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Expected Air Date: 10/20/18


Today we are talking about tax liens. This is a great strategy you can use at courthouse auctions across the country. 

We are excited today to be broadcasting the show via livestream from our studio in Sandy Springs, Atlanta. We have Chantelle Owens here with us and today we are going to be talking about tax liens. I call her the Queen of Tax Liens! Chantelle has a boot camp coming up here in Atlanta and we will be talking about that as well as the tax sale process in general. As a little bonus surprise I’ve been storing up some of your questions about tax liens just for this show. I’m going to throw them to Chantelle in a little while. 

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Guest:  Chantelle Owens, The Queen of Tax Liens

Topic: Comment Line calls and Questions

Call 404-369-1018, press 1 and leave your message!


questions@flippingamericnanetwork.com  Tell us where you’re from!

  • Cher, Silver Spring, MD, “What’s the difference between a Tax Deed and a Tax Certificate?”
  • Anthony, Boulder, CO, “When I buy a tax lien, I really just want the 12% return on my money. I don’t want the property. What do I do if I end up with an unredeemed property?”
  • Scarlett, Pittsburgh, PA, “Where can I go to learn about the properties being sold in the tax sale?”
  • James, Stockbridge, GA, “How long is the redemption period?”
  • Aubrey, Tampa, FL, “If I buy a tax deed and the property has a mortgage on it, do I have to pay off the mortgage or what do I do?”
  • Winona, Baltimore, MD, “I have never owned a business and don’t really want to. I have looked into owning rentals and don’t think I want to do that either. But I like the house flipping TV shows and I enjoy your show as well. I think I want to be involved in real estate, but I just want to put money into something safe with a good return. What would you recommend?”
  • Gary, Anderson, IN, “I plan to buy a fix and flip with a hard money loan, move into it for 6 to 8 months while I’m working on it, sell, then move on to the next one. A friend told me it wouldn’t work. Who is right?”
  • Brad, Macon, GA, “I’m looking at a package of 23 single family homes. The seller is asking $1.4 million (about 61k avg.) for them. The average monthly income for the past 12 months has been $13,800. Four of the houses are vacant and have been for about 3 months. So that would take the income up if I got them rented out. I’m not sure how to approach this deal. I’ve always wanted to own rental properties and this seems like a way to get a bunch at one time.”


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And now you’re sad flipping America guy Rodger Blankenship.

[0:47] Cute Kathy we are excited today to be broadcasting the show via live stream from our studio in Sandy Springs Atlanta.

We have here in the studio with us today Chantelle Owens with the Shentel welcome back to the show great great to have you here

we’re going to be taking we’re going to be talking about tax liens and taking your questions we are streaming live on Facebook right now and if you missed it.

Earlier you can still send your questions in about text things and I will make sure they get answered I can answer,

1 or 4 but if it’s too complicated I’m going to throw him over to Chantel and you’ll be willing to answer me right you know after your appearance on the first show

I sent you some other questions later on and you were so gracious so kind helping people out I appreciate that this one of the many things I appreciate about appreciate about you coming up here in Atlanta win.

It is October 26th 27th and 28th and then we actually go to auction on November 6th so it’s affordable Camp all right.

[1:48] And my son is signed up and committed to come to that boot camp he is stoked about it yep and he wants to be in this process of course you know it’s probably not really a surprise that you know he has a financial backer.

Okay is old is old man yeah he’s going to be getting into it so that’s good alright now

as a little bonus surprise I’ve been storing up some of your questions those of you in the studio audience about tax liens and just for the show and I’m going to throw him to Chantelle a little while.

[2:22] But first of all let’s introduce ourselves on Roger Blankenship the flipping America guy and I teach people how to make money in real estate here on this show flipping America.

We don’t encourage everyone to drop what you’re doing and start flipping houses like you see on TV but we do encourage everyone to have real estate as a part of a balanced Investment Portfolio and to that end,

we aim to bring you the best information tools techniques tips

demographic data Trends marketing research anything we can to help your experience and your investment in real estate be the best it can possibly be

and so we invite you to join us as we journey through real estate through the changing markets and what’s going on around the world with the political scene and and everything being so unpredictable one thing you can count on is you can make

make money in real estate in any Market I done at chantelle’s done it a lot of my show host show guests have done it and so

I want to let you know how to reach out to us you can you can find us on the web at flipping America network.com we’re always there we got RSS news feeds working 24/7.

To bring you the information that you need about real estate and on Facebook flipping America media on social media followers for Twitter and Instagram at flipping America.

[3:37] And you’ll see a lot of stories posted there that we just don’t have time to get to on the show not because they’re not useful but just because we don’t have time and we have to pick and choose all right and I have to say I mentioned on the last show

and we have a bunch of comments already I I found a stock tip on to buy a company called stealth gas

it’s a it’s an energy company we don’t talk stock tips on this show particularly but any company called stealth gas is worth to mentions on The Flipping America show because I told the audience of the last show

that still cast could be doing business as silent but deadly

I when I found that in my in my list of Articles the other night my wife and I just died laughing

who would name their company stealth gas anyway so yeah the stealth gas recommendation is already gone out if you missed it you got to scroll back through your Twitter feed to find it

and then you can always call us at 404-369-1018 press extension one that gets the national comment line you can leave your comments and questions and what we really thank you for the nice things that you say.

