have a big enough bank account where you can create a business out of this and then really take it to the next level.

And that’s really what we talk about. That’s what we really, that’s what we coach and that’s what we do every single day in our business. True or false?

Yep. is primarily a marketing business.

[13:39] Yes, I would say true. Sure. Okay. Yeah. When you say marketing though, I think there there’s a distinction there because it’s marketing and prospecting and referrals. Okay, so it is right. So there’s three ways to get any deals. And this is just this is for if you want to do fix and flip add to your rental portfolio or do wholesaling. You can buy people to call you and that’s called marketing, right?

You can build up a reputation or work with real estate agents to refer you Opportunities and that’s incredible and then or you could go out there and you could be super proactive And you could go find the ugliest properties in your community,

Get the phone number of that property owner call them up and ask them When do you plan on selling this property and start that dialogue and start building a pipeline of opportunities?

Yeah, and there’s a couple of steps involved in getting that phone number for that property owner and learning the property owner But that’s what you teach right?

[14:37] Yeah, I mean listen you could go online right now and find the phone numbers I mean you could find it at true people finder. You could find it at white pages You could find most phone numbers are on online right now if you plug in an address,

There’s a couple other processes called skip tracing that’ll give you more accurate phone numbers,

But that’s probably for another episode if you’ll allow me back on here Roger Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, all right. So we do a little skip tracing ourselves and we’ve done some of this,

but we haven’t built a machine like you build. And really the truth is I buy from wholesalers.

I get probably around 100 to 120 emails every day from wholesalers around the southeast where we tend to look at fix and flips. In fact, I’m getting text messages right now because

You spoke to Helen in my office a little while ago, I think, and she’s running some numbers on some properties right now. I guess it just… How does a person decide what they want to do?

Or let me ask it this way. In order to do what you do, do you have to be one of those people who’s just really comfortable walking up and starting up a conversation with a complete stranger?

[15:49] I didn’t start that way. I mean I had to lose everything in the crash like you know a lot of a lot of people that we talked to Roger lose a lot of everything in the crash get get down to where i owed a lot of money and i had a i didn’t have a budget write to market i didn’t have a reputation to that that people knew to bring me great opportunities so i had to go out there and i had to learn to talk to people and i think if you learn the skill of

Thanks for watching!

[16:18] Actively having quality conversations with distressed property owners, you are unstoppable.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the market. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with interest rates or inflation or anything like that. If you have the skill of going out there and starting a conversation with a property owner that owns an ugly property, you’re unstoppable.

And listen, I have taken the most introverted people of all time and just walking them through specific steps and asking specific questions, they’re able to open up.

And I think everybody has that inside them. I think that people just label themselves introverts. People label themselves like, I don’t, I don’t like to talk to strangers or I’m not a people person or whatever else.

And I, and I think that you can destroy that if you just go out there and have a servant’s heart and go try to help people that are in distress situations.

So it’s a little bit of a head game though, isn’t it?

[17:13] Always. Yeah. It’s 90%. It’s 90%. But it’s like if you don’t have if you don’t have the capital to go out there and invest in real estate But you know in your heart you are convinced that real estate is the asset class that you want to build your wealth on,

Like there’s there’s just something different about your brain You just don’t have a normal brain if you’re if you’re like the people that just want to go to go to school go to work

Get a 401k put it away and do that. No your audience wants to build wealth There’s a reason for that and I think that if you if people focus on that They can go and talk to strangers to be able to accomplish that.

[17:49] All right, I’ll put your website up on the screen, WholesalingInc.com. If you’re listening, WholesalingInc.com, if you’re watching, you can see it right there.

What’s gonna happen when someone goes to WholesalingInc? What do they need to look for? What’s gonna happen?

It’s incredible. We have an academy there that they can go and download all sorts of scripts and guides and downloads and trainings.

It’ll really help people get to their first deal, right? And that’s the toughest part, right, Roger?

It’s going from faith in this business, the faith that you can do this business, to crossing that bridge to where it becomes a fact.

And faith is fantastic, but in the business world, fact is better. And once you know that you can pull income out of the air by just following the steps in there, then you know you can do it again and again and again.

Yeah, and you said something there that’s really, I think, very important.

