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Want to get started Wholesaling? You have to hear what we are about to bring you. 

David Olds is joining us in a few minutes to talk about wholesaling, dispositions, and real estate in general. He’s a smart guy who can help you go from starting up to financially comfortable in a hurry. 

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Mindset Moment: 

Your life is the result of your decisions. Not just the big ones – job, career, marriage, etc. But a hundred smaller ones and a thousand miniature decisions you may not even realize you make. But “make decisions” you do. All day every day.  

Questions from Listeners: starr ask…


1. Shay and Friends, Tony, GA.:Hey, so me and my investor friends are strategizing and thinking of ways to do “no money down”… is  FHA Loan or any Loan program that come with terms a good way to go about it, being that some of these loans, don’t allow you to put the house back on the market for 3-5 years?

2. Kim Decatur GA: When I look into ways to get a home “no money down” it seems to be more for personal home buyers and rental property investors. I don’t see too many opportunities for fix&flip investors… Do you agree?

3. Lawrence Atlanta GA: I have horrible credit, I am also a beginner investor. My friend did a 50/50 partnership with an experienced investor. My friend provided the loan-with his good credit- and the experienced investor managed the project…it was a success. How can I present myself to other investors and convince them to partner with me on deals?

4. LeeAnn, Atlanta GA: As an investor, would getting a house under “seller finance” be a good decision for me…if I can get it lower than market price? My goal is to turn it into a vacation home and get some passive income.

5. George, Smyrna GA: Hey Roger and Starr, when are you guys going to do a meet, greet, and investor event. or are you guys still social distancing…with no human contact? virtual is just not good for the human psyche

Motivational Quote:

“Intelligence will help you build a company; wisdom will help you build an empire.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Expected Air Date: Sat 10/16/2021 

Guest Info:

David Olds

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