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Money isn’t everything. Real Estate isn’t the only thing you need to know about money. As I discussed on the last two shows, true life success is so much more than money. It’s not enough to just create a profitable business. It’s also how you live the rest of your life, connect your work with the people you love, the causes you support, and the life you want to live. 

Today I have a very special guest joining us. Ramon Tookes has been on the show before, but in the past few months he has launched something I believe is very important: the University of Wealth Building. This is an educational and mentoring program that I believe can have a profound impact in many lives. It’s in part because of the topics covered, but primarily due to the founder himself, Ramon Tookes. He is a man of great knowledge, practical wisdom some would call street smarts, business experience and life perspective. He brings all of that together in a beautiful mentoring program that is already making a difference. We will welcome him to the show in just a few minutes. 

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Special Guest: Ramon Tookes

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[0:17] The show that teaches you how to make money in real estate wherever you are whatever your situation there is an opportunity for you flipping America is sponsored in part by American IRA

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and now you’re sad flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship money isn’t everything.

[0:50] Real estate isn’t the only thing you need to know about money as I discussed in the last two shows true life success is so much more than money.

It’s not enough just to create a profitable business it’s also how you live the rest of your life connect your work with the people you love.

The causes you support in the life you want to live

today I have a very special guest joining us Ramon toques has been on the show before but in the past few months he has launched something I believe is going to be very important that already is the University of Guelph Building

this is an educational and mentoring program that I believe can have a profound impact in many lives it’s in part because of the topics covered

but primarily due to the founder himself Ramon tookes he is a man of great knowledge

practical wisdom some would call street-smarts business experience and life perspective all wrapped around.

[1:46] A real good heart.

He’s a good man and a good friend and he brings all of that together in a beautiful mentoring program that is already making a difference in so many lies we’re going to welcome him to the show and just a few minutes to talk about the University of wealth-building but I want you all ready to make your plans if you’re in Atlanta Georgia

make your plans to join on the third Thursday of the month,

just to come check it out and remotes got a special offer for you coming up if you’re if you’re listening on Flipping America and you’re here and Atlanta but if you’re not in Atlanta as most of you are not it’s okay you can join online there’s an online component to this as well

so what you be aware of that hey everybody I’m Roger Blankenship your house and I teach people how to make money in real estate on this show

we don’t encourage everyone to go quit what you’re doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV

that’s not for everyone but we do encourage everyone to consider real estate as a part of a balanced Investment Portfolio and to that end we want to bring you the best information news to tistics demographics and,

whatever it is you can use to make the best decision about your relationship with real estate.

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fair enough okay we have some free gifts for you in the App Store you can download the flipping America

app called property grade property grade you answer tencent questions about a property that you think about your thinking about flipping and if you kind of know your numbers and in your financing rates in that property grade is going to

tell you how good of a deal it is it’s going to tell you how much money you you should expect to make.

Your projected profit your projected projected return on investment also if you borrow money your return on your cash and,

it’s going to use an algorithm that I created years ago called the flipping America.

Investment property grade and is going to give your property your project a letter grade letter grades are fairly easy to understand we all know that a is better than seat and we also know that these stands for don’t do it.

In this this application will tell you instead of giving it a d it’ll say don’t do it.

[5:58] Okay that’s the property grade app it’s free and both app stores get it it’s free there’s there’s no in-app charger limitation to the use of the,

thing and you can use it in about 4 or 5 minutes.

We have another app in the app store is now and it’s all one word flipping America Network flipping America Network is a network of Real Estate Investors who are working together to get deals done

sellers post their properties that can be homeowners or frustrated landlords are wholesalers whoever.

Anybody is going to property they want to sell and there,

best Target for buying it is an investor they can put their property in the flipping America Network we call it the fan flipping America Network and.

You can download the app.

You can also access the website flipping America network.com everyone can create a free profile buyers tell us

where you’re looking for a property give us the zip codes and you can choose any of 43,000 zip codes across the United States but you also can choose.

[7:08] Five or ten of your favor,

and whenever a property is posted in that zip code you’re going to get a text message so you don’t have to sit on the application or keep the website open all the time

you’re going to get a text message that tells you it’s going to say look what just hit the fan and when you get that message you can click on it you can go look at the property and,

you can go to contract right from your phone if you wish.

