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It’s one of my most favorite times of the year – the beginning of the college football season. I can barely tolerate the political posturing and virtue signaling of all professional sports these days, and I find watching baseball or golf is just an inducement to take a nap. So as the years go by I’m increasingly stoked about the start of the college football season. How does this tie in to real estate? Stay tuned for a minute and you’ll see. 

I’m going to be joined today by one of my partners, Ari Weinberg, who is the developmental motor behind the soon-to-be-released all new Flipping America Network AKA “The FAN.” Full confession: we tried to release the FAN a year and a half ago and realized we had a LOT of work to do to make the app function and easy to use. So we pulled it and have been steadily working to make this thing great. 

Spoiler alert – we are going to talk about real estate and the FAN for 2-3 minutes today and the rest of the show is a preview of the upcoming college football season. So the answer to the question in the opening about tying this in to real estate? Ummm. well… not really. We are just going to have a little fun.   

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Expected Air Date: Wed 8/31/2022

Guest: Ari Wajnberg


[0:00] It’s one of my most favorite times of the year.

[0:07] I could barely tolerate the political posturing and virtue signaling of nearly all professional sports these days and I’d mind watching

Baseball or golf just as an inducement to take a nap so as the years go by i’m increasingly stoked about the the start of the college football season.

How’s this tie in the real estate? Well, stay tuned for me. You’ll see.

[0:29] Music.

[0:42] Money in real estate. Wherever you are, whatever your situation, there is an opportunity for you and now, here’s that flipping America guy, Roger Blankenship.

Thank you Kathy Curtis hello America.

[0:57] I’m going to be joined today by one of my partners Ari Weinberg who is the developmental motor or the engine behind the soon to be rereleased all new flipping American network AKA the fan.

Here’s a full confession we tried to release the fan a year and a half ago and we realize after her week we had a lot of work to do to make the app function correctly and make it easy to use so we pulled it.

We’ve been steadily working over the past couple of years to make this thing truly great. In short, it’s a trade platform for the buyers and sellers of.

Real estate investment real estate properties but it also includes includes links to.

People that provide services for investors, things like home inspectors, settlement agents,

We’re gonna talk about real estate in the van for two 3 minutes or so today.

[1:50] And the rest of the show is gonna be a preview of the upcoming college football season.

So, the answer to the question in the opening about tying this into real estate? Well.

[2:07] I told you guys we were gonna do something different today and here we are with the lodge odd college football collage and I’ve got my good friend Ari Weinberg here with me and Ari,

Is the author of this lodge odd college football art first of all you gotta tell us what is the lodge odd.

[2:26] Was a nickname that I got by making one of the greatest blocks in Savannah Christian football history.

And the name just stuck with me all the way through it was a derivative of.

Since high school.

[2:51] Alright. So, it’s the La Jodge, the college football lodge. Now, the beauty and the brilliance of this is and I’ve only been getting it for a couple of years but.

You take a theme and it’s not just a random theme it’s a theme that is actually related to what’s going on in college football do you know what you remember what the theme was last year because I don’t.

[3:09] The theme last year was it was clever devices.

That we’ve had throughout history,

Or feminine hygiene products it depends on where your conference sits is where you are

You replace but it it basically applies to all of the college football teams within that conference so.

We’ll be doing it for 19 years. We’ve had different foods. We’ve had different we’ve had different houses from Game of Thrones. We’ve had different countries. We’ve had

We’ve had different rock bands so


Every conference is is fitted into a an into a category in us every team is fitted into a category.

And creativity.

[4:29] Thank you and and I mean.

Who really goes after the Mac or the Sunbelt.

Or conference USA or even the AAC. You gotta do it all. It’s it’s a beautiful echo system. It’s a changing ecosystem which brings us to.

This year’s theme but you you gotta look at the whole the thing in totality cuz college football is the greatest game in the world.

Yeah I think so too

Info at Flipping America. Net,

Info at Flipping America. Net and say you want the college football collage I’ll send it to you it’ll be worth your time to read it.

[5:24] The theme for this year is adaptability and evolution. If you look at the last couple of years in college football, we’ve literally had

The asteroids hitting the earth so you’ve got Oklahoma and Texas leaving out of the big 12 which is now the gonna become the big eight

But then they’re gonna have four more teams coming in so they’re gonna be the natural big 12 and then this past couple of months

You’ve seen USC and UCLA the the founding members of the pack but what was it it was a pack eight at one point yeah now,

Going into the big 10 which is gonna become the big 16 so.

[6:04] How to close make changes you’ve got members of the AAC moving into the big 12

You’ve got members of conference USA moving into the AAC all these different adaptations that are having to happen in order for certain teams and certain conferences to survive

And that’s what the beauty of this year’s collages is talking about.