[4:49] We have we have had in the history of the show we’ve had one detracting comment.

You know it kind of hurt my feelings but you know what only one list all right and it wasn’t even that mean

but I all of the good things that you said we are so grateful and thank you it encourages us to keep on doing our very best to bring you the highest quality information that we can

and then if you have questions about real estate real estate investing if you’re watching online on Facebook live right now.

You can send those questions to what you sent the questions questions are flipping America network.com or you can send the questions on Facebook right now if you happen to be

they’re watching us life and we will get to them as we see them and find them okay

a couple of announcements flip starters coming up November 2nd and 3rd you’ve heard about it on every Show recently were going to keep talking about it this is the

day and a half event where I teach you everything you need to know about flipping houses I make three promises promise number one I’m not going to tell you everything you need to know about real estate investing because I can’t do that in the time we have together promise number two I will tell you everything you need to know

about flipping houses and getting that business started.

Really I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get it started probably not everything you’re going to need to know ever cuz I can’t do that in the time promised number 3.

[6:07] I’m going to show you how you can make $5,000 in the next 30 days

because I’m going to teach you what a deal looks like I’m going to teach you how to find it and then I’m going to tell you where you can sell that deal by signing the contract to me.

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Great package for $199 is on sale now $249 and just go to flipping America network.com look right at the first thing you see on the website and it’s right there you can register its we call it the second mouse discount.

[6:36] You know that comes from.

The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese yeah we had our early bird discount and that you could have signed up for 99 but now it’s the second mouse discount for one that 149 I feel free to.

[6:52] Use that idea it’s only funny the first hundred times you hear it though alright.

Hey everybody download the flipping America app in the app store you can listen to the show read the show notes in the entire catalog of shows now available to you Shantel is here with us for show 199 what a ride it has been it’s exciting.

An end here we are so 199 and when I did show number one I had no idea.

That this was going to take off like this and the things that are around the corner that I can’t announce if you ever come to one of the live events in Atlanta.

You’ll hear some of the things that were working on but I can announce it on this in this format yet because

the papers haven’t been signed but this show is growing and expanding and that’s very exciting to us

alright Joe we got a couple minutes for the first break let’s Dive Right In tell us a little bit now I’ve heard your story before but but you know there’s it’s possible there’s a couple hundred thousand people listening right now that haven’t heard your story so tell us how you accidentally got into tax lien investing

lost my shirt in real estate

for the first time and then I lost it again the second time so I’ve been through to Market crashes it was a market crashed in 2001 and then it was another one in 2007 some people say they hate but.

[8:14] Pretty much started in 7th June of 2007 I was there and so

after that second market crash I have properties that were being foreclosed on and one of those properties actually did not foreclose.

[8:33] The bank actually sent me paperwork saying that they were going to foreclose they never took it to the courthouse steps and so

that property over time the taxes became delinquent and it went into the tax sale.

And saw my ex-boyfriend call me to let me know that he saw my property in the tag sale you know he was trying to rub that in and I actually was able to go in research.

To see that probably was in the tag sale.

And then I ultimately reverse-engineer that process from having a house in the tax sale and working it backwards I was able to understand the process so that’s how I accidentally.

[9:15] Or Force forced into tax it all right so and that was when mm actually was able to.

Get it out or redeem it in 2009

so then the process was something like you I realize there was an opportunity here and you started buying more than you develop some systems and you started buying a lot then you realize there’s other people that want to know how to do this and

well I guess I didn’t really want to be a teacher

I was just like you someone kept you don’t be asking me pulling me actually Stacy Rossetti of the South Atlanta reia she kept trying to say you know you should see this will be awesome and I was like no I’m good and then

one day we were talking about private money lenders cuz she has private money lenders and I’m like you think one of your private money lenders might be interested in tax lien and she was like you know what if you started teaching

you find some private money lenders in so that actually put the bug in my ear and I initially.

I only plan to teach that one class right.

[10:26] And from there the Justice see the students eyes light up and then after that,

they actually went to the tag sale and bought property and then they were coming back like okay we want this another second part of the class and I was like what you doing so was

just that inspiration at let me to continue teaching and so now I just get a sense of fulfillment from me so right yeah you know.

One of my goals every year is to find a way to help people

and of course we do that with a lot of giving back at our Wednesday lunches and just helping people there’s no charge for our time we do get Consulting fees sometimes for different things but yeah the eyes light up

let me think back you know I’m sitting right in this room sitting in this chair one of our newest students students Larry Lucas was in here a couple weeks ago.

And he is so excited he’s working on his first house he joined us in the spring and he’s got his first house and took a few months for me to find it as it does for anyone

it was new but you got his first house he’s underway and he said right there and looked in the camera and said that he thinks that the project is going to make about $70,000 and I said over here like.