Just convenient it’s easy and I think it’s going to be the next big thing for Real Estate Investors that’s flipping America Network it’s a website and it’s an app.

[7:42] I’ve got a kind of a sneaky little announcement here that I’m going to throw in there this is just a pre pre pre launch we are away from it but we’ve been experimenting with this and it’s going to happen sooner or later

I have a spreadsheet called

quickcalcs and really it’s a series of five calculators that are just built for Real Estate Investors one of them is designed to tell you what the remaining principal balance is on alone win

the call comes in to your office from a potential seller and you’re asking them about the property you do standard for data points and.

You immediately know what their remaining balance is on their loan you also know what their monthly principal and interest payment is this gives you a real Edge when you’re beginning to negotiate

most people

can remember how much they borrowed but they have no idea what their payoff is and so it’s almost pointless to ask them that we discovered that through years of doing this right so we created this little app so

the people that for myself for people that were working for me when they answer the phone they can quickly get down to what still owed on the house and then building on that

we use our,

proprietary default repair formula and it is an educated guess but it is an educated guess and it’s surprisingly accurate when determining what is going to cost to fix that house back up

to get it ready for the market and then once you have those numbers.

[9:09] Did we where we put in the after repair value sometimes we asked what we always ask the seller but we check up on that too just to make sure he wants me to go out the arv and we’ve got the.

Repairs we can come up with an offer these are different calculators that are all included in this but we’re taking this spreadsheet and we’re going to turn it into,

5 minutes your apps because after you got your offer then you want to run a quick analysis and what it might cost you to borrow the money on this and so we’ve got a little thing where you can fill in the rate and term on the phone and it tells you.

What what alarms going to cost you the total cost out of pocket for the loan that also how much cash you need to bring to closing very helpful quick little tool.

[9:55] And another thing that I ran into in my business because I was you know I had a lot of houses and inventory and so we were buying and selling everyday and whenever I would get an offer.

It was almost always below what I was with Bill of the list price and so I had to sit down and run some numbers to see what I thought about the offer and come back with a counter offer and so forth so I built a section in the

workout spreadsheet that I just call it what am I clearing and.

You answer a couple of questions and you talk about what you got in the project and it’ll tell you what you can expect to clear from closing and then you can find out whether you’re happy about that but then you can go and play with the variables like well what if I counted it,

Sprites or what if I change the percentage of my contribution to the closing costs,

what if we you know if it’s a super low offer what if we convince the Realtors to take a little bit less a percentage

because of whatever reason then sometimes you know you had appraisal issues in that sort of thing coming in there all kinds of variables that come into the negotiations here and you can play with them all

to get to a number that is satisfactory to you can do it real quick with in this little what am I clearing part of the.

All of these little calculators were so small and so fast I didn’t see any read reason to create a separate spreadsheet for him as one spreadsheet and.

[11:20] In the last 18 months I have.

I’ll take it all of this information now and come up with multiple offers scenarios this may be one of the coolest and strongest parts of it the multiple-offer scenario is you take the information about the property and then you can look at the property,

considering what would this property look like if I just use cash what would I make what would it how would it be what I end up with.

And then what would the property look like if I used hard money and you use the hard money loan calculator and it is connected right to this offer scenario but then we asked.

[11:59] What would the property look like if I had an equity partner somebody who put up all the money I did all the work and we split the profits fifty-fifty those are fairly easy but then we’ve got two more what if I did some form of creative financing with this seller such as a Elise with a

the purchase option or seller financing or subject to and then sold the property what would that look like and the other,

scenario is what if I did some sort of creative financing and then,

lease the property out or rented it out or did something on the back end and so that little analysis considers things like the mortgage loan constant and the debt service coverage ratio depending on what you plug in is the Fairmont

it’s pretty sophisticated it’s a multiple-offer scenario it’s really a powerful tool.

And we’re working on turning it into a spreadsheet into an app and make it an available to the masses I hope that you let me know what you think about that but we got to go take a break.

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[14:21] Music.

[14:39] Ramon tookes welcome back to the show.

[14:44] Roger I think this is your third time on my show right.

If I remember right could be well but you know this makes you the first 3-peat person on my show.

[15:05] I’m like I’m like Michael Jordan all right so.

I asked you to join us today because I wanted to talk to you about the University of Wells Building and.

Let me just turn it over to you and let you tell the audience what it is and I want this because I am really excited that you’re doing this and so appreciative.

