Flipping America 302, Commercial Storage with Hayden Crabtree

Podcast 302 Commercial Storage with Hayden Crabtree

I’ve known a few people who have been in real estate investing since the beginning of their career. This is how you become a multi-millionaire and even a billionaire. Start young, make good decisions, grow solidly. I have a rising star on the show today and you are going to want to hear his story.

Hayden Crabtree is an Atlanta based Self Storage investor with 14 properties in 5 states spanning half a million square feet. His primary focus is on value-add storage deals that offer investors above average returns. Hayden got his start in the world of real estate during college after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and finding a Real Estate mentor to shadow for over a year. His current focus is helping investors who want to build cashflow and equity find amazing opportunities and put their money to work passively side by side in his deals.

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Expected Air Date: Thursday 10/17/19

Show Guest: Hayden Crabtree

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