[11:37] Proud Papas way to go man that is that’s good that’s exciting.

For most people anyway make that kind of money you know and all at one lump sum you know not in a year’s time but you actually get up.

Check cut at a closing so that’s all right so that first house that you bought you still have it I do

I still have the house that I redeemed and then I also have still have the first house that I actually bought.

That first house is actually a rooming house for homeless veterans so I have a non-profit home again transitional housing.

That houses homeless veterans.

[12:30] Music.

[12:52] Have you ever seen one of those Fix and Flip TV shows and thought to yourself I could do that or even better I’d like to do that.

But there has to be a way to get started that’s what we will do for you at flip starter flip starter is our 8-hour course designed to give you all the information you need in order to get started in the business of fixing and flipping houses on Roger Blankenship.

The flipping America guy who is fixed and flipped more than 800 properties over the years.

I will share with you the tools I developed for use in my own business the strategies the management techniques and the systems are used to build a business that was flipping a hundred properties for year.

[13:28] What would it feel like if you could quit your job and not only work for yourself but own a business that will ultimately provide you with more income and more free time.

[13:38] My goal is to train the next generation of real estate Millionaires and I want you to be one of them find out more at flip starter event.com.

[13:50] Music.

[14:06] I’m talking to Shantelle Owens the queen of tax liens

and one of my very favorite people in the real estate business she’s such a delightful person to be around you guys

you ought to just come to the boot camp just for the privilege of hanging around with her and letting her infectious smile and and her laugh just warm your heart and make your life better but at the same time there’s going to be information that you can use to.

You know I hate to say it but you can make a killing in tax liens right but now

you really don’t flip very many of your houses I know that you show a check you got a big check that you show us your events.

So you should have just been to buy and hold him it is it is I you know like I said I went through those two Market crashes and so now I’m a little shy with selling because.

[14:54] Each time I had to start over like when I say I lost my shirt I literally each time had like 10 $20 left to my name

that start all over me I’ve been there I’ve eaten being straight out of a can more often than I would like to admit

I went into buying home all I wanted to landlord mode and I when I first started my real estate investing career the first

course that I took the first class that I took

the instructor told us you know you need to have somebody and hoes but you know I was young and didn’t want to listen one of the big flip money and that’s you know.

[15:35] The past that I transgress until after to Market crashes I say you know what I’m going to hold on to some rental properties all right do you manage all of your rental properties now.

No I don’t I do self-managed some of them but I am over the years I’ve been in the process of letting those go.

So the Roman house is really in the room in house and maybe one or two others are the only ones that I self-managed but I have a

property management company that manages properties I didn’t even intend to go this way but this came up and I get a ton of questions about property management,

1 questions that I get a lot and I’d like to hear your answer this is one of the things that you look for in a property management company

when you go to Hiram I look for a company that is willing to.

I look at their screening process and one of the biggest things is are they willing to if they put a tendon in my property and that’s in it doesn’t work out.

[16:39] Are they willing to forgo their fee to put another tenant in there you know so that’s what I look for but I want to make sure.

That they also are doing home inspections quarterly cuz when I self manage that’s what I do because I particularly love.

C&D areas so I need the properties to be managed on a regular basis. I don’t give an inch.

I also look for a property management company that is pretty up-to-date on technology

so that I know that that process is going to go smooth like I don’t want them

going to pick up checks and I don’t want them to have to send me a manual check and I don’t want them and I want them to be able to in their system contact a maintenance person right away so do they have a tenant portal so I look for those

things as well okay alright that’s good I also recommend that people don’t use a property management company that has a captive of rehab.

Car repair people in other words like you know I run the company and my husband runs through the rehab company,

that’s a recipe for getting ripped off at some point okay when I do self managing another little tip.

[17:58] I’ll just go out there you made me think of it as far as getting into the houses I send my HV AC guy around once a quarter to replace the air filters cuz it needs to be done in tennis or not going to do it and I don’t even expect them do it but.

He is instructed to take a look around and see what’s going on in that house and he knows which ones are not allowed to have animals cuz I was a problem I ran into all the time

my insurance company.

Yeah yeah you want to know which houses of mine are not allowed to have fence 100% of them that makes it easy I don’t have to remember anything alright okay so back to tax liens now.

Alright I’m going to I’m going to Sidetrack a little bit here when you were a little girl I bet you didn’t think one day I’m going to grow up and buy tax liens.

[18:46] No I wasn’t fully grown and had even thought of that but no I did not.

But I was actually when I was growing up I mean as most children I had a couple things that I wanted to be but ultimately I wanted to be a computer engineer

is what I thought I wanted to do and at the time I didn’t have enough scope to understand that I really wanted to be on the software application side more so than the hardware so but I

you know went down that path and didn’t even do any of that yeah yeah yeah

personal computers were first invented.

I I went out myself out of program in basic and I realized after a while I don’t want to be a programmer I don’t want to be all enamored with I want to use this as a tool to do something else,

and so yeah that was me right but now the reason I ask this question is most people as adults are not doing what they thought they would do even when they went to college and got a major and

say this not to tell people that life is not going to work out.

