Flipping America 299, Real Estate Technology, Part 2

podcast 299 Real Estate Technology, Part 2


Technology is a huge part of the world around us and real estate is no exception. We have been researching the use of technology in real estate investing for some time now and are attempting to create a resource page for your use and reference. Today we are continuing with Part Two, Let’s take a closer look at some of the technology we use here in our business.  

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  • Want a quick analytical tool to tell you how strong a potential fix and flip deal is? Download the Property Grade app. You answer 10 simple questions about the property and the app instantly tells you what you can expect to make, your return on investment, your return on cash, and then the program gives the project a letter grade using the proprietary Flipping America Investment Property Grade algorithm.  

Topic: RE Tech

The Purpose of Technology

It’s not a replacement.

  1. Doesn’t replace understanding
    1. what a deal is.
    2. The process of getting a deal done
  2. Doesn’t create common sense – comps.
  3. Doesn’t replace the need to build relationships.
  4. Won’t go see properties for you, although we are getting closer on that all the time.
  5. It may suggest a solution, but it won’t make a decision (and we don’t want it to).

It’s a Tool

  1. Automate procedures
  2. Speed up processes
  3. Analyze big data sets
  4. Saves time (maybe – sometimes the setup and error correction take longer than it would have to do it manually in the first place. HOWEVER – once it’s done, the same process can be repeated much faster in the future.) 


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  • Wally from Aurora, CO “I want to invest in the marijuana industry. What are your thoughts?”
  • Allie, Milwaukee, WI “I’m looking at an older home – about 50 years old. In the basement, the wall is cracked and bulging out just a little. The bulge is about 5 feet off the floor, and it’s no more than 2” out of plumb with the wall, but the entire wall is slightly displaced. I looked for cracks in the walls upstairs and didn’t see any. The seller told me they completely remodeled the house 10 years ago and tore out the plaster walls and put in new drywall. This could be a nice profitable project but how concerned should I be?
  • Suzanne, Tampa FL “How do you do your show three times a week, post on social media like nobody’s business, teach house flipping, make videos AND run your business? I’m not trying to challenge you. I really want to know how you do it?

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Expected Air Date: Thursday 10/19/19

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