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Today we are being joined by Seth Williams of RE Tipster. Seth is a land investor and has a compelling argument for investing simply in land. Land can create income as you flip it and passive income as you sell with owner financing. There is a world of possibility awaiting you as you dive in to this topic. Our conversation with him is coming up shortly.

But I also have an extended set of questions about Subject-To purchasing so I’m going to jump right in and address this topic. 

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Special Guest: Seth Williams, REI Tipster


Your Questions: Send emails to questions@rogerblankenship.com

  • From Kay in Atlanta, I have a few questions about Subject 2 and I am hopeful that you can assist me.
    • My partner Kathy P… spoke with a potential client which we plan to meet up with on Monday. We will like to proceed with a subject 2.
    • 1) The owner divorced and was awarded the home. The ex-wife  did a quit deed so the husband has a limited warranty deed in his name.  But the ex-wife’s  name  is on the loan.
    • The husband was given 1 yr  as of November 2018 get her name off the loan. The home is heading into foreclosure which they do not want to happen.
    • A)Is there paperwork we can have the ex-wife sign to protect ourselves, having her acknowledging that she is aware we are taking over pmt. And her name will stay on the loan until the ex- husband assumes or refinance  the loan? How do we protect ourselves?
    • B) How do we take ownership on the warranty deed? Do we put in our company name? Do we keep the owner’s name c/o our company name. Do we put deed in out personal names? Do we put deed in a land trust?  
    • C ) Getting insurance on the property.  What step do we have to take for home  insurance since the owner policy will only be good for 30 days after the transfer. I hope that you can assist us with our questions. 

Great Questions:

  • Is this going into the August foreclosure sale? If so you have time, but you need to move quickly. 
  • Do you have a real estate attorney? You need one who is accustomed to dealing with investors and familiar with the Subject-To process. Craig Halperin is a friend and he can help if you don’t already have one. 
  • Meet with the man and write down everything in plain English you are agreeing too. Craig will translate that into a formal contract you can sign at closing. You’ll need to be prepared to pay him for the closing costs. 
  • Do you know whether the ex-wife is in the mood to cooperate? If she will,you have until the end of October to sell the property unless she is willing to agree in writing to extend the deadline. I’ll be surprised if she agrees to that – she probably wants out. But if she doesn’t need to buy a home right now, she could possibly be incentivized to extend (i.e. small monthly payment or something). 
  • He will not be able to re-finance the loan once he has turned it over to you. 
  • Once the property is in your name you may be able to re-finance into your name, depending on your credit and other qualifications. 
  • Take possession in your company name. 
  • Get insurance based on your intended use of the property. Rental and flips get different policies. Your insurance professional will guide you. Cancel the homeowner’s insurance as soon as you can. Provide on-going proof of insurance to the lender so they don’t do a force placed policy.
  • Be careful what you say to the lender. 
  • 9. I cover sub-to in my Ultimate Course. It takes about 30 days to get that far in the course. That’s if you watch one 10-min video every day. You can use a land trust but they are somewhat over-rated in terms of protecting you from the Due Upon Sale Clause.
  • Call Question: James from Rochester NY. “I’m a roofer and I want to buy a couple of your houses in Toledo and Saginaw, but I also want to know if you are planning to get more of these. I’m coming into some money this summer and I want to buy about 40.”

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  • “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” -John Wooden

Expected Air Date: 7/11/19

Seth Williams RETipster


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[0:50] It’s time to talk about real estate yes again I am Roger Blankenship your host and I teach people how to make money in real estate.

We don’t encourage everyone to drop what you’re doing and go out and start flipping houses like you see on TV but we do encourage everyone to consider real estate as a part of a balanced Investment Portfolio really excited to be with you here today.

Still haven’t run out of things to say about real estate I’ve got in coming up in a few minutes a guy who is very quickly become a good friend his name is Seth Williams,

he is the founder of REI tipster and it’s REI tipster. Calm and REI tipster. Club will say more about that as we go on but Seth

himself is involved as a real estate investor he’s up in Michigan and he is buying land.

And you’re going to want to hear what he has to say about buying land in real estate investing in general and that conversation is coming up in just a few minutes.

[1:43] I got an email this week from someone who wanted to know about subject to who actually has a deal going on I love these kinds of emails keep them coming folks send them to questions at Roger Blankenship. Come and always glad to help.

Either me or someone on the team will help and I told Dad this person that her name is k that we would.

Feature her question on the show and that it would be today so to make sure that we get to it I’m going to do it now

so this is Katie from Atlanta she says I have a few questions about subject to and I’m hopeful that you can assist me my partner Kathy and I spoke with a potential client which we plan to meet up with on Monday we would like to proceed with a subject to,

the owner divorced and was awarded the home the ex-wife did a quick claim deed so the husband has limited warranty deed in his name but the ex-wife’s name is on the loan the husband was given.

One year as of November 2018 to get her name off the loan the home is heading into foreclosure which they do not want to happen.

[2:44] Is there paperwork we can have the ex-wife sign to protect ourselves having her acknowledging that she is aware we are taking over payment.

[2:52] And her name will stay on the loan until the ex-husband assumes are refinances the loan how do we protect ourselves.

Next question how do we take ownership on the warranty deed do we put in our company name do we keep the owner’s name care of our company name do we put deed.

