Flipping America 219, Meaningful Impact, April Yvette

podcast 219 Meaningful Impact

Expected Air Date: 1/14/19


Perhaps the greatest thing you can do with your life is to have a meaningful impact on someone else. You, yes YOU can be a difference-maker.

April Yvette is a motivational speaker, sales and marketing strategist and author. April went from being a struggling single mom to generating $9 M in real estate sales and winning “Sales person of the year” at a new home builder to inventing a product called THINgloss™ and appearing on the TV show Shark Tank.

Her powerful message on faith, determination, resilience, and learning from failure inspires audiences to believe they can overcome any obstacle and WIN! She also lets them know its ok to embrace meaningful fame and success so they can be a force for good.

Today, April helps purpose-driven coaches, consultants, speakers and professional athletes share their compelling story with the world, clarify their message, make a bigger impact and accelerate their business sales authentically.

April is a mother of 3 and resides in India

napolis, Indiana with her husband. www.AprilYvette.com

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  • Wanda, Arlington, TX “When are you bringing your FlipStarter workshop to Texas?”
  • Beverly, Tampa, FL “I flipped four houses last year. How many should I shoot for this year? I mean, what’s realistic? Or how can I figure out what’s realistic?”
  • Andrew, Lancaster, PA “I want to do this so badly I can taste it. But there just isn’t much opportunity here in Lancaster. What do you suggest?
    • Remote flips, inexpensive houses. 
    • 40 miles to Harrisburg, Reading, and the outer burbs of Philly. 
  • Susanna, Macon, GA “I’m just curious, what are the top 3 or 4 questions you hear all the time?”
  • Shelby, Jackson, TN, “I saw a house on your website that was in Memphis. I spoke with my husband about it and we decided we wanted to buy it, but it’s no longer on your site. I assume it got sold. When will you buy more in Memphis?”

Motivational Thoughts for the day

“I’m Getting Better at This” -Roger B. 

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