Quite the opposite life is going to work out but probably not exactly like you’re planning it now if you’re young person is so how should you feel about that.

The answer is.

[20:04] Okay yes that I mean I don’t have any qualms about that I mean ultimately as I got older I knew that.

I wanted to work for myself I knew that me working in a job particularly Corporate America was not going to work out.

One of my old supervisors we’re still really good friends he’s getting into real estate and he always tells me like you were a horrible employee.

[20:33] Well I heard a quote one time.

And I forget exactly where I heard it that somebody asked this guy who was a mover and Shaker in political party in.

They said when you were a kid what did you want to be when you grow up you said I never really knew for sure but I knew I wanted to be in charge yeah be in charge I just didn’t want anybody to be in charge of meat that was really bhosle what it

alright so you know.

Going back to hopefully inspiring some younger people that listen isn’t even you know we have a lot of people in their forties and fifties even sixties that listen to the show and are in.

[21:16] New investors or nuvista wannabes you know both of us are sitting here as grown adults who have had you know some difficult things happen that

we’re reversals in our life and our fortunes and figured out a way to turn it around and it can’t happen right

yeah okay so we have an amen in the house and there is there’s a path in front of you my friends if you listening to the show please don’t lose hope I mean.

Real estate is not going to answer all of your problems but real estate can provide some income to help you deal with some of the issues that finances can take care of


hundred percent agree with that alright so now you’re in a place where you never imagined your The Reluctant teacher but you’ve been so you’ve been teaching the you couldn’t have been doing the

the text me boo cancer more in a couple years then Ashley this.

Coming up next month will be our one year anniversary wow I actually started teaching in

May of 2017 but I didn’t create the Georgia tax lien bootcamp into November cuz I was still undecided

if I was going to continue teaching but I actually created it in November of 2017

alright so now we have people listening in Boulder Colorado and Las Vegas and Long Beach California.

[22:39] Can they come to your boot camp yes they can I actually have someone coming from Las Vegas someone coming from Texas so in my boot camp I teach you the basics of tax lien investing now.

Each state has its own particular laws.

That you have to actually go and research and I can help my suit since do that but from that class they actually understand how to go do that so if I wanted to go invest in other states like just recently I went to Tulsa Oklahoma.

And I had to quickly understand their laws but because of the base that I have

that’s easy to do in so this is what I teach my students how to do as well this is probably a good time to throw up one of the questions that have come in that is come in for

for today share from Silver Spring Maryland says

what’s the difference between a tax deed and a tax certificate

is actually that is a certificate and it says certificate on it and what it does is it entitles the bear the person who holds it to interest so they actually have no interest right in the prop.

And they typically will receive an annual percentage rate so if it says if it’s a 12% tax lien certificate they’ll receive 1% per per month is what they are and who they going to get that interest from.

[24:02] They will get that interest from the original homeowner or anybody that has interest in the property once they redeem.

If they don’t redeem with tax lien certificates depending on the state.

[24:16] Good they could petition the government for actual deed or in some states it’ll go back to auction and they can participate in that auction.

It’s so whoever buys it at auction will then pay them their interest I their Redemption amount and the interest as well

all right that’s a text to tificate in a tax deed is on it and it does entitle the person to interest and typically when you get a tax deed you then.

On the actual property in depending on the state you will have different types of deed or different types of ownership so.

Alright so your boot camp is.

We’re getting ready to come to a commercial maybe 2-3 minutes but I’ll give us a website it is ga tax lien bootcamp.com and they can just.

Click on events in LC the boot camp right there alright and that’s coming up in October and.

[25:15] When someone comes to the bootcamp on I know you have a lot of Georgia people here.

And then after that you’re going to go to the auction on November 6th in Georgia there is an auction every month foreclosure auction is on the 1st Tuesday.

The tax sales are also on the first Tuesday of every month some of the states have a tax sales only once a year

you know biannually so every state has different with that yeah we’re going to be looking at some tax sales in Michigan in November but that’s that’s a.

You know know and Michigan for example if you but if you win the bid there.

[25:55] You own the property done no right of redemption.

Has quite a few States like that the amount typically to buy in those States is typically higher than.

If there was a Redemption. But you you know you’re you’re paying for time so instead of having to wait that Redemption.

[26:19] Actually can move on the property.

Yeah that makes sense all right so it’s Georgia or g a tax lien bootcamp.com and it’s coming up in.

October to the states again.

And then again on November 6th we go to auction 360 28th of October Hai or going to do some more questions and talk a little bit more will be right back.

[26:50] Music.

[27:24] So you want to learn how to flip houses I want to show you how to flip houses and there’s probably no one in the country better qualified than me to show you I flipped hundreds and hundreds of them.

And I also have some training and degree and experience and education so I can show you how to do exactly what I’ve done hundreds of times don’t believe me.

Head on over to flip starter event.com but in the meantime Give a listen to Pat caywood Tennessee and I’ve been.

Doing some flipping since about March of this year and had started with a Nationals program that was very expensive.

I’ve spent today with Roger Blankenship learning about his program and boy do I wish I’d met Rodger.