And I want to support you in every way that I can Ready Set Go University who won last year.

We wanted an online platform to incorporate every aspect of wealth-building not just real estate which would include what I would call guess professors from around the country.

Somebody like yourself that’s a very very very very great at real estate statistics and Technology.

So you know University wealth-building we do have a live event in Atlanta right now every third Thursday.

What is primarily focused on you better sit in the YouTube of information for welfare that’s what I,

okay so now as we are talkin right now as this show is airing it’s the third Thursday so this program is going to go live tonight somewhere in Atlanta.

[16:26] Yeah but I guess can somebody hearing it now Thursday morning join you tonight.

[16:35] Yes they can so you can go on go on University of wealth-building. Com.

Because you listen to Rogers show this register I will give you a free pass to join us for the first time on $27 a month.

Okay so you broke up through most of that this try that again go to wear and sign up for tonight.

You can go to university of wealth-building. Com.

And because you listen to flipping America we will allow you to call me when you’re free pass to come tonight which is tonight from 6 to 7:16 p.m.

Okay that’s for those that are listening here in Atlanta all right now what if someone is outside of Atlanta or just can’t make it on third Thursdays there still an opportunity here right.

[17:38] Correct are we actually do recorded and another live Facebook group.

Once you become member you can tell show you all the information so that you can get online on Facebook and or get the recording.

Good okay so besides real estate what are some of the topics you discuss.

[17:58] So we’ve got everything from insurance to financial planning to budget thing there’s a whole gamut and some of those are being uploaded that we.

How to write books small business management grants loan web pages for welfare.


Alright well I’m going to go there myself because you may not know this because your system is automated but I signed up when you did your birthday special I signed up and paid my money I’m a member.

[18:35] All right now so it’s going to be getting your login pretty soon they’re going to be getting all your information emails going out for the information to login so that you can enjoy some of those benefits of those videos I got them this morning.

All right so that’s good I’m proud to be a member of the University of wealth-building okay now how is this University of wealth-building connected to flipology flipology 101 and 201 what’s the connection are.

[19:08] Phlebology was born before University of wealth-building.

We wanted something larger than just apology because topology just real estate only real estate no football you want no one is actually our signature,

we go up to the biology 201 which is selling when you have a two or three which is commercial wholesale,

1 which of the buying whole week.

And we started talking about the studies like biology psychology and some of us think we said you know what we’re going to put it under Universal wealth-building so when you going to school you take one of these courses.

Okay that makes a lot of sense all right so tell me a little bit about the idea I mean you know what was the

what was going on in your brain that cuz you been real estate for a long time you been real estate as long as I have and I agree with you that more is needed than just real estate it’s it’s a piece of the puzzle but something happened to make you

develop this I want to know you know how to speak behind the curtain so to speak and take a look inside Ramones brain as you were figuring this out and bringing this to life


[20:34] They’re what say it again flipology or university of wealth-building or bow building where did that come from.

[20:44] Again it was you know Edward teaching people it’s so many other pieces that are missing to be successful in real estate

you know you can’t see somebody and expect for them to be successful if they credited right or if you know we got some.

Other stuff on University of wealth-building on Dad’s being uploaded currently talk about your family where you are,

if you are having a hard time at home it’s really hard to get out here focus on wholesaling or no focusing on the project so,

America is just a holistic approach to Building Wealth okay I had a young man one time who really wanted to get into this and he knew some things about construction and he had a license real estate license.

But he didn’t have any money.

So I could have all the money for his deal and we had a successful project on the Stockbridge Georgia you know south of here and.

It wasn’t about three weeks after we close the next time I saw him he was driving a red Mercedes,

he would still broke because he took all of his money and bought that car and you didn’t pay cash for the car he took all that money and use it as a down payment on a car he couldn’t afford

and that right that story right there is a reason why people need the University of wealth building.

[22:09] Later we talked about but budgeting goal-setting budgeting how do we get from A to B or a just be rather but we got to go from 80 because a lot of us try to go from A to Z without going to be.

No c d e f g.

When you join some of the higher courses with me coaching.

Call wait we really put you in touch with CPA so that we figure out where your people will not tell you the truth about where they are finding it just going to tell it to you then they expect us to create Magic.

Yeah well they may be a little embarrassed and also there’s a little bit of distrust in all of that you know.

[22:55] All right I tell people all the time you know I probably been.