In our personal names do we put deed in a Land Trust.

[3:13] Next question getting insurance on the property what step do we take what steps do we have to take for home insurance since the owner policy will be good only for 30 days after the transfer.

I hope that you can assist us with our questions okay that’s a bunch of questions and those are good questions

so here come some answers now this is the end of June 1st of July as I initially received this email and so I asked is this going into the August foreclosure sale if so you have time but you need to move quickly

in the state of Georgia for those of you that are listening outside of the state of Georgia in the state of Georgia foreclosures are posted.

On the Foreclosure auction happens on the first Tuesday of every month Statewide and all of the County courthouses and and it’s required by law that the auction Beacon.

On the steps before the courthouse door in other words it has to be outdoors and it’s rain or shine

the only exceptions are win the first Tuesday of the month falls on January the 1st or the 4th of July and those cases the sale is held on Wednesday so.

[4:16] And all across the state of Georgia do you have the auctions going on first Tuesday the following Friday typically,

they will begin advertising the foreclosures for the next month now it’s not always because the law requires that the foreclosures for the next month must be advertised for four consecutive Fridays before the first Tuesday of the month.

[4:37] A few times a couple times a year there’s an extra week in there because just the way the calendar Falls and so you may not be the Friday after the auction but usually it is so the ads begin at that point

you’re in a countdown because the auction is going to be held unless something gets done that’s why I say at the beginning of July you have time to do a subject to.

For it to avoid the August foreclosure sale but you need to move quickly next question do you have a real estate attorney.

You need one who is accustomed to dealing with investors in familiar with the subject to process and I recommended a local Atlanta attorney that I know is familiar with this process and is willing to help do you have to have an attorney to conduct a subject to purchase

no not really but you leave yourself open to a lot of potential problems if you don’t so do.

[5:31] Meet with the man and write down everything in plain English you are agreeing to.

[5:39] The attorney will translate that into a formal contract you can sign it closing you will need to be prepared to pay him for,

the development of the contract and of course the closing cost on this the attorney is going to know the things that you need to do to protect yourself and have the documents for it

I’m not going to give you legal advice here I don’t do that I’m not an attorney

and so I’m inviting you to see an attorney and if you don’t use the one I recommend that’s okay just make sure it’s an attorney that’s familiar with I went to an attorney one time to talk about subject to.

And she was convinced that it was illegal and that that is not true.

It’s just not true subject to purchase are completely legal next question I ask is do you know whether the ex-wife is in the mood to cooperate I do know that she,

didn’t want to see the same for clothes so she might be willing to cooperate and she will

you have until the end of October to sell the property and that that would basically get her name off the deed unless she is willing to agree in writing to extend the deadline now that word in writing is very important in.

[6:44] In the state of Georgia as in Most states oral contracts are enforceable in the law.

Except when it comes to real estate anything related to real estate must be in writing so you need to get the X to agree in writing to extend the deadline.

I’ll actually be a little surprised if she agrees to that she probably would just once out of this but if she doesn’t need to buy a home right now and get another loan in her name she.

[7:13] Could possibly be convinced or incentivize to extend it.

No more than likely this borrower is not going to be able to refinance the loan first of all if he’s behind to the point of foreclosure his credit sucks

and I doubt he’s going to get it

restructured maybe because if he goes with the same lender maybe they’ll do some sort of a workout Arrangement it’s possible but once he has turned it over to you the.

Buyer and he’s not going to be able to restructure the long because the house will no longer be in his name.

All right once property is in your name you may be able to refinance it depending on your credit another qualifications that’s always a possibility

but I’ve been in with regard to the question about how you take title take titled to the property in your company name I do understand the idea about trust okay and.

You know there is some advice out there and we’ve heard it on the show and we’ve even use this advice to when you buy a property with a subject to to put the property in a land trust which will.

[8:21] Avoid the lender calling the note baseball to do upon sale clause.

I have used this and have taught this but I’ve also talked to attorneys who say that really it’s if the lender is determined to call the note they can get around it.

[8:39] Just because the way you have to structure the trust but still let something if you want to do it I would say just put it in your company name but definitely one thing for sure do not put it in your name.

[8:49] All right not in your name never in your name.

To take possession in your company name or a trust get insurance based on your intended use of the property you’ll need to speak with an insurance professional that is a customer dealing with investors but rental and flip,

are different policies your insurance professional will guide you you can’t go ahead and cancel the homeowners insurance as soon as you can and.

I provide ongoing proof of insurance to the lender.

So they don’t do a forced Place policy in for example you’re going to put this into rental service and you going to get a rental.

Type of coverage for the property and you can you’re going to need to get some documents done to,

make you the property manager and the end the gentleman that selling the house to you is going to name you the property manager and do a letter to the lender authorizing them to,

do you and correspond with you as property manager so you can provide proof of insurance and they will accept it okay.

All right then I would say be careful what you say to the to the lender.

Just use a man use some caution because if you just outright tell them hey we bought the house and is now titled in our company name then that almost is begging them to call the note,

and if you’re prepared to you know quickly refinance or cash this baby out.

[10:15] No worries but you know I’m not encouraging you to lie I don’t want to ever encourage anyone to lie but you don’t also have to tell everything okay.