How different conferences are trying to survive or just you know not surviving. Yeah.

I’m getting up on screen here so I can kinda follow along with you as you as you go. Alright, we’ve got maybe 3 minutes or so for each conference and so,

You’ve picked up an animal for each conference and so

That animal is is some sort of testament to its adaptability since that’s the theme for this year. So, let’s start at the top. Let’s take 3 minutes. Let’s do the conference, the animal, the reasons why the animal, and then the.

[7:04] Sue you look at the Mac the Mac really has an adapted that much over the last 10 years they’re kinda like a long fish the long fish

You know they they stopped evolving

And so basically, they live in very slow moving, stagnant water. Kinda like the mac. I mean, and if you think about it, it’s kinda sad because the Mac at one point

Was the cradle of coaches including Woody Hayes including Boshambachler but,

I but I digress the Mac is is not really adapting.

They’re just kinda surviving. So, in line with that, for this year’s winter, we’re gonna have Northern Illinois. Only because they’re getting everybody else back.

But nobody else is in the east Miami has some people coming back but everybody else is really mediocre. This is Miami of Ohio,

Miami over yes Miami of Ohio redhawks,

Not not the Miami hurricanes. Okay, all you college you know, pick ’em people, sit in there at home thing in the LL, just you know, I can pick winners and register. How many of you knew the Northern Illinois had everybody coming back?

I didn’t. How many of you care? I didn’t but there are a few fans of Northern Illinois that care and Arie does.

[8:29] Hi Care because it’s all part of the college football ecosystem. Alright, USA.

[8:35] Conference USA’s another one of those that’s been poached like the Black Rhino and that’s the theme for the conference USA the Black Rhino although.

They are making other little black rhinos for next year they’re gonna get.

They’re gonna get some other little rhinos to replace UAB FAU Charlotte

In in all the others that are leaving for the other conferences,

Bill Clark who is our long-term coach who brought them back from the brink of death. This program was dead. Yeah. And he brought him back and.

[9:24] He had to leave due to health reasons earlier so,

We’ll we’ll be the second loser in this year’s conference championship so kudos to UAB for surviving but they’re moving on to bigger better things,

Now, the other thing that already does was all these conferences is he picks the ones that are going to the good bowls, the okay balls, and the no balls and he’s got some snarky comments about that too,

Add some of the teams that are in there we don’t have time to get that.

[10:08] So if you think about the the mountain west at one point buffalo were all over the place they got hunted into extinction now they’re back and now we have to call them bison.


Was the what was the symbol for ruggedness for a while there but now especially with the cataclysmic changes that have happened in the pack 12

They could get poached fairly fairly significantly over the next couple of years.

[10:44] As it stands right now fairly fairly strong conference San Diego State will win

They’ve got some talent coming back but Brady Hoax has enough talent built up over the last 3 to 4 years to actually have enough depth to win the conference. I will say this is at Air Force.

A bunch coming back and I like their chances of of being that dark horse,

We talked about actually before Boise State at one point you and I’ve had conversations about them before they’re a conference that’s a kind of in three fall right now they had the worst year that they’ve had in since 1998.

So unfortunately our coach at Auburn left in now they’re kind of in a free fall unfortunately.

[11:26] Yeah. Moving on.

[11:35] Not gonna happen. Timmy Chan’s gotta take the whole damn thing down to the studs. Hi.

On the under one of my favorite conferences.

Yeah the monarch and they are the monarch butterfly which unfortunately is is now endangered because the milkweed,

Which the monarch butterfly larvae feeds on the milkweed territory starting to decrease unfortunately in the pack 12 both the administrators and and other folks have been eating

Eating weed for the last few years and they they’ve watched their conference really

Go out of the way of prominence. They’ve got a couple of games early this year that if if the.

Representative from the pack 12 doesn’t win and that’s referring to Oregon specifically if they don’t at least show out against Georgia they’re gonna have some problems being relevant this year

Monarch butterflies usually fly to Mexico and to California in order to escape the winter.

With the case of the pack 12 you’ve got two California teams that are flying towards the winter to go be a part of the big 10 which is gonna become

The big 16 here shortly but I just think it’s interesting that in order to maintain rubble of relevance you’re two biggest draws are are moving into the into the big 10.

[13:02] Yeah do you remember back when Big 11th had a penn state in we all called it you know the big 10 plus northwestern.


Many years they’ve got a branding problem and and once all this stuff shakes out AA you know

Hopefully you’re gonna see some of these teams actually or the some of these conferences actually sign up for what they actually are. Yeah. Anyway, yes.

[13:30] Yeah, the big.