[28:13] He has a clear concise program and many tools that are going to be very hot.

[28:19] And starting and managing a program and the mentorship and Leadership and coaching that he’s offering our invaluable.

[28:28] Thank you so much Rodger for your time and sharing what you never know what’s around the corner

would you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way Legal Shield and ID shield look out for you so you can get back to living life

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service for individuals

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Protect it for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal need just go to Rodger b helps. Com right now to sign up that’s Rodger b.

[29:13] Dot-com Legal Shield protection for every part of life.

[29:17] Music.

[29:45] And we’re back the show is flipping America on Roger Blankenship your host and I teach people how to make money in real estate.

Assisting me in that endeavor today in the studio is Chantel Owens the queen of tax liens we’ve been talking about texting a little bit talk about her background and their education and.

You know.

Everyone that I talk to who is a real estate investor has taken a security as path to get there and none of us follow the straight line and very few people are really.

You know set in elementary school and said to themselves when I grow up I want to be a real estate investor.

When I was a kid I didn’t know that that was a thing yeah probably wouldn’t think all right.

And then invented it yet you know that one of my little standard lines I use in some of my seminars is you know about the 2000 BC they invented writing.

And about a month later someone wrote down the details of a real estate transaction 2 weeks later the first flip happened and what that means is.

[30:48] There’s not any real new information in this whole business.

You know in the stuff that I teach and package up for my flip starter events in the flipping America mentoring program it’s not new information I have a unique Twist on some of it,

because I’m a weirdo and I’m a little nerd that flies formulas to everything but it’s not anything new it’s just maybe finding a mathematical way to express, and wisdom.

That may be what I’ve offered to the whole thing tax laser ancient history.

Yeah alright so that’s good put you on the spot a little bit hey we’re going to engage in some hardcore journalism right here what is the unique selling proposition of Shantel Owens and the Georgia tax lien.

Well I mean to be honest with you my bootcamp is a little different than most boot camps because I’ve attended several.

And I want a lot of people do is what they will give you an overview but I actually give you my whole entire system so everything that I do

date my students actually learn it so by the time they’re done They Don’t Really require any more mentorship from me is matter fact most of my students always tell me all I think I can teach the class now and they actually,

in N because I actually take them to auction.

[32:04] Did they actually complete that for a psycho so you mean that your boot camp is not a three-day sales pitch into a $30,000 course

what’s you you don’t answer people will you pay that 30000 you still don’t get it but yes you get everything you got to listen to my last show I did the top 10 signs that your real estate seminar is actually

Akon right and that was one of them

if it’s basically just a sales pitch into a 30000 and $50,000 course please also I just offered at all up for free I only you have.

If you want if you want me to show you hold your hand and take you how to do it then that’s when I.

Jack of course yeah and fair is fair.

You know I was buying foreclosures left and right and I was I standing at the Gilmer County Auction in Ellijay Georgia bidding on some foreclosures there and this was years and years and years ago.

[33:09] And they were conducting a tax sale at the same time

the kind of mixing back and forth and it’s the first time I’ve ever paid attention to attack sell and so I just asked a guy who was standing there what’s this all about how does it work Bubba blah blah blah and he gave me the process assuming he was talking so fast I wouldn’t necessarily remember but

what what he didn’t know is I have a really good memory and sometimes sorry to my wife.

Sometimes I am capable of being a very good listener I’m not always a real good listener and she will tell you I’m half deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other one but.

I make mental notes of all the stuff that he was talking about you know you quiet title action okay got to figure that out for closing the texting thing I can figure that out and I came back to Henry County where I lived at the time.

And within a few months I had started buying tax liens did I know what I was doing heck no

but I made friends with the tax commissioner in Henry County it was small enough place then you know I went to the Henry County foreclosure auction the other day and the tax commissioner was out there crying some liens when I walked up and said hey Rodger I said well I moved to a couple years ago so

that was my boot camp is to get to know the people at the county.

[34:24] Yeah that helps that’s like 70% of your battle right that it can never hurt

the gentleman David Curry that’s the tax commissioner in Henry County right now he used to be an investor standing at the steps buying foreclosures with us and bidding against session you know them between the.

The attorneys we’d sit there and shoot the breeze with the very people we were bidding against and I think that’s why I got none then one day he told me.

Hey I’ve decided I’m going to run for Tax Commissioner in this was probably 10-12 years ago and I said you got my vote buddy get you off the steps and get you something no penalty day.

They can’t be you know that’s a criminal offense if a County employee biz on Broad.

[35:09] Oh yeah well that would be a reason right there for me to not ever become a County employee because I guarantee we make more money than the County Employees all right.

Looks like another question Anthony from Boulder Colorado says when I buy a tax lien I really just want the 12% return on my money I don’t want the property.

What do I do if I end up with an unredeemed property.

[35:34] Well if is if you bought a tax lien certificate you’re either depending on that state you have to.

Let it go into auction to get your money back otherwise you going to end up having to sell it so in that case you would you know if you didn’t just totally didn’t want to do anything with it.

