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Since 2015 it’s been increasingly difficult to find good deals on flips in our own backyard. So since the cheese got moved we moved along with it. We’ve done flips in every state that touches Georgia and we’ve wholesaled properties in a total of 28 states so far. Today I have a very special guest. Helen Ishii is one of my mentoring students who is now managing her first out-of-state flip. We are going to talk about the process, lessons learned, and some pitfalls. 

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Starr Has Questions: 

  • Dennis, from Decatur, GA, What is the best way to find and purchase discounted properties?
    • A complete answer to your question would be LONG. Here’s a quick tip: The BEST deals are found when talking directly to distressed homeowners. By “distressed” I mean either the property, which might be in bad shape, or inherited but unwanted, or the person, who might be facing divorce, foreclosure or some other situation that puts their finances in peril. When you learn how to find those people and what to say to them, you will hit the jackpot in this business.
    • For a longer answer, I have written a small book, “Fantastic Deals and Where to Find Them.” It’s available on Amazon. The kindle version is very reasonable – like $4.99 or something. 

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Expected Air Date: Fri 9/2/2022
Guest: Helen Ishii


[0:00] Since 2015 it’s been increasingly difficult to find good deals on flips in our own backyard,

So, since the cheese got moved, we moved along with it.

We done flips in every state that touches Georgia and we wholesale properties in a total of 28 states so far today i have a very special guest,

Helenishi is one of my mentoring students who is now managing her first second out of state cliff. We’re gonna talk about the process.

[0:29] Music.

[0:42] Money in real estate wherever you are, whatever your situation, there is an opportunity for you. And now, here’s that flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship. Thank you, Kathy Curtis, hello.

[0:57] It’s great to see and those of you that don’t know where that comes from, if you haven’t been listening to us for a while,

That is a tribute to Paul Harvey one of the last great radio guys,

In American history and I hope that one of these days you can have a chance to hear him of course he’s been dead and gone for a long time so you’d have to hear reruns but I used to enjoy listening to him.

[1:25] As a teenager even and as a young adult and he always started off every broadcast by saying hello America.

Or hello, America. Anyway,

The shows called Flipping America but we don’t encourage everyone to drop what you’re doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV we do encourage everyone to consider real estate as a part of a balanced investment portfolio,

To that end we bring you the best news in information statistics demographics ideas,

Everything that we can to help you find,

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At Flipping America. Net or you can call 877 55 Roger that’s (877) 557-6437 extension one,

877 55 Roger.

[2:42] Alright, big shout out to our sponsors today flipping America Go. You type in the address, you look at the indicators based on your own deal criteria when you see a green light go

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[3:18] Helen welcome to the show.

Alright. So, we’ve got I guess two things I wanna talk about with you. Thing number one is let’s talk about the remote flip process. Then, they will wind up talking a little bit about the coaching, alright?


[3:41] Remote flip. Now, you did one with kind of minimal input from me,

Partners were.

[3:57] Okay so you’re very politely saying that we ignored your advice.

And went forward with it,

It was too good to believe in part because we had a.

A house pitched to us by a dishonest contractor.

Yeah. Okay.


We had budgeted originally 80s 1000 for the reno there were a couple of surprises,

That have taken it up to.

[5:05] I’m here,

Say we’re in it about 195 the ARVs we’re enlisted 329 and hope we get it at 299 so it it hits the mayona.

Yeah. So, you’re probably,

But I’m not going anywhere. You just might have a full screen from time to time. Anyhow. So, it looks like after you pay the expenses related to the closing, you know, commissions and so forth. You might clear 7075, 1000.

[5:49] And you got some partners to pay off but still it’s a good day’s work.

Yes. Yeah. As I said, if it’s the numbers, we were helped. You know, the markets remained strong. Even in in you know, some of these smaller markets,

Actually Mark is still really strong.

[6:15] Property it’s you’re kidding,

Alright. So, this is your second long-term flip and now, I’m gonna ask you to do a little condensing for us and tell us of the show the topic for today’s show is not long term, long distance flips.