[10:25] Do I cover subject to in my ultimate course takes about 30 days in the course to get that far and that’s if you watch a video every day in a really doing this thing but not only do we

cover the subject to we provide the subject to calculations in our deal analyzer as well it’s okay I hope that helps and the actually I’ve already heard back from K and it did help and they are getting the deal done even as we are speaking today so,

that’s terrific.

[10:51] Remember my friends if you have questions about real estate you can send them two questions at Roger Blankenship. Com we answer every question that comes in if you are stumped with the problem and you just need some help.

Then there’s a spot at Roger Blankenship. Com where you can schedule a consultation call and we can dig in and in an hour’s time.

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Plus if you’re just getting started out and you’re wondering what to do I don’t say much about this hurry off but if you go to Roger Blankenship., there’s also a place where you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation

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So I’m you may do the 30-minute strategy call with yours truly.

But all that’s available to you at Roger Blankenship. Com questions are Roger Blankenship. Com go to Roger Blankenship. Calm and and scroll down to Zeno read-through and scroll down to the bottom of the page we’re still filling out some of the content on there and we’re.

[11:54] We’re not procrastinating we really are not if we’re just taking our time to try to get it right when we when we put it up there

so we would encourage you also to get out and join us

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we do a meeting Wednesday at lunch and Thursday at dinner and these meetings are.

[12:39] Well it’s just a free conversation about real estate I answer questions and help you invest I can sometimes I bring some other experience investors in and they share in the answering questions just a networking event Loki.

[12:55] We’re not trying to build a great crowd we usually have anywhere from 15 to 50 and it’s okay if you can come if you want to come we are glad to have you there and that’s every Wednesday and Thursday

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This is high and stuff it’s a fairly expensive but we’re going to get into everything that we know.

About fixing and flipping properties August 3 and 4 will be back.

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[15:27] Seth Williams welcome to the show.

Hey Rodger thanks for having me it’s going to be here taking time out of your schedule to be with us today I know you’re real busy up there with all the repair work you got to do on your Investments right.

Now that’s a joke that’s a joke okay I’ve already told you since into land and and he’s we’re going to talk about that little bit but first I want to go back a little bit because you have a background in the commercial

real estate banking,

all right what do you do in commercial real estate banking don’t do it anymore but for almost 10 years when I was working my my

Trish real like career job out of college I was working for a small business financing company doing SBA 504 loans so it’s definitely like a niche loan product or commercial real estate.

Really interesting are you familiar with SBA Loans at all just a little I’ve never I’ve never taken without any idea was or is.

[16:29] You know the bar puts in 10%

a normal conventional bank will lend 50% and then SBA comes in a kicks in at 40% and is a couple reasons why this is really a viable first of all

guess you’ve ever done anything with commercial real estate loans you know that usually like it’s

20% down 25 30% down with an SBA loan 10% down so it doesn’t take nearly as much cash to get into a commercial deal and then also from the bank standpoint they only have to put out 50% of the money,

but they’re in the first lien position.

And then I see a is in secondary position so it kind of protects the bank a lot more to the government financing program intended to Spur the growth of small businesses so

and put through that process I got to work at the lot of difference.

People who are developing hotels minion store self storage facilities I mean you name it’s pretty much any kind of commercial building out there.

[17:27] Okay yeah that is interesting so you did that for a while and something derailed you.

And got you off to this Wacky World of entrepreneurialism yeah yeah well it was since the very beginning.

I wouldn’t say banking it really any job but was really like my end goal is more of like a springboard do something better

I was stepping stone and I had always sort of had my eye on real estate cuz I had read Rich Dad Poor Dad and got that whole by that real estate investing bug and idea

and yeah I had spent lots of time trying to find deals on houses back in like the 2006 era,

yeah I don’t for the life of me could not find deals like when I was looking at the MLS I couldn’t find anything that would cash flow or anything that would make sense to flip and I just,

was spinning my wheels for the longest time and it I was like about to give up but like I knew

there must be a way cuz I know people do this I just I’m not seeing the light somehow I’m not figuring this out and it was around that time that I learned about the land flipping business where you can

you’ll get a delinquent tax list and send out mail to these people and.

[18:42] For me it was just it was the first thing I had ever tried that really works and I just weren’t going to work it works really really well and

the cool thing was that made first of all because it was land there wasn’t hardly any of the complications to deal with that houses usually had I mean nothing was falling apart or getting stolen or destroyed by ability was

almost non-existent

and also like I was able to buy these properties for like a few hundred bucks out of pocket so like I didn’t have to take out loans I can own free and clear.

Burberry low-risk in because I was only paying like 10 to 20% of market value it was set up in such a way that.

Like if you look at any asset whether it’s a car or jewelry you name it to buy anything for 10 to 20% of market value.

It’s pretty hard to get hurt on that there’s a very high likelihood you can resell it and resell it for enough to make money on it and that’s just exactly what the land business ended up being and it’s been,

really really awesome that’s interesting how long has it been now started in 2008 so now I didn’t even hear it my 11th year

wow all right you know and I figured this would happen because every time I’ve talked to Al and guy we had two on the show before and you know both of them.

[20:01] I get interested in this topic I think it’s fascinating I think there’s so much potential in it and course you guys are the living proof that there is potential in it.

So let’s just let’s just start with that then so you never actually flipped the house you just started in land and correct yeah I

I can’t tell you how many hours I tried finding houses to flip and actually like thank goodness I never found one that would make it because I.

