Flipping America 544, Flipping America GO!

podcast 544, Flipping America Go


Have you ever wished you could just type an address into your computer and let it tell you whether or not it would be a good investment? That day has arrived.

For years I’ve wanted to speed up deal analysis. I’ve written formulas, created spreadsheets, even built my own relational database. I have tried every product out there, spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours just trying to save time in the day-to-day chase of that next deal.

Thanks to a partnership with our new friends over at House Folios, we are ready to introduce Flipping America GO. HouseFolios created a fantastic user experience with several ideas I only WISH I had thought of. I’ve been able to share with them my formulas, rehab and profit assumptions, and even my step by step checklists for the various phases of an investment property. All of this is being incorporated into GO.

GO allows you to sift through thousands of single family properties and find the best deals fast. GO is built for everyone, whether they are brand new or a seasoned veteran. You can save your preferred property assumptions so that when you see a green indicator, you know the property meets your criteria and is a good deal for you. If you’re new to investing, don’t worry. GO comes with settings already created and used by experienced investors which will help get you started. Whether you analyze spreadsheets or scan the MLS, whether the house is on or off the market, GO will help you find and analysis the property. Analyzing a property will show you all the key indicators to a good investment. GO will show you whether the property meets your criteria with easy to understand graphics that show you how many of your investing criteria have been met.  GO even recommends the best investment strategy for each property. Once chosen and analyzed, GO can help you dig into all the numbers and where they came from. We can show all the comps in the area, allow you to remove those that don’t fit and add others. Once you are confident, you can create a property pro forma with a click of a button. On top of all that, you can apply for lending and even submit an offer, all from within the GO platform. It’s 100% risk-free with our 30 day guarantee. Action is the key to this business. So sign up today and GO. 

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Although it doesn’t feel like it at the time, problems are blessings that move us upward.

Expected Air Date: Friday 8/19/2022

Guest: Jared Rossean, jared.rossean@housefolios.com

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