For people that wanna do long distance flips what are some things they need to keep in mind?

[6:39] They do still have to hit the mayo model maximum available you know you take 70% of the ARV unless you purchase price price then last year you’re expenses to see whether or not it’s still gonna work,

Part of the reason we’re doing long distance flips is because there’s a lot of,

Hi, silly money. Oh, around the Atlanta market and people just weigh overpay.

Appreciated so much about your coaching.

Formula and the discipline to turn out deals that are deals,


When you wanna do long term long distance flips one of them is you have to have a good realtor that’s a non negotiable you have to have a good realtor to work with and then you have to have your contractor lined up that one,

As we have learned in this project it it can flex a little bit because we’re on what your third contractor on this project,

Third contractor are luckily sir Toms.

[8:00] Yeah. Right. Yeah. Right.

Hey S and,

When contractor two quit I just start asking everybody in the area do you know a good contractor and was looking for a recommendations and found this guy did.


Now I was there with you when we were talking with the realtor and getting their input on the renovation things and this is where it’s really good to have local knowledge because that realtor,

Put us into some ideas. Well, things that we didn’t have to do there.


We’re not needed,

Here in the Atlanta area we would have had to raise up or put in.

[9:22] Timberglass.


[9:37] Okay.

So far.

The things that we ended up going over a budget on were legitimately unpredictable but necessary. The AC was out.

The roof was leaking.

How far there you have a little contingency set by set aside for it but they went,

I wanna switch gears a little bit. This next part is gonna sound a little bit self serving but really my friends is designed to just inform you,

Sort of approve a point but we were talking a little while ago before we came on the air about online courses and you know the sales of my online courses.

Not a big secret around here.

They’re declining. We’re not selling as many as we had in the past.

[10:58] Sure, I said, well, man. So, much free information out there on YouTube and Instagram. I don’t I don’t think people are interested in paying much of anything from online course anymore.

When there are so many resources you can tap into. One resource you can’t tape into online. Those are your coaching. Which has been invaluable.

I can ask you anything and you always know the answer.

Roger knows.

We had to talk about the difference between a retention pond and a detention pond.

[11:45] Right?

You know, landscape guy. Maybe, but not always, you know, now they’ve got things down, you know. So, but.

Yeah you can get a lot of information out there on the internet and a lot of stuffs out there for free but it’s not organized.

And there’s no sort of framework or step by step guide.

My YouTube channel is relatively new. I I only have a handful of followers at this point. I’m okay with that.

But i watched this one guy watched one of his videos and he has like I don’t know 300 1000 a half one 1 million followers I don’t know in four 500 1000,

Views of his videos and he’s dramatic and he’s entertaining and he’s a moron. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

But a lot of people are listening to him and I’m not gonna say his name here because not that’s not the way I roll.

[13:02] He knows a little bit about real estate and a little bit about crypto and a little bit about this or that or the market and by what he says about real estate I don’t trust anything he says about anything.

Because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about was real estate he’s one of the clickbait boys out there that are saying that the real estate market is about to crash.

[13:24] It’s not.

[13:25] I’ll say it again. No, it’s not. Yeah, you know, course.

Forward to it.

Well, here’s here’s what I am gonna say. There is no such thing as an up marketer down market. There’s just a market.

And whatever the market is doing there’s there’s something that’s gonna be easy and there’s something that’s gonna be tough.

Over the last 5 years really it’s been tough to find a deal but it’s been easy to sell them if you can find one.

Hey we’ve had to go to,

All these states, you know, all the states around us. South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and to find deals that have the kind of numbers in them that we’re looking for.

[14:27] But then no problem selling them.

And it gets a little harder to sell deals,

No matter what the numbers look like.

Alright so.

[14:55] The market is gonna turn and it’s gonna it’s gonna get a little easier to find deals and it’s gonna get a little bit more challenging to sell deals.

And we’re fine with that.