I just I can I know it would have been a disaster like I would have taken out some time alone to try to buy it and I wouldn’t have known how to find the right contractors.

You do know a lot more about this than me is probably pretty simple in your world but in my mind like

there’s just a lot of things I’m not good at that flipping houses requires you to be good at

I say almost everyday it’s not rocket surgery we’re doing here it’s it’s really not that tough there are a lot of moving pieces but I can tell you this said I’ve been on your website.

[21:00] And I can tell just from the way your website looks that you would be all right to the pieces yet

one of the best looking websites I’ve seen in this business like I told my web guy said look at this site man I want my look like this this is cool

yeah like your organizational setup I like your little logos for the different types of post you got there still some of those ideas with that attention to detail you could do

you could you could be flipping houses because it’s really just a matter of having a list of things that you do but we’re not here to talk about that weird to talk about land and so.

Now a lot of people are listening this and if they are faithful listeners and it listen to all the shows and they’ve heard me talk to Jack Bosch and Mark podolsky,

we have a lot of new listeners joining us

every episode and every week so I’m start at the beginning if I want to go be a land investor how do you even approach that.

Yeah well really I mean like the first one to three steps about like how to get stuttering you need to be thinking about.

Yeah I mean I honestly I mean in order to get anything happening it’s all about starting your Big Marketing push as in any business really but with a land business specifically in a lot of real estate business is out there.

[22:21] Pretty much across-the-board Direct Mail when you’re starting from nothing and you have no existing Lister or Market anything like that Direct Mail is just a really solid way to get the wheels turning and when it comes to direct mail.

[22:35] It’s it’s simple in concept but there is a lot of

little areas where you can get derailed and I think the first thing you got to do is to figure out like what is the right markets to be working in

Mike what is a good County where am I going to be able to find enough land deals you know people who want to sell but not just that where these properties also going to sell quickly

is a play there’s some markets where you know comparing Apples to Apples if you buy like a cookie cutter 1 acre lot,

in some counties don’t just kind of sit on the market for months maybe even years if you’re really unlucky and other markets it’ll selling like a day so you know it’s important to understand

what goes into a good market and then also once you have a good Market it’s about,

finding the right lists from the right Source like understanding specifically what types of landowners are trying to contact.

And you know what service do you get that list from or an even if you want to get it directly from the county that’s what I used to do years ago I haven’t done in a while cuz.

[23:36] It works but this time of a hassle to do with that web you know getting that list filtered and then sending out a piece of mail.

That’s why I think this is also important but it’s it’s probably not as important as getting the right list and choosing the right Market but assuming you have listings in order it’s about sending out a piece of mail that’s going to get Sunday to respond whether it’s just.

You know asking them to call you back

or visit your website or take some action or if you just going to send them as we call it’s just a blind offer so you just kind of get an idea for what properties are worth in that county in that City in that zip code

and I’m sure the formula

no matter how you slice it it’s going to be a really with a low offer but you just sent out released thousands of these offers the people and obviously many of them are not going to accept it is going to be a really low offer it won’t make sense for a lot of people but

you know when you’re doing mail in bulk like this it’s just a numbers game and you looking for the right percentage of people who will say yes

Ellis that that’s true finding a real estate deals anywhere it’s numbers game

yeah well you know fortunately for me I have a lot of experience from my young life and dating being told no a lot so that that helped me in the real estate business I understand anyway

all right now and let’s back up a little bit further even how much money should I plan to.

[25:03] Have sitting in the bank somewhere to get started in the land business because you know I do events all the time and people come up to me and said say it cannot really get started in this business with no money and bad credit,

so actually I really huge blog posts on this once upon a time I can share the link with you when we’re done here but.

[25:26] Long story short a my experience I had about $3,000 to my name $3,000 cash and that gave me enough money to

you know get my dedicated business phone number instead of my little Voice Mail system get my first list send on my first Direct Mail campaign.

And ultimately by my first property and.

There was a little bit of wiggle room in there to make some mistakes but not a lot of wiggle room like I would say absolute bare minimum assuming you make no mistakes I wouldn’t want to have any less than 15 OtterBox.

So that’s just kind of the number that I would I would say obviously the more you have the easier it’s going to be a butt thing though.

[26:11] In my situation I think because I had limited funds and I knew that.

Like a 10 you’re done when this money runs out if you don’t actually buy something and make money it’s sort of forced me to be really careful about every move I made like

tell to that list really well-liked really take the time to know what you’re doing don’t you shoot from the hip in a my case that help me help me to make better decisions and really get results faster

but yeah so for me 3000,

I wouldn’t do it any less than 1500 that doesn’t mean it’s not possible but I just like practically speaking if you’re really going to buy these properties outright.

I would start with at least that much and that’s enough that most people can just save up for a few months if they don’t already have it and I just turn requires a little bit of discipline to do that alright 3000 plus the cost of some training right.

Yeah yeah exactly and and that’s another thing I mean I think you know what I was getting started that was really the only way to learn anything was to buy course I think that definitely helps but I know people go to heaven.

[27:13] What are they made hundreds of thousands using nothing other than my blog I did never paid me a red Cent or anything

they just literally scoured through everything and get all the free information and use that so I think it takes a little more work that way you have to do some more time finding all the stuff but it’s all there though so I don’t want to say you have to but it certainly helps if yeah.

