Flipping America 334, Buy a House with FLEQ?

podcast 334, Home Buying with FLEQ

A couple of weeks ago in our show prep we came across a new way to buy houses with a company called FLEQ. I said at the time I wanted to get the founder, Todd Sherer, on the show. And today we are delivering on that. Todd has been around in the mortgage and finance business for many years and he has created a business model that I believe has a chance to fill a real need. Buyers can now buy a house without a mortgage, enjoy the benefits of homeownership but also have the flexibility to easily sell or move as life takes them where it does. Plus today I’m going to answer a question we’ve received probably over a hundred times – How can the average person figure out what a property is worth – or better yet, what it will be worth when they finish remodeling it. I’m going to tell you the process that I have followed for years. Also we have an important question today about pulling the trigger on your first deal. 

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Topic: Buying a House with FLEQ, Todd Sherer

Your Questions

  • Grady, Keyshawn, and 22 more, “How do I figure out what this property is really worth? What is the ARV? Do I just ask a realtor to figure it out for me?”
  • Jessica, Akron, OH, “I have saved $40,000 to invest in a fix and flip. I’ve watched videos, attended a boot camp, and I see deals from time to time that fit all the criteria. But I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger. I know it’s fear, but how do I overcome it?”

Motivational Thoughts for the day

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” -Henry J. Kaiser

Expected Air Date: Mon 2/11/2020

Guest: Todd Sherer

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