Your overall champion packed in the pack 10 you’ve got Utah

Please we will talk a little bit about Florida’s one of those games that won’t be in in a in a bowl this year. They’ve got they’ve got a long

Maybe not the best teams in in the the major conference with definitely shaken out the mid,

Oregon’s not gonna win this year they just got too many question marks although Bo Nix is is coming in there

He may have a good year but I I think

Danny Lenny is gonna be a long good long term good coach. Yeah, I think so too. They’ve got some good receivers there and Bo can be a good quarterback. It’s just his inconsistencies gonna play.


But I don’t think he ever figured out Georgia and I don’t and he’s got less weapons to work with this coming week that he’s ever had.

[14:46] Yep.

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[15:47] Conference.

[15:50] American athletic conference is adapting like the gray wolf gray wolf was also almost extinct like a couple of other conferences.

You know what they’ve gobbled up some of the other lone wolves to to make a stronger pack they’ve got stronger they’re stronger wolves leaving for the big 12 in the in the case of.

[16:14] They’ve got other.

Folks coming in next year to to replace and they’re gonna be just fine the lone wolf is not successful they are seeing they’re seeing success like no other of the the.

Of the conferences outside the power five they had Cincinnati going into the playoff for the first time for a group of five conference so kudos to them,

But I don’t think Cincinnati is gonna gonna make it this year Houston’s gonna be your champ this year in in the the AAC,



[17:09] Luke Fickle is still a thing but you gotta remember they had two first rounders coming off of that defense it was a lock.

Down defense. I understand that but I believe that they were they became that because fickle can develop players.

Not because they were highly recruited out of high school and so thicker developing players I think that Cincinnati maybe in the running but I agree with you Houston looks pretty strong this year


Or whatever they are now.

[17:48] Yeah the the big the big 12 which is really 10 teams they are I I categorize them as as the Billy goat,

Billiot is one of the most adaptable animals on the planet,

You can go from eating clover to hey to 10 cans in 10 seconds very adaptable animal they’re very widespread and,

You know, they’re not only adaptable in their diet. They’re very versatile in terms of their domesticated uses including feta cheese and goat yoga.

So yeah they’re they’re.

They’re having to adapt quite a bit with the new with the new college football.

[18:35] It’s interesting to see that everybody’s got taxes the the ESPN FBI is picking Texas to win I think,

Game this year. Oh, that’s bold. Yeah, it is bold but Steve Sarcasian’s got another couple of years to build that thing before he gets the time,

They are they were a wreck apps they’ve been an absolute train wreck since since Mac Brown left.

[19:06] And I think part of it is it’s not that they don’t have the athletes is the lack of toughness that they that they’ve been lacking over the over the last few years and in it takes more than just recruiting in order to build that

I think this year, the champion, finally, my gun is gonna break through, Oklahoma State, they’ll they’ll pass the i test,

Within the big 12

Later on but I think they’re gonna win the big 12 this year. Baylor will also be in there for the championship game, but I think they’ve lost way too much. She compete. Oklahoma, they’ve got

Quite a bit of question marks not only at the not only the at the

A quarterback level but they’ve also got some they’ve also got some question marks throughout the team. I think Bryant Fanivals was is is a gonna be AA

My only equivalent with you there is I’m I’m actually picking Baylor to win.

[20:12] Hey sexes have a dozen one or the other I’d like

You know, iron chain mentality to it. But

Yeah anybody who’s picking Texas this year to win I think you’re I think you’re fooling yourself right ACC.

[20:34] ACC sharks similar to

But nevertheless ACC is one of those conferences that is adapted extremely well if you remember back in

Back during cover they were the first conference I always get applauded ACC ACC commissioners and and and staff for saying we’re gonna go ahead and play football

And it basically drove the rest of the college football world. So so kudos to you guys.

[21:11] The you know

Top to bottom that can compete with just about every other conference there is one team that’s that’s the heavyweight.

I’m picking Clemson again this year it’s I I really find it difficult.

Yeah hey I said it in the in the collage

I can’t wait to see them still try to run the the tiny bubbles screen with DJ ukulele but I think he’s gonna have a better year he’s gonna be faster

He’s taken some weight off so it’ll make him more of a of a of a dual threat as opposed to be just being AA pastor

Well I don’t yeah I agree with you as far as the potential but I don’t think they’re taking weight off gonna make him a better decision maker.

[22:13] Excellent absolutely

Might when we talked about death talk to bottom.

Those are two pretty good football teams so it would not shock me if one of those teams crept up in and had a punchers chance against Clemson yeah yeah if you ask me for a sleeper pic in the ACC.

[22:47] Yup.

Well, let’s go to the big, let’s go to the big 14. Yeah.