You basically could contact like a real estate agent or.

You know investor wholesaler someone who could sell it for you so that’s he doesn’t have to fix it up and now.

I keep it as a rental he does not but yeah I was going to let you answer the question but the other thing I would say Anthony send me the the particulars we may come,

if you are particularly probably won’t don’t buy a property that other people have Barbie is it.

The less they want to sell it for what they bought it for you know I was looking at Charles sales on the show you know him

and he told me that he had the properties in Illinois you didn’t really want he just wanted to know the return he’s buying their certificates up there and they have a unique kind of way of approaching it

and he said after I finish these after I get these properties and I have been redeemed I just want to unload them and as long as I make my number.

All unloaded my I said well I’ll buy them and how much we talked about I figured you still my 30 or 40 year he said 3000 last year.

[36:57] Yeah that’s what I said okay I’ll take them all buddy yeah that’s actually and I I talk to a lot of I tell them like this is a great way to get inventory that you know even flippers but more so wholesalers.

Either ones out there really looking for that inventory it’s a great way to end up with a backlog.

Yeah went well I understand we bought more and when you get that backlog you really do want to load them all because now you need to keep paying the taxes on all those properties that you’re not doing anything with don’t they used to lose your position

when we finish the show I’m going to make you an offer on all your properties you have in your bathroom.

So we not talk about that on the air because I don’t want you guys to you know

I actually got to actually a lot of people that you see out here that you know they actually send me their postcards all the time on my property so yeah,

well you know you maybe you might be getting calls from some of my people I don’t do the calls in the cards anymore but I have people might take that.

[38:07] All right.

Alright Anthony I hope it helps you out buddy and seriously I am not kidding I would buy property in Boulder if you have a ride will buy it okay Scarlett from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania says where can I go to learn about the properties being sold in the tax sale.

So there is so buying tax lien properties is a little different than

traditional real estate there’s really not a one place you can go so you have to pull together a lot of different sources in doing your due diligence to learn about those properties so I’m basically you have to you know

look up the County tax assessors or the Tax Commissioner’s.

Website is going to be the best places you can get most of the information that you need but they’re not going to just give it to you you know typically they’re only going to give you the parcel number and 123 anywhere Street most of them are not going to even give you the city state and zip

do you have to look those properties up by parcel number and then you can find the information to the 3/2 you know it’s a girl and you know

the tax assessor’s value those type of things so that’s going to be your number one source of looking up the information and Scarlett if I could just add I’m not the tax lien person but I have an expert at asking questions

thank you interview people all the time can you do for a living but you know part and parcel of my experience in real estate I didn’t train for this I don’t have a background in this so.

[39:36] I’ve never been afraid to look like I don’t want to look like an idiot but I don’t mind looking uninformed

and so you know I’ve peppered people with questions over the years why do I do this and what do I do everything I never tell them what I know I always ask him what they know

and even if what they’re saying I think they’re incorrect I just go okay and take that information and go.

[39:59] I would start at the Tax Commissioner’s Office for the tax assessor and just start asking questions where can I go and maybe even asking you do you know anybody by name who is doing this now I don’t know about Pennsylvania but in Georgia we have.

The the clerk of superior court they’re all online across the state.

And it’s so unique well system that you can pay it like $10 a month to subscribe to and you can start checking if you have a parcel number that’s all you need.

Yeah they have the gsccca county that I’m particular about this not in that system and so I actually have to go.

[40:41] They have their system online in the county DeKalb County but they’re not in jail CCC.

[40:49] That’s interesting you know I have a little fun with that because it’s the Georgia clerk of superior court.

Something something and it’s a lot of cease and so yeah I just say a g s c c c c c c see you later

but I don’t know if you have that in in Pennsylvania or something like that but the Cab County doesn’t have the deed records online.

[41:14] That’s news to me because I thought everybody was on the Statewide system.

[41:21] Interesting alright what about charge their own feet what about the in Georgia what about going to Georgia assessor.com.

GA assessor and then you can click on a alphabetize list of the counties you can get to account he’s you know the most of the the assessors in the state use Q public,

Cobb County doesn’t.

Clayton County does not in Fayette County’s really got a weird just now but can you get my check because some of the counties some of the Metro Counties have a subscription thing it’s the cab on a subscription you have to pay to get.

Much information if you want the d records you you they are but if you want the tax assessor records know you can just us you can just access that from home no fee.


I saw it in the what always teach my students is every county is has his own particulars so if you know you’re going to be in a certain County just like you said you want to

this is the county call the county we have an exercise called called the county that and it’s a homework exercise that I make my students do.

And they have to ask you certain questions cuz a lot of people there just hesitant.

To even do that and so I just go ahead and push them out there and say look call the county because that is going to get you acclimated to.

Pulling this information out of people yeah that’s good and help people get out of the show little bit let’s see James.

[42:48] Stockbridge Georgia how long is the Redemption period.

In Georgia it’s 365 days actually that’s a misnomer the Redemption period is into Infinity but it only stops when you foreclose on it.