All right well Seth’s blog is at Aria tipster. Com and yard heard him talk about what a great look inside it is and how it all the useful information there it’s a wealth of resources folks go to re tipster. Com we got to go to a break,

a few bills but when we come back I’m going to ask Seth a few more questions and then I’m going to get him to tell you a little bit about a training program he’s got that can help you get started in this exciting opportunity where there is no toilets.

Tenants or termites and that is land we’ll be right back.

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[29:24] As you know we do lunch every weekend at the last lunch meeting I was talking to a guy that’s taking my course listen to Josh Bank hear what he has to say,

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Very easy to duplicate and the quizzes at the end make sure you do so it’s really really good

I highly recommend it for anyone that’s interested in getting involved in this I’ve tried talking to some bigwigs that sell pink horses for lots of money.

And the bang for the buck with Rodger is is absolutely worth it I highly recommend it.

Thanks Josh for a limited time you can sign up for this course for 50 bucks a month.

I don’t know everything there is to know about real estate investing but for 50 bucks a month I’ll tell you everything I know no contract to sign just go to Roger Blankenship. Com.

[30:20] Music.

[30:42] We’re back I’m Rodger he’s Seth I teach people how to make money in real estate and soda said and the today I’m taking on the role of a learner

and I’m hearing about this land opportunity and I’d love the opportunity and I told Chef before we went on the air hear that

you know this is one of those things that’s on my list I even already have a website I’ve never talked about because I’ve I’ve got the domain and I’ve got us a page up there but I never do anything with it because you know I’m I’m busy doing what I’m doing

and I swear these things I want to get you one of these days but I want to.

Jump off topic for just a minute and ask you the surprise question that we do almost every show.

[31:23] Don’t worry this this snuggle me too hard to answer but what I’ve noticed is.

On the show 99 out of a hundred guests that I have are in this business but this isn’t what they intended to do so here’s a question when you were little boy you were sitting in school maybe had career day or something and the other was a fireman in a policeman in an insurance salesman that all came to your school and talk about their job

what did you say you wanted to be when you started thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up.

[31:53] Yeah that’s a great question I never thought of this for sure.

I know a common dream that entered my mind as a boy was being a major league baseball player

oh nice sell I don’t know why I ever thought that was going to be feasible.

You know I was really good until I.

It like the mid High School range and stuff that I was really good like power and strength but I wasn’t that fast I think that was my problem in a baseball it’s just.

[32:27] Requisite like you got to be quick and that’s pretty much true and every sport except for golf I think

I remember when I first took up golf I thought this isn’t even a sport it’s just a game that you play outside because of it and now I’m getting a little older in the beer to get a little grayer and

I come home from a round of golf not walking the course riding 18 holes and I’m thinking man I’m wasted,

I ain’t no actually thought that same thing I used to do golf outings back when I was going to work in my job not cuz I wanted to but I was.

Golf is not my thing and I was

I was totally wiped out after 18-hole like I can hardly even stand at the end which is weird

yeah well you know so I have a new respect for those guys that not only walk 18 but they walk 18 4 days in a row but don’t know there’s a practice round on Wednesday and so they walk 18 five days in a row.

[33:30] That’s right now I’m headed yeah I’m so impressive yeah well anyway we can whine and cry about our terrible golf game that we can get back to the subject so now.

You been in the land game and you capture some ideas and you do some things that are little different and so you put together your own training program and I would really like for you to tell us about that.

Yes so it was sort of born out of your back when I started the re tipster blog back in 2012 original idea behind that was just

there were a lot of things in the real estate investing business that I had to learn the hard way it like nobody was going to tell me the answer.

I don’t know if it’s because.

[34:20] He’s probably just buried like to justify the time really diving deep into one little issue like for example.

How does a perk test work on a piece of bacon plant-like

it’s even know what that is but when it comes up it’s super important totally effects like the value of the property was your build on it

yeah so anyway so when I made the blog I really wanted to like so a lot of these problems for people like my goal was

not to just put noise out there but by the time they got to the end of a blog post or watch the video I made like,

when it comes to that small little sliver of the business and their life would be changed like they would have the answer that could really do something with that information that’s how I write every blog post and after years of doing that.

[35:13] People were asking for more like a 1 2 3 step.

Now I see all this information all over the place but show me like everything in order how do I get to the whole thing and start a land business and make it grow in that kind of thing

and so that was why put together the membership side was took a lot of the content I had and then create a lot of new content to fill in the gaps

and just really show table exactly the steps that I go through when I work in the lamp business send it come in.

[35:40] I want to see just about every possible aspect of the business is covered and whenever something comes up that’s not covered

we had it so it’s like a kind of ongoing evolving thing that we continue adding to end up updating when we need to so it’s not like a hard copy set it and forget it.

Growing nice I like that you know I’m and you know I have a course called the ultimate real estate investing course and that’s that’s why I call it the ultimate because I don’t know everything but.

You know I’ll tell you everything I know and then as I learn more stuff I’ll make more lessons on it for sure that’s okay.

Know what do people need to do go to.

REI tipster. Club memberships a 12 module course in there tons of videos tons of downloads we do monthly webinars where you can actually like.

Talk to me face-to-face if you have a question or if you’re stuck on something in your business you got a form that that I’m very active in and Jaron my counterpart he’s also active in there so.