It just bad of position is better than most people from you know the boys to bankruptcies to you know some foreclosed you and so it’s okay to talk to me about it because

I’ve probably been there so and I hope we can help people open up so that it’s know when you’re honest enough we can help you get where you going,

good and that is good yeah and I like it there but that I’m a big fan man I’m a big fan of you and I’m a I’m a big fan of this program so that website is University of wealth-building., right.

[23:37] Yes. University of wealth-building. Calm and you can find out what you need there and what do they need to do if they’re listening and they want to sign up and come tonight just.


You know what you know what I’ll have them do Rodger they can reach out to me via social media and just said hey.

If that doesn’t work for you you can call the office and let them know that I gave free passes to come tonight.

Because they will listen to flipping America and the office numbers for 04.

61807 18446180718

okay folks I’m talking to Ramon tookes he’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met he’s also one of the most experienced Real Estate Investors

there is and we got to go to a Break by Ramon if you can hang on to the break when we come back I want to ask you some questions about where you think the market is going and what’s happening in real estate not just in Atlanta now you’re connected around the country can you can you do that.

[24:44] All right folks will be right back this is Rodger he’s Ramon and we’re back in a minute.

[24:51] Music.

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[26:35] Music.

[26:50] We’re back I’m Rodger I teach people how to make money in real estate and I’ve got with me one of my fellow teachers Ramon tookes and it is such a delight to get you on the show man I know you are busy as you can be and I know I want to thank you for taking the time to join us today.

[27:06] Okay.

The three big guys okay well let me ask you this.

I hear people been in the meetings as here in Atlanta and as I’m out and about around the country I hear people talking about.

The crash is coming the crash is imminent and you know it’s been 10 years now with this kind of a steady recovery and then it really took off in 2014 to 2018 and now.

Some disaster awaits us what do you think about that what do you think about the market in general.

[27:44] Roger I to believe something going to happen.

I don’t think it will be as big of a disaster as it was in 06070 and I don’t I don’t receive that in in a couple reasons why,

what I’ve seen lately as far as fire it’s been a different bike it’s been a lot of cash buyers there has been a lot of real home educated on by finding the area that was something happened yes Margie but.

I don’t know what it’s going to be so you know and that’s the route the country I know Atlanta is a very.

It’s a hot Market but I think it was fate Market because of everything that happens here you know the airport jobs been created, possibly.

But we never know we can’t predict that Rodger what I tell I told somebody today what you have to do is poke yourself with me.

[28:45] Audio program taking those properties rent them out or owner finance them Craig’s me a call.

And create a basic income like three or four grand from Real Estate if you can’t live off of three or four grand Rodger seriously I mean in a tough time,

I don’t care if there’s a great market for me

I’m saying the market increasing I just saw this thing sell for a hundred grand more than I thought it would sell for

so the market is still on the yeah I think it when you talkin about Atlanta in particular if you as long as what you’re selling is below 750,000,

the market is still climbing.

[29:29] We’ve got one we’re working on down on the south part of town that when we bought it we thought we’d sell it for 300 so we are planning to sit for 299 and now all we’ve got comprable sales 325 and up.

[29:45] So yeah alright

some sort of Correction is on the way and I think the data supports that and we’re already seeing little softening on the high-end but what is a real estate investor to do how can you prepare for all the changes that are going to happen because

I see a lot of people using this is just one more excuse to be paralyzed and not do anything cuz they don’t know what to do what do you say to that.

[30:12] So let me say this to taking action.

Don’t blow your money if you go out and shovel deal buy something smaller squirrel away a few grand.

You know we need to gobble up after the crash so save me more money.

When you sell a deal when you refinance and cash out $5 fill up with the money up really it’s really about what we doing Rodger.

Panic last time I didn’t know what.

Never experienced that we had a really good.

Foreclosure attorneys around the banks didn’t want it so we could have just rented it out so if you can fix and flip 4 developer Just Hold On by sticking tennis in it will it be a rooming house Airbnb doing something,

to pay that mortgage because it’s going to turn around if your landlord just do what you doing don’t worry about.

You really should be at the landlord for cash flow.

[31:27] Yes all right so agree or disagree no matter what the market there are opportunities in real estate.

[31:37] Correct there are tons of opportunities no matter what the market is okay agree or disagree no matter what the price cash is King.