That first deal, getting to that first deal. The first deal always seems to be the hardest one for everyone.

And then it just seems that once you’ve done that first deal, there’s some sort of law of attraction out there or something.

[18:53] They just start coming to you, right? It gets a lot easier. That’s it. And then you surround that and you get with other people doing this business.

You start squatting up with a community of people that are also out there finding unbelievable deals, whether they be on the market.

I focus on off market deals because they’re bigger, much, much bigger than on market deals typically.

But you need to be around a community of people that are doing this that are gonna be your cheerleaders that are gonna support you Because the first time you go to a barbecue Roger and you start talking to people about oh, I’m gonna go out there and wholesale Real estate they’re gonna look at you like you are speaking a different language, right?

They’re just not gonna be able to relate So it’s very important that you join a community of people that understand what you’re doing and because they’re doing it as well All right. We got to take a quick commercial break when we come back I’m gonna throw you a couple of slow curveballs. Okay, awesome. We’ll be right back,

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Get started or grow your own business. FlippingAmericaRia.com. All right.

I am Roger Blankenship. He is Brent Daniels with Wholesaling, Inc., Wholesalinginc.com.

[20:25] Brent, it’s been great talking with you today. And I’ve watched enough of your videos. You give away so much information. Is there anything left for you to give people when they buy into your mentoring program?

[20:40] I know the answer to that. Yeah, I mean that’s that’s really listen if people are having a trouble getting their first deal or getting this consistency to build a real business. That’s what they come into the mentorship program for one. They want to make sure that they get access to me. Everybody gets my phone number direct access. Not only that, but I have found and we do this in emails. Roger will send out emails to our database will say work with me one on one or join this incredible community and everybody wants to be a part of the community.

And so that’s the real big part. So we go for 30 hours a week of group support, training workshops, and we do question and answers,

and then we do live lead calls, where we’re literally calling sellers live and having conversations with them,

to show that it’s not scary, that normal people can do this, you can do this, and it just gives people the tools that they need so that they understand that this isn’t just theory, this is stuff that we do every single day.

[21:38] All right. That is that’s fantastic. And thank you for the ability to talk about that.

You know what I mean? That’s really I mean, you have a great program. You have a great audience. You have a great radio show. You’ve been doing this in 17. I mean, I really appreciate you letting me let me say that because I’m really excited about it.

Yeah, I’m glad you’re here.

OK, now I’m going to shift gears just a little bit. I promise you I was going to throw you a couple of slow curve balls. They are curve balls, but they’re easy to hit.

All right. I got it. Now, the first question, this is the one one of the questions I’ve used since the very beginning. When you were a little kid, I bet you didn’t dream of one day growing up to be a real estate wholesaler.

[22:13] What did you dream of growing up to be?

I wanted to sell birds.

[22:19] That is the first time I’ve ever heard that. I did. I want to decide now. Now I think they’re absolutely, you know, I mean, all love the people that keep birds in their house, but I would never it would it would drive me crazy.

But that’s what that’s what I wanted to do. I don’t know. I think sales was in my blood early on.

I don’t know.

But that was that that’s what I wanted to be. And then I got into sports and I thought that was really cool. And I played college football and that was really cool. But you realize real quick when you get into college sports that there’s levels to that game as well.

And so in 2003, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and that’s what I wanted to do. I got my license and the rest is history. So I’ve never had a job, Roger, which sounds crazy.

My parents said, you know, if you play, you either can get a job or you can play sports. And I was fortunate enough to be decent enough at sports to do that until, you know, I kind of became kind of an adult. You know, we have mushy brains at 21, 22 years old.

And that’s when, you know, I got the real estate bug and I’ve been doing that for the last 19 years.

Yep. All right. So the people that are listening now on the podcast can’t see this, but, uh, I have watched your YouTube videos and I knew that you’ve moved some metal at some point, my man.

So what position did you play and who’d you play for?

[23:35] I played, uh, at Northern Arizona university and, uh, any of you, the lumber Jacks. The love I was fortunate to be on a team that was inducted into the N.A.U.s Hall of Fame, which is pretty cool.

And I played free safety.

[23:53] Wow. Okay. All right. I played offensive tackle for the Baptist University of America in Atlanta, Georgia, 42 years ago. That’s some real football there though.