Can actually get help they get stuck on things and so they can go in and check it out.

[36:56] All right when you got started doing these blogs and so forth did it feel weird for you to sit in front of a microphone or a camera and just start talking

yes it actually still does to be honest I do like I really my natural element is not one of a presenter or a.

Showing kind of person I’ve had to learn that over the years cuz that usually makes for a better video and audio recording but yeah it was really hard for me actually to get in front of a camera and just.

And all the times I just freeze up right after work just reshoot the thing three times now finally came out right so yeah I work with you.

She can do it just like.

Instalaids very very easy for him how long did it take for you to start feeling a little bit more comfortable with it I’ve been doing this since 2012.

I’m still getting there honestly I I think I can.

[37:56] It’s it’s similar to people have a fear of public speaking there’s something called exposure therapy where y’all going to get over it is to just do it

I just make yourself uncomfortable and I’ve totally found that to be true with this kind of thing like when it comes to shooting video and audio and if it’s hard for you.

Tell me what you’re going to get batteries just by doing it and just.

Sounding dumb and you know be uncomfortable and in time it will become a lot more natural to you now that’s that’s why I’m talking to you about this stuff because there are a lot of people listening.

[38:28] It didn’t even people come up to me and say man how do you,

you shouldn’t you know that microphone and do a whole show because I don’t always have guess I’m telling you it wouldn’t natural and it wasn’t easy at first

it does come in it but it’s not just if you want to be in broadcasting and probably everybody be bout to be broadcasting something but it’s also

when you’re out there making offers when you made your first offers you weren’t really good at it right

absolutely yes they’re even remember back to like my first phone conversations with people who would respond to my direct mail and like he was painfully awkward like I didn’t know what I was doing I had this.

List of questions in front of me and I was just stumbling through him and I.

I was sounded horrible but yeah is very similar thing like the more you do it it becomes very second nature and even easy for you I think

yeah and you know you’re worried about what people

will think about you and so forth and here is here is my word and I think you will agree with this Seth to everybody who’s worried what people will think about you if you stumble around and seem like you don’t know what you’re doing.

[39:36] Don’t worry they’re probably never going to think about you again that’s true very true

I think it was Ethel Barrett that said we worry a lot less about what people think about us if we realize how seldom they do us

that’s actually just thinking about I could remember who said that that pack what was going through my mind the other day I find that out of a comforter I believe it’s in the book don’t look now but your personality is showing.

Okay cuz I read that book in college and I still remember bits and pieces of it.

She was really tripping anyway so you got comfortable with making the offers and it just takes time and repetition right.

Yeah that’s what I want to stress it takes time and repetition

you know it looks like you nailed the website thing right out of the batter what did was that a growing process to websites but the blog specifically part of the reason that,

looks as good as it does is cuz I found a web design development agency to help me out with that.

There’s only so much I can do in my own like I hit it works on WordPress and you can get a good Steam and try to tweak it a little bit here and there but.

[40:47] I mean if you really wanted to do an amazing thing it’s kind of have to hire somebody who’s really good at it it is kind of like anything in real estate you know like.

I would never be out there swinging a hammer cuz I would just totally screwed hang out I got to find somebody was way better out of the maid and have them do it so.

Of course I mean if I was able to very specifically thinking of like what is this website you need like what will make it a more engaging experience.

What will help people find other stuff on the site like what makes it a fun place to hang out so.

If I can’t communicate that to them they can’t do it but as long as you got the vision you can usually find the help out there.

[41:22] Well it’s the says Circle back around to this business that say somebody listening has $5,000 and they want to use some of that for training and they want to use some of that to get started in this business how long.

[41:35] They really work at it there really dedicated and they’ve got a few brain cells that can rub together and they can make this happen

how long before they’re going to basically be able to quit their job and do this whole time,

would you say on that that’s a great question I mean if that’s a person goal I mean.

Probably the most fastest that I’ve heard people being able to do it consistently is 18 months minus a consistently I mean like

I’ve heard several people say that they be able to do it in that time for it so I don’t know that there’s anything magic about that number but.

A lot of it depends on like what are your living expenses like how.

How to cheaply can you live or know what kind of risks are you willing to take how much money are you willing to put into the business up front that people I know who have done at that quickly are those who.

Watch be kind of knew from day one like this is going to be my ticket like so the new to take it very seriously and they kind of threw everything they had into it.

Is your kind of just like doing it on the side he’s pulling around like a fun I wouldn’t expect it to happen that quick at all.

Forever honestly it’s kind of a matter of you know what do you need to be able to quit your job and then how.

[42:54] What kind of action are you willing to take to make that happen if we’re talking with Seth Williams today and and.

I I just want you to know that I have my little filter out there when I’m looking for the gurus that are are full of it and full of themselves Set This Not That Guy

Is For Real

and I want you to go to re tipster. Common and I’m read some of his blog and I want you to go to re tipster. Club if you’re interested at all in becoming a land investor you got to check this guy out.

I’ve looked into his eyes as we’ve been talkin I’ve asked him some direct questions and it’s no fluff No Frills and very realistic answers to the questions man I appreciate it so much thank you sister joining us appreciate the kind words thank you very much

we’ll talk again very soon.

[43:41] Music.