[31:48] That’s a trick question yeah I’m going to are you really at the butt.

[32:03] Go ahead.

[32:05] Wake me up some butts in the show cash is King for sure right but cash becomes.

The three of clubs when the market crashes and soul always a lever for itching.

Because if you can leverage your cash and you can save some cash.

When the mom you don’t lose all the bag

I just threw Ramon one of the big trick questions in the industry because everyone just automatically assumes and agrees cash is King cash is King cash rules but he’s been at it long enough I knew you’d get it right.

There is a an advantage many times to leverage when you do flipology 101 you end up talking to a lot of brand new people right and up.

I would like for you to tell me

without you know name and names or anything but tell me what you see as characteristics when you’re looking out over the flipology 101 crowd what are the characteristics of the people that

ultimately make it and do well in real estate.

Play the number one characteristic of those people and you know you really find out a couple of days a couple weeks after after we do some of those people that have.

[33:32] In other parts of the life.

So so when I say take action or something and then that’s hard to say because sometimes.

After flip I would be there so motivated.

1 characteristics.

[33:58] I miss these people you feel like those people that I’ve done something else and I don’t want to stay outside of a 95 called somebody to deal with only do it 95.

But you do see people that have done other small businesses and Emma willing to get involved in real estate investing.

And I’ve imagined you say this but so many people come into these trainings or courses are bootcamps Arias Dave their life stinks and their opinion and they’re looking to spend a little money to get a cure.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean when they buy that Corso that program that they’re going to enjoy success.

[34:44] Yeah cuz we’re and that’s part of why we created universes the welfare building in the family because the money is not always the issue.

We see people have no money.

But the right mindset and they’re able to generate Miami Bill wasn’t real estate we see people with a ton of money into the wrong mindset of the wrong circumstances and they can’t do it,

so is it really like I said I got to look at every single part of your life.

Obsessed with business yeah and.

I’ve got a book in the that’s coming up in the future called check up from the neck up in the whole book is about the mindset for business success and we’ll talk about that more about that later on all right,

so if if somebody is listening to us now and this is one of the most asked questions I get to the show if they’re listening now and.

They’ve been listening and they’ve been watching the TV shows that sort of thing and they think this is something that they want to do,

what is Ramon tookes top two or three ideas about how they should go out and get started.

[36:01] Get a mentor pay for some kind of consultation with somebody like Rodger myself that will.

[36:11] Give you some kind of starting point.

A lot of times they’ll go to something and then they don’t want to pay of a scene YouTube they listen to stuff but.

We can take a look at a situation to say I feel like you should not be or should be the most people feel like they want to be wholesale.

They really probably don’t really want to be whole so right but that’s what they hear they want to be but nobody’s told that that may not be the best for that circles and I have no money to get home.

Play System of a Down. Yeah you also have to be able to negotiate with people.

[36:50] Alright okay going to say keep going number 2.

[37:01] The number to I’m going to tell you to come to come to flip Ozzy okay.

But flipology or some course that’s like football.

We give you all the tools and resources the motivation and you’re around people that are about at the same level that you are,

you know you can team up with you can partner with that and I don’t mean partner for his money I mean just so you know time on how we work and go out and do some.

Automobile yes yes we do all right is there a number 3.

[37:40] Stop and don’t shoot that’s enough because you know when we can give to.

[37:51] Okay the next most asked question that comes into the show and end this probably we’re going to run out of time on this one maybe but I’ll go along if we have to.

People write in all the time and say I can’t find enough deals where can I find more houses and I’ve got my answer for that but I’d sure like to know what you say when people ask that.

[38:14] So I told people about the thinking I’m going to tell you that right but also.

Getting out.

Network to Wood wholesalers we do a,

and then to start using other methods to get there will it be taxed the weather be going to a different fight everybody wants to buy a Kirkwood,

everybody’s not part of Atlanta come in but it may just not be one every month.

[38:59] Okay sound words of advice for my friend Ramon tookes and you can find them at University of wealth-building. Calm and every third Thursday they meet in person but you can get a great deal,

just join on a monthly membership basis and basically get yourself set for well building for life

with Ramon tookes Ramon thank you for joining us today we really appreciate it.

[39:24] Music.

[39:35] If you’re a real estate investor.

[39:38] You owe it to yourself to get a profile on the fan the flipping American Network it’s at flipping America network.com.

