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podcast 285 Brian Eastman


This past week at our Wednesday lunch meeting the topic of Self-Directed IRA’s came up and that became the theme of our Facebook live presentation. If you hurry over to Facebook you   might still get to view that conversation before it disappears. If, however you missed it, you can  make up for it today. In a few minutes I have an expert coming on the show and you are definitely going to want to hear his thoughts about investing through your self-directed IRA. 

Brian Eastman is a principal and Sr. Consultant at Safeguard Advisors, LLC based in Boulder, Colorado.

Brian has personally worked with thousands of independent investors over the years and has a deep understanding not only of the tax framework that governs self-directed retirement plans, but how to actually use such a plan successfully in a variety of real estate-related transaction types.

Brian has been investing in real estate personally and with his self-directed plan for 15 years, and has participated in sub-division development, flipping properties, rentals, lease options, and trust deed financing of various types of property.

Prior to joining Safeguard Advisors, Mr. Eastman spent nearly two decades in the development and implementation of complex software systems, with a focus on client education. His ability to present complex and wide-ranging topics in a clear and understandable fashion translates well to the educational approach that is critical to helping investors discover the potential of a self-directed retirement investing strategy.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Mr. Eastman enjoys exploring the wonders of the Rocky Mountain backcountry with his family and cheering for his son’s hockey team. 

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Guest: Brian Eastman

  • In plain English, what are self-directed IRA and 401(k) plans and why do they matter to real estate investors?
  • How can a real estate investor get more from their self-directed IRA?
  • What tax issues should an investor be on the lookout for, which can occur inside their retirement plan?
  • What are some examples of using a self-directed plan for real estate investing?
    Describe for our listeners some of the benefits and complexities involved if they were to use debt-financing to invest with a self-directed plan.
  • What benefits are associated with a checkbook control Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) plan?
  • Self-directed IRA & 401(k) plans – an overview
  • Getting more from your self-directed IRA
  • Real estate investing with a self-directed plan (rentals, syndicates, development/flipping)
  • The benefits and complexities of using debt-financing (i.e. mortgages) when investing with a self-directed plan
  • Tax issues that can occur inside a retirement plan and how to understand and strategize around those issues


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  • Eva, Pittsburgh, PA, “My lender has options for my rental. I can do interest only at 4.8% (5 years then convert to amortized) or I can do a fully amortized loan at 4.75%.” We followed up: She is in her 30s and plans to hold them indefinitely. Purchase price is 180,000. Putting 40,000 down. Loan amt is 140,000.
    My calculations: PI pymt is $730/month. Interest only is $560. $170/month difference. $10,200 over five years. Options are keep renewing interest only for maximum cash flow or refinance the amortized loan every 7-8 years to improve Return on Equity. 
  • Carmela, Port St. Lucie, FL “I’ve been wanting to write for a couple of weeks, but we have been a little busy here preparing for Dorian. It looked like we were going to get hit hard, but were spared thankfully. I was thinking about your show and wondered if you go in and buy storm damaged houses. And I’m not saying this about you, but I’m thinking about doing it and looking for an answer when people tell me I’m praying on the misfortune of others. Do you have a good answer to that?”
  • Frieda, Jacksonville, FL “I saw how you helped my friend with her roof contractor situation. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with contractors also and I’m wondering if there is a better way to protect myself in the future?”

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Expected Air Date: Saturday 9/7/19

Guest: Brian Eastman

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