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Expected Air Date: 5/9/19


As many of you know my mother passed away on April 26th. I’ve been off the air since then and I thank you for your patience as we have run some reruns during that time. Today I want to read to you the tribute I wrote for her and sent out to friends across the country last week. 

My mother passed away Friday afternoon, April 26, 2019. She had been struggling will illness through most of this year. This week I dedicate this space to my mother and her memory. My mother weighed just over 1 pound when she was born. They didn’t have access to incubators so they put her into a warm oven at home. 

She grew up during the Great Depression, and endured many illnesses in her childhood including one that caused her to miss an entire year of school. She spent that time reading and was so ahead of her class she skipped a couple of grades and graduated at 16. After two years at a Teacher’s College she headed to her first job, teaching in a two room schoolhouse in Hudson Colorado. 

She taught the elementary school. She caught the attention of one of the boys in the high school class, Charles. They could not even pretend to be interested in each other until he graduated. Shortly after his graduation they married. Next month would have been their 70th wedding anniversary. 

My parents crisscrossed the country following various jobs until they settled in Louisville KY where my Dad started his own construction business. They lived in an airstream travel trailer with my two older brothers until I came along and they decided they needed to get something larger. As Dad’s business grew my mother was finally able to pursue her lifelong dream of a degree in library science to become a librarian. She taught me to read by the time I was five and faithfully took my younger sister me to the library regularly. 

We didn’t have a lot of money in those days but mom always scrimped and saved so I would be able to buy a book or two with the book fair came to school (anyone else remember those?). She always knew what book or genre I needed to read next. She loved science fiction and instilled that love in me. It was the same for music. 

Although she had not studied it, she loved music, loved to listen and loved to sing. She was a walking Arts and Crafts movement. She quilted, knitted, cross-stiched, and latch-hook-rugged her way in their retirement motorhome across America numerous times, to Canada, and even to Alaska. 

When not traveling, my mother would volunteer in the children’s program at her church. She never sought the limelight or a leadership role, content to take attendance and listen to the children recite Bible verses. She faithfully did this over a period of 25 years after they retired. 

In my last conversation with her we talked about many of these things — things that had a profound impact on my life yet she barely remembers them. (She had completely forgotten about “Georgie Girl” and me teaching myself the Budweiser theme song on the piano.) But her mind was never unclear about her love for her family, the grands, the great-grands, all the cousins, in-laws, and associated friends and significant others. Her faith in God never wavered. Her trust in his love never faltered. 

I decided to share an excerpt from a letter with you I sent to her on Mother’s Day 2017. 

Dear Mom,

…I am blessed to have led organizations and touched individual lives. Every big thing and every good thing I have done is because of the unique combination in me of Dad’s “big ideas” mentality combined with the insatiable desire you planted in me to learn and grow. As much as there is any story to my life, it is the story of your influence, your loving guidance, your correction, and support. I am so blessed that you are my Mother.

I wish for you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

We have an interesting show coming your way today with Mike Ventry of Accuplan. Mike is the Director of Business Development and Marketing. He has over 15 years of experience as a Top Producer in the mortgage banking industry, in the Atlanta area. During his 40+ years in the Atlanta area, he has started, built and sold multiple companies to large national corporations. He has an exceptional background in providing superior customer service and communication to his clients. 

Mike holds an MLO license with the Federal and State Departments of Banking and Finance. In his current role, he assists new clients and investors by providing them with the education and knowledge to be successful in self-directing their retirement accounts. 

He regularly teaches a 3 Hour CE class on self-directing for realtors. Mike also is a frequent attendee and guest speaker at real estate (and non-real estate) associations and networking groups in the Atlanta and the South East. Mike has been a contributor as an expert resource for Think Realty Magazine along with many other financial and real estate radio shows and podcasts.

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Guest: Mike Ventry, Accuplan


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  • My name is Carlos from Houston, Texas and I want to get into flipping houses and have some questions as to what I need to be able to get started?
  • 1) Do I need a DBA to start or LLC to protect myself?
  • 2) What type of credit score would I need if any is needed?
  • 3) Do I need a Real Estate License to purchase houses in foreclosure?
  • 4) Could I get directly with a Broker and pay them a percentage to be able to buy houses?
  • Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated so I can start my new journey.
  • Tammy from Long Beach, CA “I’ve been offered a small house to own as a rental for $260,000. It’s a steal of a deal – probably worth $300-310,000. It rents for $2200 per momth. My payments including taxes and insurance will be $1723.65. This looks like almost $500 per month in cash flow. My husband listens to your show and based on what he’s heard he doesn’t think this is a good deal. How is this not a good deal?”

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  • “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbert

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