The profile is free if you’re a buyer a landlord a rehabber you enter what you’re looking for.

Particularly the ZIP codes of interest you don’t have to sit on the app

all you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for your profile includes your cell phone number which will verify and when a property is posted in the zip code you’re interested in your going to get a text message that says,

look what just hit the fan.

[40:13] Everyone should register all 43,000 ZIP codes in the United States are included and you could be finding your next property just by listening for your text we call it snap,

click sold because if you are a seller you can download the app will anyone can download the app.

And in the App Store its called flipping America Network all one word no spaces you download the app flipping America Network.

And does a seller you could be at the property negotiating a deal with someone that you want to wholesale you can take a few pictures of the property that’s the snap.

Then you can click to upload this property to the fan put a little information about the property there and.

Immediately that property will get texted,

to however many investors have expressed an interest in that zip code you no longer need to manage a mailing list you don’t have to go out and put together your flyers in your brochures or create

ads for Craigslist or other sites just posted in the fan it may be sold by the time you get back to the office that’s why we’re calling it snap.

Click sold www.dot flipping America Network. Com register now.

[41:32] Music.

[41:49] Okay let’s Dive Right into questions because we’ve got some good ones today and some of you’ve been waiting for a little bit to hear from his multiple people have written in and asked in so many words,

how do you get it all done then some some of them are aware of the different things that we’re doing you know we’re buying and selling properties we’re doing this show will we are putting together a private fund and.

We’re developing a technology platform actually developing more technology.

Solutions and constantly.

Working with and talking with other people in the industry and 10 yeah there’s a lot going on and some people have asked how do you get it all done.

And I’ve ignored that question for now and

senior sit back and answer it says when I’m about to say to you but let me just answer the question once and for all you would be surprised at how few employees there are here at flipping America but we have a great,

team really a great team and that team involves of people doing work in research production.

Event planning.

[43:04] We’re about to bring on somebody for social media because you know I have dabbled in social media enough to know that that’s not something I really want to become a master of what we’re going to,

bring on a partner for that but we’ve got the.

An assistant that lives in Dallas Texas that works with us on managing the micro flips are these small properties that we buy remotely we also bring on partners and.

[43:33] We do a lot of things to get people involved in the team but I tell people kind of jokingly but kind of seriously too I’m allergic to payroll,

they’re lost things go along with payroll that I just don’t want to keep up with the manager I’ve been there done that and I’m not saying that I won’t do payroll but you know I tried to.

Use independent contractors and outside help as much as possible then the next thing is you know I hate to say this,

I develop the GMS planter that’s goals milestones in steps for a reason because I’ve always tended to take on a lot of things and I needed a way to keep myself organized and I use it the GMS planter gives me a clear direction for each week

and if you don’t know what that is and you can probably find it on Amazon it’s a calendar planner system,

did I developed and I sell a few of them every year I don’t you know it’s not a Core Business what we do but you know we’re thinking about what to do about that maybe because it’s been useful enough for me and in the few people that have bought it that maybe we need them,

push on that who knows but I use it and it doesn’t matter whether you use the GMS planner or whatever but you need to.

Basically do a planning session for your week every week and it’s going to be a lot more organized and those plans need to be referenced back to what it is you’re trying to accomplish with your life.

[44:59] Did we make use of a lot of technology in organizational tools in I get questions about that and one of these days and actually Carly and iCarly is are.

Production assistant we have been discussing.

[45:12] Doing a show on the technology used in real estate and we already think it’s going to be three shows to start the cover and may become a regular series because the technology is always changing

but we make you so some technology and some organizational tools and I spend a little bit of time every week is staying on top of what’s out there

because you know it’s technology and then the world of technology is always changing things are always improving and,

you know there’s a balance between finding significant improvements in in the technology versus using something that’s not broken it may be old but if it’s not broken and it’s working for you then we continue to use it

even if there are,

prettier flashier newer things the only reason we would switch is for something that is significantly better and makes it worth the learning curve but we do take advantage of.

And as much technology as we can’t another reason I think I’m able to do all this that we do is I just enjoy it I like it.

We’re both early risers around here my wife and I and I almost never.

[46:31] In the office later than about 6:30 or 7 every day and just because we like it,

or I like what I’m doing and then she likes to get her work done so that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I enjoy this and you know it will go on into the evenings a lot of days and weak but it doesn’t seem like work to me because I enjoy it the.