[15:04] We’re not gonna experience a crash. Okay, everybody. That’s not the purpose of this show but we’re not gonna experience a crash. What we’re talking about here is.

I guess trying to rain in and get information that you can trust.

I actually don’t wanna say the exact number that you paid for your training but it was in the multiple thousands of dollars multiple thousands of dollars.

That Helen paid into the program for her training.

And I did I well I didn’t I didn’t give you a warning I was gonna ask you this but did you get your money’s worth.

[15:47] Mini times over,

The downside of that is you can lose a lot of money.

You know, something that you were gonna be making 2030, 1002, and two.

Nothing and then if you go on the other direction now you’ve lost big so it’s very important to have a reliable coach,

A mentor that you can ask and you can,

Shit that you’ve just quickly shut it down,

You know and but you need someone who’s levelheaded and who’s gonna say a house to another deal?


[16:58] Helen has shown quite a bit of initiative. Now.

[17:03] We’re gonna come back to this by how long to find your first deal but her persistence, her cheerful attitude,

That is endeared her to our hearts both Diana and mine we just love her and as time has gone by.

We have not only done business with her and you know,

We’ve done deals together and now i have appointed her as the executive director of Flipping America Buyers Club and so we’re I don’t know how many properties we have done,

I know the club is done over 225 properties but I don’t know how many of you were involved in you’re involved in quite a few of those,

And you’re still involved with all of our members now.

[17:52] We’ve been involved with some wholesale deals. And it all started because Helen wandered in 1 day to our flip starter event and set there right on the front row I was right down there on my right,

I think it was two rows back but you were there’s nobody sitting in front of you and.

And she would talk and and and chat her to herself and take notes and.

We laughed and you know, I guess, you know, we loved you from first day. Anyway,

So let’s talk a little bit about this because one of the things that I say in the interest of being just real with people is it is possible that you could be making money in this business in 30 days but that’s only if you can find a deal in the first couple of weeks,

How long did it take you to find your first deal?

Couldn’t get a cash bar so and that is a harsh reality my find a deal but I can’t find a buyer for it under any good it took almost 9 months to actually get a deal that we bought and we’re able to sell,

That’s why I say don’t quit your day job.

[19:02] Stay in your day job while you’re looking to find the first deal and I don’t really still understand why this happens but once you have found that first deal I think it’s because you stuffed enough.

One right after another. And after you got that first deal, when did you get your next one? Couple weeks later.


That’s so cool and I want this to be a word of encouragement to people because,

The airways are littered with people who experienced instant success,

I signed up for this program in 30 days later I took my first check for $20 thousand and you know my wife is in Amazon reseller and and she sees these videos of people,

Who signed up and took this training and you know, 60 days later, they had their first $100 thousand month. If she’s been at it for 4 years, she hadn’t had $100 thousand month. Yeah.

And it it sort of makes her wonder what she’s doing wrong and sort of makes her mad but I just point out to her look.

[20:18] In the medium they never do the story about the cat that got down out of the tree by itself.

They only focus on the exciting stuff which are unusual.

[20:33] And,

And so, yeah, they’re gonna focus on those people. But for every person that, you know, experiences that immediate success has a big home run, you know, within a few weeks.

There are dozens and dozens of people that toil at this for months before they start seeing success,

And what I wanna encourage you guys to follow Helen’s lead.

If you’re gonna do this.

You gotta keep on rolling. You gotta keep on digging kevos, contacting people, whether it’s the cold calls, you know, letters,

Hey we just got a couple minutes left Ellen and a lot of people listening to us right now are interested in getting started in this business,

And maybe thinking in terms of what you would do if you had to do all over again or how you would advise someone that’s getting started what would you say.

[21:44] Well,

Talked about that you you were a speaker,

And I was impressed so then you had a flip start a course so I signed up for it and then you had the coaching mentoring program and I signed up for it in I think that’s a really good way to go because there are.

A lot of.

Pitfalls along the way. There are, you know, especially if you watch, you know, a lot of shows on HGTV. Some of their numbers are unrealistic.