These guys are spread all over the place. You got, you know, you you’ve got these guys in New York or excuse me in in New Jersey, you got them in Maryland, all the way out to the West Coast now,

Anywhere in the United States the whitetail deer because of a lack of apex predators is is is widespread.

Is it coast to coast and even coming down south so the the the champion this year the big buck.

Or the big buckeye in this case is gonna be ohio state.

[23:38] Outside of the SEC that can they can consistently punch and go toe to toe with those SCC teams I think you know Michigan proved it last year they ain’t ready,

It’ll be interesting to see what Michigan State does this year that they they could punch up.

You know, not saying that that that the Buckeyes are gonna go through completely unscathed. But,

I I think that Michigan State could definitely punch up Iowa’s hit.

But not shoulders above everybody else. Again, Minnesota’s gonna challenge and and PJ Flex, another one of those coaches kinda like over in Conway Conway, South Carolina.

[24:21] PJ Flex another one that that I wonder why he why he’s still adneso guys a hell of a coach but we’ll I think they’ll they’ll be doing a little bit of punching up as well not to say that

Michigan is gonna fall off the flight face to the map but they’re just not gonna win the the big 10 this year. It’s good. It’s gonna be a house day.

Well I know I sound like a little bit of a southeastern conference homer when I say this but I understand Lee.

The Ohio State is pretty good and can reasonably compete some years with the best of the SCC and can beat most of the SEC,

But you take the also rans in the SEC you take Arkansas Texas A and M Kentucky and Tennessee and they could beat anybody else in the big 10.

I think nine times out of 10.

This brings us to the apex predator which is the SCC the black and or brown bear brown bears.

[25:28] Hey sleep and they make little bears or in the case of when they meet with polar bears they make super.

Super predators so I mean they are the absolute apex predator David Dapp did overtime

And they just gobble up not just other opponents but they they they they gobble up other conferences best teams.

It is without a doubt this year I it still think Alabama is is the absolute apex predator of the apex predator they are the biggest and baddest.

They do have a weakness.

[26:04] They have a witness in the offensive line Bryce was sacked 11 times in the Iron Bowl last year I Auburn gave everybody the the blueprint to go attack him

And and that’s you know Georgia didn’t follow that in the SCC championship game neither did Cincinnati but Georgia followed it in the in the in the,

National championship game so.

Is still the biggest and the baddest but they got a weakness I think Georgia is gonna still win the the east they got a lot of production coming back stats in stats and Bennett’s coming back,

He he is a he’s a great field general but I still think they’re gonna

I I think they’re gonna have a little bit of a drop off on the defense. It was otherworldly last year. They’re gonna have good production but they’re not gonna have other worldly presence and and I think they’re gonna have a couple of losses not in a regular season. They’ll have one regular season loss.

Watch UK late November where they play in Lexington and watch possibly early in the season having to go to Columbia play South Carolina

Or having to play in Athens Tennessee all that’s always a weird game.

[27:20] Interesting.

That would that would kick him out of the playoff. I would definitely kick him out of the playoff. But I, again, I, I, I think Alabama is your, your apex predator. Yeah. Watch.

This year is a trend as a continue transition for Sam Pittman and Arkansas.

[27:38] They are building. They are coming. Okay, we’re almost completely out of time. I gotta have your your playoff and your champion. Ready, go.

[27:48] Playoffs is gonna be ohio state in Alabama Clemson in Oklahoma State.

Clemson’s gonna beat Oklahoma State Oklahoma State’s gonna be a higher sea than they should be because they pass the I test Clemson’s gonna have no problem.

Ohio state in Alabama will be a war it’s gonna be Alabama and Clemson and unfortunately,

So it’s absolutely painful but that’s that’s that’s what’s gonna happen this year,

And I haven’t been wrong too many times folks we’ll we’ll be happy to send you past copies of the collage to demonstrate that but this year’s champion is gonna be Alabama,


Okay, everybody. That’s the college football collage. You can get it at your own copy by Emailing info at Flipping America. Net. That’s all the time we have for today. Thank you Ari. We’ll see you.

[28:47] My pleasure Roger anytime.

[28:50] When we come back next time I promise we will talk about real estate because we’ve done that now for 548 shows we took one show off to talk a little bit about football and.

I don’t know. It was fun for me and if you made it all the way to the end, congratulations and bless you. Thank you.

[29:05] If you have questions about real estate or real estate investing, you can send them to questions at clipping America. Net. We promise to answer every question that comes into the show and we will answer yours. Some of them will even make it onto the show,

Thanks to our sponsors today please be sure that you acknowledge all of them and,

And visit Flipping America go flipping America funding. Com.

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[29:50] Music.

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