The negotiations the phone calls the the.

All of it I guess another reason it it’s easier to be productive is a we both exercise and get plenty of rest.

[47:06] For those few people who have my cell phone number you’ll never be able to reach me on it after 9 p.m. because.

It goes into night mode I plug it in far away from where I sleep and we go to bed.

[47:21] That enables us to get up early and we hit the gym early and.

[47:27] You know my wife is a workout Beast she’s a champ she’s amazing and I go down there and I,

I work at a little bit most days I’ll break a sweat but someplace I don’t even do that but I’m moving just get down there and get moving in and move some weights around and move your body around and do different things and and balance that with them

no reasonable diet fluid intake and all those things that you do I really think that makes a difference in your ability to be productive throughout the day and I’ll tell you something else about rest

listen to your body now it you have an advantage I have an advantage of being self-employed,

but every once in a while about 3 in the afternoon tickly if I didn’t sleep well or we know how to get up early for a deadline or something like that I’ll find myself a little sleepy in the afternoon but I’ve also learned to take a 10 minute power nap in

I added I do it I’ll take a 10 minute power nap and I’ll be.

Good to go and I’d I do that frequently when I’ve got an evening event so there I just let you all in on a little secret okay Terrance from Gadsden Alabama.

When you buy properties far away from you how do you get around to them to assess the repairs and and then how do you get those repairs done well Terence that is a very good question but the answer is I don’t.

[48:44] Now I will have someone go buy the property change the locks and put a lockbox on it and usually put a sign out front for me.

But and Nae while they’re there they take pictures of everything inside and out and they write up a report on the property so I know exactly what’s wrong with it,

this is a person that I’ve known a little bit and

trust him and he’s going to show me what I need to see in the house and I get that report and then I know what I have to do with my price because I am not going to fix these houses I am selling them as is

and with all faults and defects

and you know sometimes we buy house week we try not to buy houses that are really really in bad shape but there been a couple of times we bought some houses that had a hole in the roof that we can see from the pictures and we’ve got water damage inside and so

on those properties we take a lot less we just move them out the door I just.

We don’t let them become an albatross hanging around our neck we we.

It’s not that we’re passing off problem somebody else we’re very open about the problem and we reduce the price accordingly and.

That’s what we do.

[49:59] Alfred from Atlanta Georgia says do you have a mentoring program you know we really never talk much on the show about it but the answer is yes.

And the mentoring program that that we do here at flipping America is really reserved for a select group of people it comes after a personal interview

really we’re trying to make sure that there is a personality compatibility that.

I’m going to like you and you’re going to like me for the long-term we’ve we made the mistake of.

Taking people into the program who had money but didn’t really have What it Took or even the commitment it took to make this business work and.

[50:47] I die I don’t have any resentful feelings about that but I’m disappointed and I feel a little bit

bad about taking somebody’s money who isn’t going to make things happen and so we try to have a careful screening process there this is not the bulk of our life and business,


We’re kind of selected but yes we do have a mentoring program and no it doesn’t cost $30,000 it’s significantly less than that but it does include personal contact with me you will be one of the few the proud

who get my cell phone number because you have direct access to me the flipping America guy and.

We do things to encourage not one-on-one but small group interactions around what you’re doing in real estate.

[51:39] The advantages to the mentoring program well first of all you get all the knowledge that I’ve got as long as you’re part of the program and,

we may be meeting together in a conference call or a webinar format on a zoom call or something like that with a topic in mind but if a different question comes up,

we go into that and our meeting this past week we were there to work on making offers

but the issue of buying and owning rentals came up and so we got into a fairly lengthy conversation about debt service coverage ratio what it means how it’s calculated and

why it’s important for you to consider as a means of evaluating a rental property.

[52:20] That’s what the mentoring program is about it’s not about covering a course or curriculum it’s about

getting you successful in this business what’s that going to take and a lot of that is getting out of old mindsets and into new and

accepting responsibility for your actions as a business owner and focusing on the right things focus on the the things that generate Revenue rather than the things that look like you’re in business

that sort of thing so yes we have a mentoring program and I guess maybe the

the key feature of our mentoring program is the fact that once we have brought you to a place where we have confidence in your ability to flip a house we will fund your deals,

in partnership with you will put up the money you do the work we split the profit 50/50 but now,

that comes with some caveats okay first of all has to be a deal we like secondly if your new we’re going to insist in fact it’s a requirement and you’re going to sign agreement to it that you use one of our hired,

and vetted coaches to walk you through your first for Fix and Flip projects.