[43:53] If you’re a real estate investor.

[43:56] You owe it to yourself to get a profile on the fan the flipping America Network it’s a flipping America network.com.

The profile is free if you’re a buyer a landlord a rehabber you enter what you’re looking for.

Particularly the ZIP codes of interest you don’t have to sit on the app,

all you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for your profile includes your cell phone number which will verify and when a property is posted in the zip code you’re interested in your going to get a text message that says,

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Then you can click to upload this property to the fan put a little information about the property there and.

[45:18] Immediately that property will get texted.

To however many investors have expressed an interest in that zip code you no longer need to manage a mailing list you don’t have to go out and put together your flyers in your brochures or create

ads for Craigslist or other sites just posted in the fan it may be sold by the time you get back to the office that’s why we’re calling it snap.

Click sold.

[45:44] Www.dot flipping America Network. Com register now vacant land is one of the most overlooked in misunderstood real estate investments in the world

contrary to what most people think Lands End

incredibly powerful investment if you know where to find property owners who will sell it for virtually nothing in the good news is these people are actually all over the.

You just need to know where to look how men check out the re tipster club or I will spill the beans on everything I know about the land.

Again that sorry tipster. Club.

[46:20] Music.

[46:36] I take it happens to me every time.

When I talk to somebody who’s in the land business I get excited about investing in land when I talk to somebody who’s in the Airbnb I get excited about Airbnb listen folks the real estate market is changing all the time.

And there are always opportunities that are closing up because too many people have discovered it.

And there are always opportunities that are opening up because.

No one’s paying attention to it and I I believe that we will get to a point where Airbnb that opportunity will start to shut down a little bit.

Because the market will become saturated and in the news today regarding Airbnb I don’t know if you’ve seen this but Airbnb is putting together a ground up.

[47:22] Development project in Miami where the building is going to be owned by absentee owners who are going to use their units as Airbnb units the entire.

Mid-rise building will be Airbnb unit.

Now I’m interested to see how this works out I’ve tried to Envision what it might be liking wondered if it would be one gigantic party going on all the time but you know what I’ve used Airbnb many times in

we don’t do the wild parties or anything like that and I know most people don’t most people are on their way to somewhere they have someplace else in mind they just can get more space in more comfort for.

The money then they wouldn’t it be just more comfortable arrangements then and being in hotel room.

My wife and I went to Orlando Florida few years back to watch my son play in the AAU National Basketball Tournament

and we had the option of renting a hotel that is going to be a Disney World and we had the option of renting a hotel room at a fairly high price but do you know what came with a lot of amenities in a pool.

For the same price we got an entire house that didn’t have all the amenities but it did have a pool and we had the pool to herself that was great.

[48:32] Wouldn’t have it any other way and then during that week or daughters dropped in for a visit and

once my son’s team was eliminated from the tournament and I will say that the team that put them out of the tournament had some had one guy that is now playing in the NBA so there you go anyway

but then my son was able to come out and and hang out with us at the house we had a really nice time and so I like using Airbnb and I understand why it is so popular and I also understand why investors are getting into it

I have another investor friend here in Atlanta his name is Milas and mileage shout out to you buddy and much respect.

[49:13] He is doing something a little bit different he has a house or how a couple houses now where he is renting out furnished rooms in the house so he’s got a house that he is turning into a 5-bedroom house

by capturing some space that’s there in the in the house and

I’m with the five bedrooms he’s renting them out for each one for $800 a month and it’s a short-term rental thing you tries to get people to commit to,

you know 30 days will they have to do 30 days but there’s it’s all month to month

and so they can move out anytime they want they’ve got house rules and he’s following the model although he didn’t know about hubhaus he’s using the same kind of model there our house rules there’s somebody that’s sort of in charge of the different things and he sets up the kitchen to be more like a cafeteria is not

do you know

I’m like there no doors on the cabinet so you can see where everything is where everything goes you’re expected put everything back and you share the common spaces he he tells me he’s trying to create kind of like a Starbucks Lounge Short of feel.

In the common living area and then everybody has their own room and so with five bedrooms and a hundred bucks a month he’s getting $4,000 a month on a house that if you put it in the rental

Market it would be doing well to get 1500 to 2000 a month and this way he is never completely vacant and,

I think it’s a marvelous approaches sort of a a blind between Airbnb and.

[50:42] A rental I have another friend.

Who is working now Atlanta Georgia is a real hub for the movie industry I know that you may be seeing people on the news talking about how they’re going to boycott Georgia because of the abortion Bill guess what it’s talk.

[50:59] The people who actually pay the bills.

[51:01] The producers and the studios the Studios have a have invested tens of millions of dollars in studios and and and back lots and sets here in Georgia they’re not going anywhere.

[51:14] If they did then I wouldn’t I wouldn’t care but they’re not going anywhere movies are still being made here there’s a lot of stuff going on and movie stars come here and movie stars.

Aiden. They don’t want to stay in hotels the big a-listers they don’t want to stay in hotels D they’re not going to go on Airbnb and find an Airbnb play Seether

see they don’t really want the general public to even know where they are because they get chased around by the paparazzi so I have a friend who is investing in

super high-end luxury homes to rent to a lustrum movie stars when they’re in town

and there’s an entire industry around this where there people that all they do is provide the setup and he’s gotten connected with someone who does the setup for the a-listers and so he’s providing the houses for them to use while they’re here and they may be in town for a couple of months and

he may have a house that he bought for you know three-quarters of a million dollars but he might get five $8,000 a night.