And things to look for on contractors or just so many things I learned from you,

You know that are addressed in mass media but are are quick ways to lose money if you don’t need to watch out for them,

Mentoring and just a knowledge I picked up and flip starter and you’ve got so much out there that you can return to.

Can’t tell you how many times he’s told me the answer and he said but it was also in my course.

Or i just showed it on my you know I just cover that again in my show,

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[23:11] I I will tell you that you were part of the group that came through when we did the 4 day intensive when you used to when you got into my mentor you go through the 4 day in 17,

I think May you maybe this was your group or was the one after you I can’t remember.

Who said after day three whoa time out brain dead that my brain is full I can’t take anything else I’m not gonna remember after what we said today.

[23:37] And there was a young man there that said why don’t you think about taking this content and putting it into a series of video courses,

And that’s why we now have video courses and the flipping America Academy. So, you can take this information in bite-size chunks,


Over the course of 3 days and you can’t you really did get brain exhaust,


Well, and of course, you know,

Learning how to better communicate this information,

All you need to begin with is enough information to identify a good deal and some ways to go about finding one and.

[24:44] Best,

Mm hmm.

[25:06] Definitely. Yeah. Definitely. And you learn 50 or 80 things on your first few wholesales. Are these these may have been all things that I said.

They just didn’t register but when it’s real when it’s a part of this what I’m doing today this is what I have to do to to get through tomorrow then you’re gonna know it.

[25:27] When a dollar sign is attached I’m much more likely.

Either on the negative or the positive. Yeah, that maybe true for everyone and the dollar signs were attached when you’re going to the course but you may not have, it may not have seen as real then,

Because you didn’t have to act on it tomorrow that’s why,

And you have access to me.

[26:00] Even in.

Alright. Well, Helen has been wonderful visiting with you today. Thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule. I know you’re looking at a lot of properties even today. Thinking about what’s next,


Thank you for having me. Flipping America go allows you to sift three thousands of single family properties and find the best deals fast.

Go is built for everyone whether they’re brand new.

The season veteran. You can save your preferred property assumption so that when you see a green light, you know the property meets your criteria and is a good deal.

[26:50] If you’re new to investing don’t worry go comes with settings already created and used by experienced investors which will help you get started.

Would you analyze spreadsheets or scan the MLS with the houses on or off the market go we’ll help you find and analyze the property,

It comes with the money back guarantee and a 7 day free trial just go to flipping America go. Com that’s flipping America go. Com.

I was hoping we would have enough time to get to this question I think we do dentist from Decatur Georgia what is the best way to find and purchase discounted properties,

And here’s the answer we sent back to Dennis complete answer to your question would be long in fact it’s it’s a small book long here’s a quick tip,

The best deals are found when talking directly to distressed homeowners

And by distressed i mean either the property which might be in bad shape.

[27:56] When you learn how to find those people and what to say to them,

You will hit the jackpot in this business and for a longer answer I actually have written a small book,

Fantastic deals and where to find them it’s available on Amazon Amazon. Com the kindle version is,

Very reasonable and you know, I meant to look it up and I just didn’t get around to it but I think it’s like 499 or something. It’s it’s really just a,

A fine price Dennis

I hope that helps with your question and I want all of you to know that we are here to answer,

And we’re not gonna answer questions. We’re not gonna run comps on your deals for you. But.

[28:45] I will say that we will run comps on your deals on our live Wednesday get togethers we’re gonna make that a part of every live get together on Wednesdays all you gotta do is just go to Flipping America Rhea

And. Com,

And you can look for the links to the next meeting or you can just go to your web browser and type in bit. LY forward slash F A R E I A. Faria

F A R E I A followed by the six digit date month day and year

There’s a blessing of the day.

Listen three times a week on stations across the country or on the flipping America app free in the app store,

Be sure to like us on Facebook find and follow us on Twitter and Instagram and keep your eyes open.

[29:50] Music.

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