[53:29] This is for your benefit but also its risk mitigation for our money,

I’m the coach’s job is to keep the project on time and on budget to supervise and to step in and do when they need to

and do you know our money comes with other limitations as well we agree on how long the project should take and then we put a little bit of extra margin in there for the unexpected and if it goes beyond that then

the there’s a cost

to the money that gets applied to the project so there’s a formula to it but basically you can do as many deals if you’re in the mentoring program one of our family members you can do as many deals as you want to knowing that you have the full Financial backing for the deal set we approve in like.

That’s probably our strongest point to our mentoring program.

The goal of the mentoring program is to create a thousand successful investors who are millionaires before I quit and hang it up I want to help create a thousand real estate millionaires.

That’s one of my goals and one of my dreams and we we have plans to make it happen.

Charles from Boulder Colorado says I enjoy my job and listen to your show sometimes as a curiosity I’m not interested in being in the business but I’d like more information about investing in it particularly if you have an opportunity.

[54:56] Women depends on how but the emphasis on Dick Lee if you have an opportunity what do you have going on in that area.

All right well Charles we do have some opportunities here and we again we don’t talk about him a lot,

but here you go number one we are working on a crowdfunding platform was ground floor I had Brian dahle on the show and we

Villa research to prepare for the answering this question it was show number 226 and his name is d a l l y if you want to go back and listen to that show

ground floor is working with flipping America to create a crowdfunding platform

to allow people to invest as little as $100 in what we’re doing and that is coming soon.

It hasn’t happened as quickly as either of us would have hope but it is coming soon all right.

That’s one opportunity secondly and we’ve already connected with you Charles but I’m I’m answering this question.

Four other people who may have the same question we have opportunities to invest in the projects we are doing now while we are putting together the fun then it’s going to be called DT investment funds,

why we’re still putting together that fund we have opportunities for you to invest and.

[56:12] We would love to talk to you about them and,

this goes for any of you if you have some money you want to invest passively we have ways of protecting your money by attaching it to the properties so the properties cannot be sold without you getting paid and we offer.

[56:30] Healthy interest rates and or percentage of profits on deals.

[56:37] And none of the deals are exactly the same but we’re doing this in the interim while we are still raising money while the fund is open and in fact we haven’t really opened the crowdfunding platform yet

so it hasn’t begun we have another fun DT investment fund a

and the people say what happened where’d you come up with that name DT well my wife’s name is Diana and my partner Jim Beach his

A daughter’s name is Tatum and that also is his,

wife’s maiden name so DT Diana Tatum DT investment funds and you can actually check out DT investment funds at DT investment funds. Come,

if you are a an accredited investor then I encourage you to check that out and go that route there is an offering that is currently available.

And I can send you an offer document but we need to have a conversation first so drop me a line at Rodger

at Roger Blankenship. Com I will connect you with Ted who is one of our partners and you and Ted can talk about the opportunities that are available and he will,

I’m sure all of them with you and we can put your money to work right away because we’re sitting on,

oh we we’ve got some stuff that potentially groundbreaking and could.

[58:01] This is just happened in the last week or so could dramatically impact the way houses get built in the future in the United States.

Kind of exciting so too soon to talk much about it but that we do have some investment opportunities for you here Charles and anyone else that’s hearing this.

I just reach out to us and that music means we’re done for the day and folks it’s been great.

Appreciate you listening to Ramon and I hope that you’ll get involved what he’s doing and we will talk again very soon.

[58:30] Music.

[58:50] One of the great motivational speakers of all times Zig Ziglar said people often say that motivation doesn’t last well neither does bathing that’s why we recommended daily.

[59:01] This thought is brought to you today by the foundation for Renewal working together with communities across the country to bring the lasting life change find them on the web.

Renewal fund. Net and is always your gift in any amount is very much appreciated and tax deductible will see you soon.

[59:19] Music.

[59:31] You’ve been listening to flipping America real estate investing for everyone if you have any questions about real estate send them two questions at flipping America network.com,

listen three times a week on stations across the country or on the flipping America app free in the App Store,

make sure to like us on Facebook find and follow us on Twitter and Instagram and keep your eyes open opportunities are everywhere.

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