So if you never start that foreclosure process that person will have into Infinity to redeem

but you as the investor can only start it on day 366 so you have to let 365 days elapsed

before you can start it okay.

Now you know I bought a texting this is not one of the questions this question for me I bought a tax lien one time and Henry County and it was a Judicial tax sale and it only had a 90-day right of redemption.

[43:38] So they actually would.

Properties through the actual foreclosure process themselves a lot of companies don’t do that I’m sorry a lot of counties don’t do that because if they have a lot of inventory that cost them too much money right.

And then they don’t know for sure if they’re going to sell that property but.

In some cases they will take it through that process and then they can actually sell it all out right to see the county can actually purchase the properties as well.

[44:08] Okay.

If they don’t they can just put it back into rotation but they can actually purchase tax lien properties which then become County Properties and so they have to actually take it through.

The actual foreclosure process is the county required by law to offered at least once or can you just once it’s once they’ve gone through the judicial process they just take it.

[44:29] No they they take it before it goes to the gist judicial process so then they don’t have to sell it.

[44:36] They don’t have to but they’re good they’re going to want to because.

[44:40] Unless it’s a account he’s a building that they can use what else good would it be for them without selling it if they need somebody to pay taxes on it.

[44:50] Yeah okay yeah that’s true all right Aubrey from Tampa Florida says if I buy a tax deed.

And the property has a mortgage on it do I have to pay off the mortgage or what do I do.

[45:05] If you buy a tax deed depending on the state when you actually purchase it that mortgage will be wiped off right away.

As a part of buying the deed in the other states that had like Georgia when we have redeemable Deeds you have to wait that Redemption. And when you do the foreclosure process your foreclosed on that mortgage companies right to redeem.

And then you’ll go to a quiet title which would totally wipe it clean

all right so that brings up now thank you for the answer that,

so it does bring up a did bring up another question.

[45:52] Why would a mortgage company let these things go to a tech sales over the years.

What I like to tell people they don’t like this answer is that really doesn’t matter like you really should be concerned about that but.

I know your first get it in you want to know cuz it’s a believability

you know question but really there’s so many answers one it could just fall through the cracks that’s the number one answer to they could have obtained all their money that

they were you know they’re not upside down so they have recouped their money and so they really don’t care about that particular I sat in the same reason why it’s some mortgage companies will let

properties just that have been foreclosed they won’t reclaim them because they it may be in the area that they don’t want to deal with it may have too much inventory too many are

aureos in their inventory and they don’t want to deal with that property right so it could be so many different reasons but the number one is that it just falls through the cracks.

I think so in my experience over the years,

with banks and mortgage companies what I find is they tend not to be very good property managers.

[47:06] All right we’re coming down to the end here let’s let’s get that information out there again October 26th 2728 come meet the texting Queen in person at,

ga tax lien bootcamp.com that’s ga tax lien bootcamp.com.

You got to sign up for this it could really change your life inspirational thought ready go.

What I was saying if you want to be a real estate investor number one thing that I can tell you is invest in yourself and invest in your education if you invested your education you can put yourself.

What they use the term now 10 times you can 10 times yourself because you will put yourself so far ahead you won’t have to go through all the bumps and bruises so that’s my.

Inspirational tip is invest in yourself and investigate.

[48:01] Thank you Chantell Owens for being here today full talk again soon not too long ago we did a one-day flip starter in Chattanooga Tennessee and low and behold one of my old College friends came out to the event.

His name is Peter Falkner and here’s what he had to say about the event.

[48:20] Peter Faulkner here I send it a one day flip starter training session led by Rock.

[48:27] And I was amazed to see what has happened in Rogers Live from the last $15 plus years flipping over 800 house.

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[49:53] Music.

[50:05] Alright that was

Chantelle Owens the queen of tax lien she was right here in the studio and always a lot of fun to talk to Chantal but especially this for Matt’s first time I’ve ever done that and if you missed the Facebook live presentation of it you can go to.

Facebook.com flipping America media and you’ll be able to check out the post there.

And I hope that you will and continue to keep the questions coming.

Questions about tax liens questions about real estate in general and we’re going to do everything we can to help you with those so let’s take a few more of your questions right now let me see.

Winona from Baltimore Maryland says I have never owned a business and don’t really want to.

[50:49] I appreciate your honesty on that by the way I have looked into owning rentals and don’t think I want to do that either but I like the house flipping TV shows and I enjoy your show as well

I think I want to be involved in real estate but I just want to put money into something safe with a good return what would you recommend

all right I have to proceed my answer by saying I don’t recommend anything I’m not a financial advisor I’m not a Tax Advisor and I suggest that you talk with your financial advisor in your Tax Advisor in anything that I say might be just a suggestion for something that you look into all right

no no no you didn’t say how much money you had to put in but it depends on a little bit on how much money for the more money that you have to put into something the better return your likely to get for example

if you have $1,000 you can invest in a crowdfunding platform and there are a number of them all you have to do is Google

real estate crowdfunding do your diligence research them find out what they’re doing try to talk to some people who are investing in a particular fund there are about 300 crowdfunded real estate platforms that I’ve seen on the internet so far they’re probably more that I don’t know about and

did the results vary and there’s no regulation

knowing that much regulation anyway they they do have some regulations far as financial reporting but the.

