Flipping America 286, Live from City Tap!

Podcast 286 Live from City Tap


Guest EMCEE: “Live from Atlanta, GA, it’s Flipping America!”

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Flipping America Live. Thanks for joining us both on the radio, via podcast or via the Facebook Live Stream we have going right now. We have a little buzz going on right now on Apple Podcasts so would you do me a quick favor? Even if you listen to the show through some other means, would you get into iTunes on your computer of the podcasts app on your iphone or ipad and give us a rating. I’m not going to tell you how to rate us, but so far every person has given us 5 stars. So let peer pressure influence you here.. And if you will, please take a moment and write something. That would be great and we thank you. 

We have a special show coming to you today. Every Thursday night we gather at City Tap here in Midtown Atlanta to network, hang out, ask questions, do deals and generally learn from each other. Tonight we are going to turn this into episode 286 of the Flipping America show (cheers). 

The focus tonight is your questions. We have a list of questions from our listeners. Some of the people in the room have questions. And some of you watching on Facebook might have questions. We are devoting most of the show to your questions and their answers. You can always email your questions to roger@rogerblankenship.com or you can call 404-396-1018 ext 1. We answer every question that comes in and we will answer yours. We can’t put them all on the air of course but we do feature some of them because we believe the answers will be instructive for other listeners. 

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Twitter and Instagram @FlippingAmerica

Call our National Comment Line: 404-369-1018, ext 1. Leave your message or your question. 

Email your questions to questions@rogerblankenship.com. Please always tell us where you are from. We like to know where the show is being heard. And let us know how you found out about us if you don’t mind. 


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  • Want a quick analytical tool to tell you how strong a potential fix and flip deal is? Download the Property Grade app. You answer 10 simple questions about the property and the app instantly tells you what you can expect to make, your return on investment, your return on cash, and then the program gives the project a letter grade using the proprietary Flipping America Investment Property Grade algorithm. 


Your Questions: Send emails to questions@rogerblankenship.com

  • Chad, Denver, CO, “Can you explain the inverted yield curve and what that means to homeowners and/or investors?”
  • Jamie, Columbia, SC “Dude! You passed on the yield curve thing. Please explain it to me in terms I can understand.”
  • Justin, Boulder, CO, “Are we headed for recession? If so how should that guide my investing decisions? I buy and hold single family homes. Thank you.”
  • Alan, Long Beach, CA “I know I want to buy income producing properties. I just don’t know what kind. I’ve considered single family, multi-family, apartments, and even a couple of strip shopping centers. Can you give me some thoughts to help me narrow down the possibilities?”
  • Melvin, New Braunfels, TX “I really like flipping houses. I want to expand but I can’t find enough deals around here. I can be in San Antonio in about 45 minutes and Austin in an hour. My big dream is to be flipping houses in all three markets. But how should I go about getting started in whichever one I go for next?”
  • Andre, Harrisburg, PA, “I heard one of your older shows and you talked about the Installment Land Contract. I’m not familiar with this. Can you enlighten me?”
  • Paul, Atlanta, GA “Being real with ya bro. I want to take your $50/month course. I just can’t swing that first payment of $750. Do you have a coupon code?”
  • Susan, Manchester, GA “I can buy lots of double wide trailers down here in the 50 and 60 thousand range that I can rent out for $600 a month. I know that fits the 1% rule, but what about mobile homes? Does the formula still apply?” We followed up with a couple of additional questions: She is paying cash and owns the three acres they sit on.
  • How do you know when you find a “Deal”. – Michael  Greene  

Comment Line calls and Questions

Call 404-369-1018, press 1 and leave your message!

Motivational Thoughts for the day

  • “Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.” – Will Rogers

Expected Air Date: Monday 9/9/19

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