And I also played two guard after the football season was over.

Awesome. And this was so long ago, man, that we didn’t have three point shots.

[24:18] You had to earn your points, I get it. Yeah, there were no three-point shots. The three-point line didn’t exist in college basketball. All right, next question. And we got to go through these questions faster because we’re going to run out of time. How does the general economy affect your business?

Yeah, when you’re wholesaling, you realize that you really have to find what the buyers are looking for the buyers. When the when the market’s going really,

really well, the buyers pretty much buy everything when it’s flat or a normal market or going down a little bit. They’re very,

very, very picky. So you have to really understand what are the end buyers that you’re going to sell your deals looking for. And then you cater your efforts towards that that buy box that they have.

All right. If you could have dinner with any person from history, who would it be?

[25:12] Charles Barkley.

[25:14] Interesting. He’s not even from history. He’s going to go down in history, but he’s still alive. You want somebody that’s not alive? Yeah, somebody that’s not alive.

[25:25] Charles Barkley is great. Man.

[25:28] Oh, geez, I don’t even know. That is a tough one. I would probably say Stan Lee, who created Marvel.

Oh, that would be an interesting brain to sit and talk to.

Yeah, sure. Yeah, very good. All right. Understanding it is impossible to accommodate every person’s lifestyle and spending habits with this answer, what would you say is the minimum amount of money a person needs today in order to retire?

[25:55] Oh geez. I mean at least $3 million. Okay. Yeah. Good answer. I mean, if you’re talking about, are you talking about them retiring right now? Are you talking about them retiring?

Yeah. Oh, okay. I would say probably a million. I’ll probably cut that in half, probably a million and a half. It just depends on what kind of lifestyle they want and what area of the country they live in. You’re obviously there’s some distinctions there. Even if you want to stay in this country because you know, the expat thing is a big thing.

Sure. Last question in our random round table of questions.

What does it mean to be truly wealthy?

[26:35] I think being able to control the time you have left on this planet. Interesting. Yeah.

Yeah. I think that’s it. I mean, you know, I think it’s, you know, you have a certain amount of time. You don’t know when it is, right?

I mean, you don’t know how much it is. But the ability to not have to just go with somebody else’s flow, not being able to spend the time that you need, no matter what happens in life, I think that that would be very,

that would be suffocating.

And I think that being able to have the freedom of schedule to control what you do with the rest of your time, that’s what true wealth is. And I think that that’s what money gets you.

Of wealth gets you. And it just depends on what kind of lifestyle you want. Depends on how much wealth you need.

[27:28] Yeah, I love it. Good answer. All right. And I’ve got one more question for you, Brent. Really, this is just for you. Yeah. I’m curious about it and I think maybe some of my…

[27:37] More astute listeners are also wondering this, because you make a lot of money when you’re wholesaling these houses. But what I’m curious is, what does Brent Daniels do? What do you do with all of that money you don’t need to live on? Where are you investing? We want to know.

I love it. So I recently put a bunch of money into ATM machines. I don’t know if you know this, but you can write off all of those because they’re machines in the first year of ownership. So it’s a wonderful tax shelter or tax whatever. Yeah.

It helps eliminate the amount of taxes you pay. Yeah.

I recently invested into a, a class, a storage unit company. I recently, and my big thing is I want to recently bought a commercial building that we’re in now.

And I am investing in the tools for making this business easier. So the technologies that are going into this business to help identify the best deals in town.

So, yeah.

Interesting. Okay, that’s really great. All right, Brent Daniels.

I’m gonna put the website back up there one time. One more time, let me get under the right screen here and hit the right key. Maybe there it is, wholesalinginc.com.

And head on over there and get started in this business with a guy that’s shown thousands of people how to do this business. Man, we appreciate you. Thank you for taking time to join us today.

[29:01] Thank you, Roger. Thanks for all the cool questions. That was fun. All right. Will Rogers, the great actor, said, don’t wait to buy real estate.

Buy real estate and wait.

[29:13] Thank you for joining us today on Flipping America, my friends. We love you, we appreciate you.

Keep those questions coming. We’re gonna take some time to answer them coming up in a few shows.

In the meantime, you know what to do. Keep your eyes open.

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