[52:13] Real estate market is not efficient one deal is not going to be the same as another and it’s not going to always be so predictable you just have to kind of look at the result.

If you have a little bit more money.

Usually a minimum of 50 to $100,000 you can invest in a private Equity Fund such as the fun that we’re putting together here

call DT Investments that’s going to get you a better return on your money typically in some cases of a much better return but,

when you’re looking into a fun like that first while you have to find one and they’re difficult to find and when you do you want to talk to the people that

that are involved you don’t want to just throw your money blindly somewhere you want to make sure you understand their business model and what they’re doing and you don’t have to bring a lot of sophistication to this.

The list of Education you bring the more you’re going to have to trust the character the Integrity in the history of the people behind it

so that’s my suggestion for any of you looking to invest passively we go a lot further than that went when we do the

growing your wealth passively course but that’s good enough for now hope that get you started in the right direction Winona and thank you for your question Gary from Anderson Indiana.

[53:23] I looked at this

I looked at this over and over as we were preparing for the show and I keep wanting to say your name is Gary Anderson but it’s Gary from Anderson Indiana I plan to buy a Fix and Flip with a hard money loan move into it for 6 to 8 months while I’m working on it cell.

[53:39] Then move on to the next one A friend told me it wouldn’t work who is right well who was right about what

the business model is actually a pretty good idea I’ve known people that have done this and I accidentally did this when I started I bought houses with the little bit of stuff wrong with them fix them and moved into him but

I did not use a hard money loan for it I use conventional Bank financing

which is really your option and here’s the part about your plan that won’t work Gary and that is to use a hard money loan you can’t

get a hard money loan for an owner-occupied property they won’t do it because

hard money lenders do not fall under the same guidelines and governmental oversight as regular mortgage lenders and that’s why they are able to loan on properties that mortgage lenders just would not and cannot

so because they don’t fall into those guidelines they can make those loans but

but since they can’t make those loans they can’t do owner-occupied loans they can only do investment properties to sophisticated borrowers so

if Gary

you are bankable if you can go to your local bank and get a loan for the property and buy it and you now you’re not going to get rehab money and it with that loan either.

[54:59] There is one product out there the 203k rehab loan that you can talk to your lender about you have to have you no good credit and you have to have

income that can support the loan and that makes it a little bit tougher and course a 203k loan is just by nature of the Beast it’s going to be

little bit more paperwork intensive and little bit more difficult to get but it can be done I’ve seen it done.

[55:23] And if you have all your ducks in a row you can do it and that would be a very good way for you to proceed because you can move in there you can fix it up and you can sell it and you can do it again and you can begin to build your net worth

that way,

it’s a good idea you just have to get a different lender Brad Macon Georgia I’m looking at a package of 23 single family homes the seller is asking 1.4 million that’s about $61,000 average for them

in course people listening around the country is he where can you buy a house for $61,000 what folks in Rural America is fairly common

the average monthly income for the past 12 months has been 13800.

For the houses are vacant and have been and have been for about 3 months so that would take the income up if I got them printed out

I’m not sure how to approach this deal I’ve always wanted to own rental properties and this seems like a way to get a bunch at one time but thank you for asking the question and let me just say don’t do this.

Okay I’m going to attend reason I put the question on the air is not to get involved in doing the math with you.

But to illustrate a very important point this.

You seems like I mean anybody you know you think you’re going to be able to make $13,800 wow.

[56:44] That that’s terrific but you don’t say whether that’s a gross income or the net income and there are so many things to look into when you’re

going to buy a rental property it’s more than I can go into in the in the remaining a minute and a half that we have on the show but I will

basically tell you this the numbers on this don’t work. Now I don’t know if it did that’s the gross income it definitely doesn’t work if that’s the net income.

[57:13] It’s not that far away but still you have to look at a number of factors when you’re looking at one rental house there are

you know the math is fairly simple and straightforward when you look at multiple rental houses then you have a lot of other things to look at and it’s not just the math you need to take a look at each individual property in this is the difference between a package of houses versus an apartment complex

every house is a little bit different it’s in a different setting it might be in a different School District it might be in a different community and might have a different feel

apartment sir you know you if you understand one of them you understand all of them because they’re all in the same building or group of buildings that are similar and even then.

[57:55] Apartments.

You don’t have to be super experience to buy Apartments but you have to know all of the data points that you need to look at and so Brad I’m going to say this deal.

Probably just too much involved for a first-time rental home buyer.

And I hate to burst your bubble and and I really don’t want to be a downer but that’s not the way I am at all you know this could be turned into a good deal.

Let’s talk a little bit more and we will we are working with you offline to try to help you with this so folks keep the questions coming we’re out of time for today but we’ll see you soon.

[58:28] Music.

[58:50] Go today is from yours truly Roger Blankenship.

[58:53] I say that discipline is defined as the habit of doing what needs to be done when you don’t want to.

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Any amount and very much.

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