[52:20] It’s crazy but there are opportunities there opportunities everywhere you just have to open your eyes and see them.

[52:29] I got a call from a gentleman named James Katie called it on the national line and it just happened to get through to somebody and end up speaking with me

James is from Rochester New York and here’s this question he says I’m a roofer and I’m convincing the conversation he said I want to buy a couple of your houses and he picked out a house in Toledo and a house in Saginaw Michigan he said but I also want to know if you’re planning to get more of these and the answer to that is yes

we try to buy some every week he said I’m coming into some money this summer and I want to buy about 40.

[53:03] Well that’s terrific and he ask how I’m finding

these houses now for those of you that are hearing about this for the first time and there’s just one of the things that we’re doing I don’t say a whole lot about it but we are buying an expensive houses across the country with the intent to turn them into cash flow resources for us

there are a couple of 434 reasons why we are doing this but the primary reason is the return example.

I’m working with a partner.

Who put up the money and I’m doing the work we bought a house in St Louis I’m just going to give you a couple of examples we bought a house in St Louis and.

That house we paid about $7,000 for it and.

[53:51] Put a sign out front that said for sale by owner seller financing $1,000 down $450 a month.

[54:01] And I’ve wanted $90 a month I forget the exact number but yeah I was like $490 a month close to 500 so they put a thousand down and they’re paying $500 a month,

and so in the first year we will get $7,000 back out of this and what we pay for the house 7000,

write a different answering goes for 7 years so in the first year we got all of her money back the next 6 years.

Is just pure cash flow let’s that’s it and if they make it all the way to the end

then then we have sold the property if they don’t make it all the way in will take the property back and we’ll sell it to somebody else in this case I’m optimistic that will make it to the end because they people actually own the property right next door

and then there’s a long story involves how they took care of the property when the lady was getting old and when she died they continue to take care of the property and then when they saw it come for sale they wanted to buy it and there

I think they have a grown

child living in it I sold one in Flint Michigan to a lady also who bought it for her son and even in tiny towns like Glen Fork West Virginia,

we’re able to use this model,

it almost doesn’t really matter where the property is and we’re closing on these properties all over the country if you’re interested in something like this when you think about the returns.

[55:28] I just used 10,000 as an example because if I sell the house to you as an investor I want to make a couple thousand dollars.

Okay that’s fair so I’m going to make a couple thousand dollars in you’re going to be all the inverse a $10,000.

[55:43] If you got somebody that’s giving you a thousand down and roughly $500 a month then in your one you’re going to receive $7,000 what’s your return on investment in year 1 70%

and you’re too it’s going to go down to 60% cuz you’re not going to get that thousand dollars again but can you live with a 60% return on your money.

[56:03] Okay if that interest you then you need to drop me a line to Rodger had Roger Blankenship. Calm and tell me how many you want to buy.

[56:13] No I you know this what you may find this hard to believe but I have limited means for using my own money in this

you don’t got money spread into different Ventures and obligations and

so I’m going to sell a good number of these houses and not keep them for myself and I will buy as many as you want.

And I am quite certain that I could get 10 or 15 every week if there was a demand for it so if you’re interested in this drop me a line.

Let’s talk let’s get you set up I’ll tell you how it works.

All I’m asking is that you let me make okay it’s not mm exactly it’s $2,500 and I want to make $2,500 on every house that I sell you but if you’ll let me do that.

[57:03] I’ll disclose to you everything along the way and also I will share with you the resources that we use for ensuring these properties and how we get the signs posted and then the yards taken care of and all those things will,

will take care of all this thing we’re not going to take care of them but

if we sell the house to you we will tell you how we get them taken care of and share those Resources with you okay just drop me a line.

Give us a call then I haven’t given the phone number yet it’s 404-369-1018 that’s 404-369-1018.

[57:40] I don’t think I have enough time to take another question but folks won’t encourage you to keep the questions coming

and we will answer your questions some of them that are time-sensitive like the subject to question we will answer right away and email and then save it for a few days to put on the show but we will answer your question we’ve answered every question we’ve ever received and we will continue to do so

as a service to you we are proud to be here helping you and your relationship was real estate.

Because more than anything else I want you to be successful I want you to have the opportunity to grow lasting well and why do I do this.

Because I know that most of you want to make extra money yeah you want some nice things but most of you have.

Project in mind you want to make a difference in the world and if I help you make that money then I’m helping you make the world a better place.

[58:34] That’s a big part of our motivation folks fight till next time just Roger Blankenship.

[58:39] Music.

[58:53] If you’re not making mistakes then you’re not doing anything I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes from that’s from John Wooden.

[59:01] I just thought is brought to you today by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities across the country to bring lasting life change and impact find them on the web at renewal fund. Net and is always your gift in any amount is very much appreciated and tax deductible.

[59:16] Music.

[59:31] You’ve been listening to flipping America real estate investing for everyone if you have any questions about real estate send them two questions at flipping America network.com,

listen three times a week on stations across the country or on the flipping America app free in the App Store.

Make sure to like us on Facebook find and follow us on Twitter and Instagram and keep your eyes open opportunities are everywhere.

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